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(John 14:12)
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About Us


Les and Dawnette Meredith have been Christian Evangelicals for over 25 years, studying the Bible, teaching, and volunteering; however, they did not recognize that God was still moving in signs and miracles until in 2009,  when the Holy Spirit began appearing to them in healing miracles, and drawing them to a much closer personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  At first, understanding the supernatural power of God was difficult, as many churches do not teach much about maturing in spiritual gifts, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, spiritual discernment, and prophecy.

Les tried initially to minister in human effort and logic, based on his background as an attorney and police officer,  and tried to analyze and research the many aspects of the ministry of  the Holy Spirit. As healings and prophetic words began appearing in our ministry,   Les collected many outstanding resources to learn about the spiritual laws, but he ultimately figured out that loving Jesus and drawing closer to the Father personally was the intended way to understand and mature in our spiritual inheritance.  You hear and begin to understand God's intentions when you spend quality time with Him, just like a mother begins to understand the various cries of her newborn.  We have included some of these resources on this website so you can be encouraged in how  much God wants to minister with you  as He is ministering with others on the earth.  

The Holy Spirit is the greatest resource to teach us about Jesus, and how to walk with Him (John 14:25-26). But God has always wanted His people to share testimony so subsequent generations will learn about His character and His relationship with His people.  Those who forget the testimonies often grow cold or fall away (see Psalm 106).

Our mission is to humbly serve God, in love, according to His will. To spark both believers and non-believers to pursue Jesus Christ in a personal relationship based on prayer, worship, and continuous praise and thanksgiving.  We preach, teach, and minister from a sound basis in Scripture, but move by God's grace in healing prayer, prophecy and discerning of spirits. 

We are available to speak at your church or small group, and can provide samples of our materials for your enjoyment to help you consider inviting us to speak in your community.    Use our "Contact Page" to reach us and inquire further about opportunities to share in our ministry and its resources.  We can also be reached at:


I was asked to give my personal salvation testimony for Gathering Place Church. A three minute video of that testimony can be found here  (recorded May 2013):

My Personal Story-By Les Meredith


I pray that my story will give you hope and encouragement that it is never too late to grow closer to Jesus and begin to see Him work miracles in and through your life-real visible miracles. As Billy Graham used to say, "I am just a beggar who found bread, and I want to tell you how to find it too."

I am an attorney in the medical field- growing up with logic and competitiveness.  I had back-up plans for everything to avoid risk, and was a “problem solver.”  My focus had been more on projects and processes, and not on people

A Christian for 25 years, waiting each week for the Pastor to inspire something in me. Volunteering and praying occasionally-a pretty darn good Christian I thought-  but really I had mostly a head knowledge ABOUT God and not much of a heart for Him or anyone outside of my own family.

I was lucky to meet a Pastor in Indiana named Joe Simpson, who had worshipped God from a heart like that of  King David. He spoke the Gospel to almost everyone he met, no matter where we were during the few days we had together in 2009. I came out of those days a changed person, understanding that God was still with us today working miracles and speaking to those who would humbly seek Him with all of their heart.  I caught "the fire" from Brother Joe, and it has not faded since then.  There was a supernatural manifestation which occurred around 3 a.m. after brother Joe prayed for me, but there is not enough space to write it all out here. That event enabled me to preach for him at a group home two days later. I still have unusual things happen in my ministry which I regret I cannot fully explain; however, they always cause me to thank the Lord that He is visibly with me and working to help change lives in my ministry.

Brother Joe laid hands on me and asked God to pour in me a hunger for personal relationship with Him, for the gift of healing (I told him that was the desire of my heart), and for me to be able to hear from God  (I had never heard prophetic words or felt His presence).  Soon an enthusiasm arose in me to have more quiet time with God, and a passion grew to serve Him as often as I could, and this fire has also turned me to teaching.

God has answered my prayers for a heart to love people more, and I get prophetic words and visions frequently for strangers and for people I know in the church. I have had a healing ministry with my wife Dawnette since 2010, through which we have seen amazing miracles.  I lead a men's prayer ministry, where we teach men to hear God's voice and convey love, encouragement, and prophetic words to others.   My passion is to teach about how to walk with the Holy Spirit and learn to use your Spiritual Gifts to help others.

It was difficult for me to submit to God (to give Him control), and put myself in situations in which I did not have an intellectual answer for the problems at hand.  But as I spent more time in prayer, worship and quiet time, just talking to the Lord throughout the day, I began to feel His presence and understand how He would work through me in love and power to help people.  The following story of a miraculous healing in our ministry kind of brings all of this story  together:
I was visiting a house church where I would be teaching the next week, when a homeless man (Bryan) came in covered with tattoos and limping badly with his heel raised four inches off the ground (he would step and drag his foot as if wearing an invisible stiletto shoe).  I heard God speak in me “Pray for him tonight, and know that he hears voices in his head").  After the speaker was finished, the host asked if he and I would pray over others.

  • Bryan smelled of Cigarettes, but did not want to quit smoking unless God would take away the desire for smoking too.
  • He confirmed he did hear voices (this raised my faith God would heal him that night since I already was told this by Holy Spirit) so I prayed for them to stop.
  • I told him we could heal his leg, and when I lifted them slightly to see how short his right leg was there was immediate pain in his back. I told the pain to stop in the name of Jesus, and it stopped completely.  He was amazed and his faith grew.
  • I told Bryan his leg would be restored by the love of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit, and I told it to grow and be restored and it did.  He was amazed, and stood up  and for the first time in five years he could touch his heel to the ground and began walking.
  • I saw him a few weeks later, and he explained his hip and leg had been shattered when an SUV ran him over and broke so many bones in his chest, back and leg that he had not walked correctly or lived without pain in 5 years.
  • By this second meeting, he had stopped smoking and was reconciling with his parents who he said he had caused a lot of pain because of his lifestyle. He also was looking at community college to get his life back together and gave all the glory to Jesus Christ.
  • Another man in the church said Bryan had bought a second-hand suit, and was testifying about God and this healing miracle to other homeless people who knew him and could see that his life had been changed.  He had become a regular church attender, and was off drugs for the first time in many years.

I could not have prayed for Bryan prior to 2009, because I did not know our loving God was still healing people, and prior to this I was not really trying to walk as Jesus walked.  I am embarassed to say that I would not have had the time nor the desire to talk to a homeless man either.  I would not have listened for God to answer a prayer, nor had the faith to pray for healing of such an obvious illness in front of a room full of people.  I was to blame for a lot of wasted years without truely knowing Jesus Christ, but I don't waste any time now, as I pray for people on airplanes, in the mall, at outdoor events, and many are healed and/or saved.

If I can do it with the Holy Spirit, you can do it too. And that is why I teach and pray for people today to help them take the authority God has given  us to be His hands to pray His will to earth. I encourage you to reach out to love on people with the supernatural power and everlasting love of God.   You can change lives starting NOW!

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