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When I develop a Bible study, I read the Word first  and then look for two or three existing Bible studies which I feel balance scholarly content with how Jesus is working through us today with the Holy Spirit. I pull together the best from the studies, and then add thoughts from the notes in the NIV Bible and from any on-line sermon series I can find from respected Pastors.  Then I ask the Holy Spirit to give me the wisdom to teach it with truth and Spirit.  I hope you enjoy these resources

(November 2014) NEW-First John

An eight week study focused on First John. The Apostle John is facing a church undergoing division, as some who had preached the Gospel are now teaching something "new" and leaving people uncertain about their salvation. John reaffirms what was heard from the beginning (the Jesus who walked with John and the Apostles), and he moves through specific spiritual truths so people can have joy that they are saved for eternity.  He provides various tests to help people discern false teaching and false prophets, and these tests are very timely for today.

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(March 2014)

Living a New Covenant Lifestyle- This Bible Study looks at the transition from the Old Covenant to the New Covenant in which we live in. It looks at questions such as “why did we need a second Covenant” and what does Jesus want us to do as part of “obeying His commands” in the New Covenant since we are no longer under “law.”  Sometimes we read the Old Testament and think that was when God was angry, but He is loving and full of grace in the  New Covenant with Jesus-what happened?  This study answers questions about how the Old Covenant was fulfilled through Christ, and what authority and commission is now on believers in the New Covenant time period.

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(July 2013)  
The final hours with Jesus: This is a study of John chapters 14 to 20 (8 lessons) examining what Jesus taught His disciples in the final hours of his life.  He poured into them what the Father was like, how the Holy Spirit would come to help them, and what it meant to be a follower of Jesus.  This is a very intimate time where the Lord is preparing His disciples for life without His physical presence but empowerment through the soon-to-come Holy Spirit. 

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How to read the Bible Better: This study is designed to help  you understand how the different writings of the Bible should be read differently to gain deeper meaning of Spirit and Truth. You just can't read a Gospel the same as Revelation or a wisdom book (Proverbs).  This study will help you examine the various OT and NT books, and learn how to read them for deeper (and original)  meaning.

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Book of Ephesians:  An exciting study about developing relationship with the Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit, the Church, other believers and the world. The Lord has given you all spiritual inheritance in Jesus at salvation, but you must learn to walk in it to accomplish great works the Father has planned for you since before you were born. This Book also introduces the evil influences which impact our behavior on  a daily basis, and Paul tells us how to stand firm against the enemy in Chapter six.

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Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts: This three-part series describes the person of the Holy Spirit, and His intended roles for us on the earth.  We also discuss the three primary groupings of Spiritual Gifts in the Bible, and help you learn how to identify your gifting and begin to walk in them to help others.  Spiritual Gifts are given to us only to help others in the love of Christ.

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 Book Of Acts:  This Book is about "how" to walk with Holy Spirit as the church, to re-present Jesus Christ to the world.  It is not a mere history of the early church, but a roadmap of what our lives should look like today since we have the Holy Spirit at salvation to empower us just like He empowered the Disciples after Pentecost.  When the study mentions prophecy or healing or spiritual gifts, we dive a little deeper into the "supernatural" subject matter as necessary to explain what is happening with the Apostles or disciples and how it applies to your life today.

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 Prayer/Praise Book.   This is a booklet I put together which contains sections of the Psalms grouped together so you can pray for an hour straight if you want to and it would all be praise or  it will all be thanksgiving.  It really helps me when my prayer life is feeling "dry" or uninspired-after about 10 minutes of praying "praise" to God in His own inspired Words, my heart catches on fire again.  I was inspired to do this from a teaching by Wesley Campbell about "praying the Psalms."  In this booklet below, you can choose from several sections, including "Seeking God;" "Deliver Me;" "Personal Thanksgiving;" General Thanksgiving to God;" and "Praise to God."  I believe that using the Spirit-inspired Word to shape your prayers will lift you up in times when you are feeling down and it will build up your prayer life remarkably.  The Bible says:   

So shall my word be that goes forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.”  Isaiah 55:11

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Book of James Bible Study: James was the half brother of Jesus, and the wisdom he put in this book is often called "the Proverbs of the New Testament."  James was the leader of the church in Jerusalem, and was presiding over the church when the Gentiles were admitted and when the new believers were scattered.  He was trying to teach them with this letter to walk and talk as Jesus did, to avoid being hypocritical in saying one thing and doing/believing another. James believes that real faith is demonstrated by doing good works because you love Jesus.  James 1:22 says "Just do it."

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