Jesus' Power is Available To Those Who Love Him!
(John 14:12)

BLOG-prophetic words we have received from the Lord in quiet time are at the bottom of this page and stories of special "God encounters" we think you will find encouraging


December 2018:

God on the cruise ship
On a cruise ship we were introduced to our head waiter, a lovely man who told us with his thick accent that he was from Argentina.  As he introduced his role in the dining room, I began having a prophetic image of the Vatican in Rome with a long arrow reaching out to Argentina, a picture of a woman who I thought was an aunt on his mother's side, and an understanding that there was a relationship between this man and the Vatican.  I did not say anything in front of the strangers at the table, but caught him the next day to explain that I am a Christian learning to hear from God and I thought I had something to share with him. He was very excited and confirmed that he had an uncle on his mother's side (not a nun) who was a priest who was affiliated with the Vatican, and that the Pope himself had baptized this man's daughter just a few years earlier. He was happy that God had shown that He sees the man and then he took some time to explain how he married late in life and had been raised Catholic and had his first child...

There was  a bible study on the ship for people who wanted to meet at 8 a.m.  The first day we met, I got a prophetic word for a woman that she was having a difficult time with a grown daughter. She confirmed that she had two daughters and one was really being a problem.  I ministered with her about forgiveness and the love of God, and then we prayed for her daughter and for their relationship.  Another woman then asked if I had a word for her, and God gave me a word "Intercessor."  I asked the woman if she was a prayer warrior and she told me how she loved to pray even as a little girls. She showed me a prayer list she had brought on the ship to keep praying during her vacation.  

The blue stuffed animal
A veteran came to our Saturday men's group as a guest, as one of our guys told him there were some men he should meet that hear from God.  The veteran was a Christian, but did not believe in going to church.  As we prayed for him, I got a picture of a small girl holding a bright blue stuffed animal. I asked him if he had a small daughter and if her favorite toy was a blue stuffed animal. He began to cry, and said that was true, and he had won the animal in one of the "claw" games at the fair and his daughter carried it everywhere they went.  I told him God was revealing this to show that He sees the man and God was inviting him to have a closer relationship.  I also had a word involving a helicopter which he confirmed was true, but I cannot print that here due to the sensitive nature of that word.

Milk Ducts Healed
a woman asked for healing of her milk flow as her newborn was not getting enough milk and the doctors told her it was urgent she switch to man-made milk due to low productivity of her own body. She asked for prayer for healing and to bless her with what God created for her baby (mom's milk).  We saw her the next week and she was so happy that milk had started producing right after the prayer and she said "now I have seen my first healing miracle, praise God."

Arm healed as part of a training exercise-
We were doing a "Holy Spirit" night at our church to teach people how to hear the voice of God (prophecy) and we also wanted to teach on healing prayer.  We were short on time, so I gave a quick three step healing prayer overview, and then had anyone who had an illness or need to pair up with anyone who wanted to try healing prayer.  Ten feet in front of me an older saint who always wanted to try healing prayer but was afraid to actually say anything, paired up with a man who had injured his arm repairing his house and the arm was tingling and numb.  I saw the man injured man start wiggling his arm and smiling and then he gave a high five to the praying man that his arm was completely healed. Tears flowed as the older saint saw breakthrough that he could take into other countries as he frequently likes to go on mission trips.

God on the plane 

When  I fly on business, I always ask the Lord to give me encounters with people to bless them and to help them experience God's love. I was flying home from a trip without any "God moments" as it had been very busy each day with business.  I was in my seat when a woman asked if I would switch seats with her so she could sit with her boyfriend. I moved back a row, and later a woman came and sat in the middle and I saw the word "intercessor" flash in my mind.  She turned on the TV in the plane and I sat on that word for four hours until we were five minutes from landing and I turned to her and said, "this may sound kind of weird, but by any chance are you an intercessor?"  I figured if she wasn't then she would not know what that even meant and I could change the subject; however, she said "yes I am, how could you even know that?"  I told her how God frequently gives me words about people, and He was just telling me how much He loved that she is in constant prayer and to assure her that He sees her and lovers her very much.  She had some questions about prophecy, while I was getting more information about her ministry from God, and each word turned out to be true.  I love it when He allows me to be part of the plan!

A word for a family squabble
I was in a prayer meeting when God gave me a word for a man in my church who has more than five kids.  God showed me a box representing each child in order of their age, and then told me in my heart that the man had a fight with a specific child (I did get her name) and that God was saying to "let it alone" and let her cool down a bit-the man can't fix it in the usual way of replaying the argument with her and logically explaining his point of view again.  He admitted there was a bad argument with that child, and appreciated the word because he had been very downcast about it and wanted to reengage her to see if he could fix it with a "talk" and said he would now just wait.  Later, his wife sent me a text to thank me for the word as it was correct and it helped save the situation in her opinion-thank you Jesus!

Prophetic word for an unborn child
A woman had started coming to our church and was pregnant.  During a prayer meeting, I asked God if He had any encouragement for her, as she was traveling and was now stuck in our area due to the pregnancy.  The Lord told me the baby would be a boy and he would be "an evangelist to the nations."  I did not know the woman, but when I told her I found out she was from Africa and that her husband was a Pastor and the baby was a miracle (she was not suppose to be able to have kids).  Two weeks later, the baby boy was born.

Take the territory for the Lord
During pre-service prayer one of our Pastors came in and asked for prayer "give me anything you've got."  I saw a picture of the lower part of Mexico as it descends into Cancun and a big green arrow just above Cancun.  I knew the Pastor often went to the west coast of Mexico to preach and pray for the sick, and I asked him if he had ever preached near Cancun. He said" no but tell me why you asked."  I told him I saw a green arrow, the name of a city and that if he would go there God would "give him the territory."  He started laughing and said a Pastor from near Cancun had called him that week and invited him to come down and he was praying about it but was not familiar at all with the territory.  He decided to make that trip and it was very successful in bringing new believers to God, and also opening up the church for a hunger to hear God's voice.  The Pastor has been back several times and is preaching a school on the supernatural things of God, and with each visit he sees more salvations and more revival.

December 2016

Coincidence at the Christmas Party

At a Christmas party, a young woman was telling me how she had a very good job in a well known finance firm but felt a bit empty in her life and was looking for something that she could do to "give back" or stir her heart.  She talked about other careers but had no real clue which way to go. I walked away and asked God if He might have a word for her.  Instantly I heard in my head "Habitat for Humanity" and I got a picture in my mind of her helping to finance a house and going on location to meet the family, and the joy that filled everyone. 

About an hour later I was able to catch up with her again, and told her what had happened and the suggestion God gave me for her life.  She said "what a coincidence!" my firm does work for Habitat for Humanity and as we talked that idea flashed in front of my mind.  I asked her if she had mentioned it in our conversation, and she said "no, I did not say anything about it."  "isn't that funny."    I told her to ask my wife, Dawnette, when she next saw her how it is that I had that idea out of the blue like that (a prophetic word from God). 

The next week she asked my wife, and Dawnette told her that I frequently get words and pictures from God, but the woman was not a believer.  She again just laughed and said what a coincidence that was.  I know God's words do not return to Him void, so there may be a day when she searches her heart and remembers that conversation, and I pray she tries to connect with Habitat for Humanity and with God. But today was not that day for her-it was outside her frame of reference for the spiritual side of our relationship with God.

November 2016

God interrupted my wine tasting

I travelled last week for business meetings in Phoenix. On the first night we had a group of 11 for dinner and had invited a Somalia to provide wine with each course and to give us an education about the wine.  He was a nice fellow, but I felt God was trying to tell me something about him but I did not get a specific word of knowlege... I felt that God was telling me to talk to the guy and that maybe he had once been in ministry. Unfortunately, he left when desert was served and I stayed another 30 minutes with the dinner group.

 On my way back across the hotel campus I took a different path than before, and an associate was with me.  We parted ways near the middle of campus so I was by myself, and there stood the Somalia-in the middle of no where.  I laughed with God that this was a set up the entire time that I was going to need to talk with the Somalia.  I told the Somalia that he had done a nice job and made each wine interesting for our guests.  We exchanged small talk, and then I told him that I am a Christian minister, and I felt like God was “lighting him up” to me so that I would talk to him. I asked if there was anything going on in his life that might cause God to reach out to him. He began to cry.

 “Last week, my partner of 23 years died suddenly-he was the love of my life” said the Somalia.  I have been re-prioritizing my life with family and with God.  I have been reaching out to God.  I asked the Somalia if he had been in ministry and he said “no.”  Then he changed his mind and said, “well I went to Catholic School, and I was the one who was allowed to give the sacrament to the high school students.”   I said that was a big deal, as the sacrament is considered to be the actual body of Christ to Catholics and they typically must take classes and be “qualified” to serve the sacrament (he confirmed that was true).  I told him how our Father stands by the road and waits for us prodigals to return to Him, and He always accepts us with open arms when we are ready to know Him. I reminded him that all our sins are forgiven, no matter what they are if we turn to Jesus.  He hugged me and thanked me for talking to him.

 I walked away, with tears in my eyes, as that had been the second person that day God had pointed out to me and told met to reach out to share His love.  The first was on the airplane, and that is a story for another day!  Please be available to talk about God to strangers and friends, even when you don’t have anything specific to say. Reach out to encourage all people, and maybe when you open that door of encouragement the Holy Spirit will help you know what to say.



 Before a recent business trip, I told God I would love to have encounters with strangers to talk about Kingdom stuff-it makes travel more fun.  I got on the plane in a middle seat, with a young lady next to me who I spoke to before takeoff. She was a college student, but no real opening in the conversation to talk about God and no real urging from Him either. Then a young black man came along to the seat next to me, dressed in a hooded sweatshirt with the hood pulled up over his head to cover his baseball hat and aviator sun glasses and large headphones-I could see about two inches of his face as he played video games on his IPad.

 About half way there, I noted the young man was reading the Book of James on the IPad, so I said “that is the “just do it” chapter (James 1:22).”  He pulled his headphones off and we started a conversation about how James talks a lot about how if you love God and have faith then you will want to do good works to help others-but good works do not earn salvation and they do not “earn” God’s love (He already loves us).  We do works because we want to bring Glory to the Father and pass on the family name.

The young man told me he had seen people get healed by prayer and really wanted to ramp up his relationship with God, but he did not really know how to do it.  I had spoken a few days earlier at a church on the topic of learning to hear God’s voice and I have been in a healing prayer ministry for seven years-the kid was in the right place. We had a long and exuberant talk about how to go about hearing God’s voice, which he said was the desire of his heart. I told him stories of other encounters with strangers on my trips when God tells me their life stories so I can minister something specific to them.  I prayed over him that he would begin to hear God better, and I taught him the basics of healing prayer.

 He admitted he was in a dry time, and his prayers were short and empty. I showed him how to pray the Psalms to God and gave him information from my website designed to kick start your prayer life when it is dry. He left that plane so excited to return to his church in Maryland and start praying for people in his church to see what God would bring!    When your candle is burning low, ask God to put you somewhere that you meet a torch that will light you up again-He works in mysterious ways and never runs dry. 

July 2016


Identity Thief.    Last year somebody filed a tax return in the name of my daughter, and it was very difficult to clear her name and then file taxes again this year with the IRS. Whoever the thief was had convinced the IRS they were my daughter and they wanted to steal what was owed to her-but we stopped the IRS  from sending the money to the identity thief.  There is also a spiritual identify thief (satan) who wants to steal your identify from you, so that you will give away your inheritance to the thief!  All you need to do to be a victim is to listen to a lie he is telling about you, or to turn your back on God so that you are more prone to being '”carved out of the herd” (how a lion hunts by finding the weak or slow animal and carving it away from the herd that might offer protection for it).  The process is usually gradual, as you move closer to sin in your life and farther from God until you cannot see your way back to Him because you have forgotten your identify and inheritance as a son of the living God.

  I am reading a good book from Pastor Robby Dawkins, whom I have met and who has been featured in several of the recent Holy Spirit movies. Robby is very passionate to go into the streets and evangelize and to pray for the sick (and to see miraculous healings).  His recent book is called “Identity Thief.”   Robby tells  various stories about Pastors and others who have given up on their walk with Christ due to sin in their lives, resulting in them turning away from God and feeling “unqualified” or “unable” to go back to Him.

Even Robby’s dad, a life-long missionary and Pastor, suddenly had a marital affair while Pastoring, and rather than confess it and give it up, he continued in it until his large church was destroyed.  According to Robby, his dad would not give up the sin, and that led dad to not want to have quiet time with God very often because he was embarrassed and feeling guilty about his lifestyle. As the quiet time and prayer time dried up, the ability to convey the love and forgiveness of Jesus also began drying up in dad, and the dad’s sermons lacked fire and faith, so the congregation drifted away (they left slowly at first and then suddenly when the sin was discovered).  You see, if we want to intentionally hold on to a sin, we are telling God we would rather enjoy the sin than to  enjoy relationship with Him. God will forgive our sins, and wants to help us to move forward in His divine plan, but He does not promise to remove the consequences of our sin (such as sexual disease, marital discord, lost trust in the eyes of others, etc.)...

When you stop spending time with God, it is easier for you to believe the lies satan is constantly speaking around you, such as- “you are no good anyway, you are just going to become an alcoholic/adulterer/ like your dad” or a lie that says “God is not going to forgive you of that, you will never live your dream now!” or “you should be ashamed-look at the sins you are doing!”   I think the biggest lie satan tells us is that “God is never going to forgive you for that...”

 When you find yourself starting to hide from God because of what you have done, see it as a warning sign!  You need to instead ask Him for the forgiveness promised in the blood of Jesus, and ask Him to empower you by the Holy Spirit to overcome your sin and grow closer to God.  Don’t let yourself get carved away from the herd, and then fall into the lie that you are still  doing “ok” with “a little less” God in your life...

Join us men on Saturdays at 7 a.m. to pray and strengthen ourselves in the Lord.  Men come to confess what is on their minds and to be prayed for by brothers who want to see them succeed in a rich and abundant life with God.

June 2016

Prophecy on the Airplane.  This week I had to travel to Washington DC for several days.  When I fly,  I ask God to help me to hear His voice to be able to encourage someone He is reaching out to or to give a testimony during my trip to make it interesting. On my way to Washington I had asked God if He had anything for anyone on the plane, and this black woman was walking down the isle. I felt the Lord say she was an intercessor who prayed for her son a lot and was also a volunteer at her church doing volunteer walks and baking cakes.  Guess who sat down next to me-yes it was that woman.

She was from Baltimore and was returning home after visiting her daughter. That was all the information I got out of her before she settled in for a four hour nap.  During the last twenty minutes of the flight she woke up, so I thought I better give her the prophetic word I thought I had.  I said “you mentioned you had a daughter, do you also have a son too?”  She looked at me with concern, oh yeah, I have a boy too.  I said “the reason I ask, is I am learning to hear from the Lord and I felt like He told me you pray for your son a lot and you are a great volunteer at your church.”  She said she prays a lot for her boy and her sister’s boy too because “there is just too much trouble in Baltimore.” She confirmed she is a volunteer at church who goes on marches and helps others. I just told her that God was pointing her out today to show He loves her and sees her faithfulness and hears her prayers.

We were both energized by having heard an accurate prophetic word.  These words come to me because I ask God for them, and I am willing to repeat what I hear, even if it would seem embarassing.  If you want to learn to hear prophetic words, I would love to help you!

February 2016

God's Will.    One of the biggest questions I get is “what is God’s will for my life?”  Of course God does give us a lot of advice in His Bible if you happen to read it, which applies pretty much across the board.  If we are not living for Him, we are probably not going to hear Him if He is trying to tell us a special thing or two about where to live or who to marry or where to work.  Usually, God is talking to us about more important things like eternal salvation, and spiritual blessing and power.  He typically is not telling us where to move, but telling us to live for Him no matter where we would like to move. One of the best verses to get someone to look at about "what is God's will" is 5 Thessalonians 16:

 16 Rejoice always, 17 pray without ceasing, 18 in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

God wants us to stay connected with Him first and foremost. Then we learn to hear Him and to walk with Him in the direction He would like us to go. We learn to trust moment to moment, and we become ready in faith to make a major move because when He speaks you know it was really Him.  Heck, most of us today if we had a one second thought during prayer about moving to Texas or taking a different job we would lack the faith to know if that was God speaking or not and we would complain for the next few weeks that God is not speaking clearly to us! 

His will for each of us is to continue the ministry of Jesus to bring His will to earth as it is in Heaven. Start there, and then ask if He has something more specific for you, and maybe when He speaks you will know it is Him.  Some people do get a specific call to go somewhere or to preach or to marry someone, but not everyone gets directions this specific because God gives us great freedom to live our lives and to have free will. He just wants us to take Him with us in the choices we make.

Sometimes how you give love is not how it is received

An American woman was dating an Australian man for a few days when he invited her to dinner with his parents. All was going well, until the woman said at the table, “I am stuffed.”  The parents looked at each other, gasped, and the mother began to cry. Apparently, in their part of the world that meant “I am pregnant,” but the American did not know how to speak their language, so what she intended to say was not what was being heard.

Likewise, we all have certain ways we want to receive love, and if we are offered a loving gesture by someone toward us which is not the way we like to receive love, we fall into frustration and sometimes into fighting as the relationship diminishes.  An author named Gary Chapman wrote a book “The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate” which makes a lot of sense about how love can go wrong even when you want to make it right because you don’t receive love in the ways I like to give it.

He says that we tend to feel love in five different ways, and if another person is trying to show us love in a way that is not our primary way of receiving, we can fail to feel the love and even make it into something negative. The categories are 1. Doing acts of service; 2. Words of affirmation; 3. Quality time; 4. Physical touch (intimacy); and 5. Receiving or giving gifts.

A lot of guys like to “do” things for their wives like fix the car, manage problems, clean something, and these men likewise feel loved when the wives pick up the mens’ clothes or clean up their work bench for them- basic acts of service means “I love you and will do this nice thing for you without expecting anything in return.”  However, if your wife feels love through having “quality time” with you (focused listening about her day) and you go clean her closet, she is not feeling your love and may think you are a clean freak or even judging her on her level of cleanliness!  If you go get the car checked before she drives to her mom’s so that she is safe on the highway, you may be showing her that you love her; however, if she feels love through hearing positive words of affirmation or intimacy, then your failure to hug her goodbye and say “I  always miss you when you go away” then she is not feeling loved at all by your car care, and you are not feeling loved either because she fails to see the car care as an expression of your love.

You need to think about how you feel loved and how your spouse or loved one seems to feel love, and begin to find ways of meeting each other’s love language. Talk about it during Valentine season, ask them “what makes you feel most loved? Is it when I do things for you, listen to you, when we hug and kiss or when I bring you an unexpected gift? (it can be a combination).   If you don’t figure this out, you are pouring love into the trash can, because your significant other may not be receiving your intentions on the same level as you think you are giving them love...  Speaking or acting in a way you are understood by the other person as giving them love will improve all of your relationships!

  December 2015

Are you ready to boil over?

 I am seeing signs of stress all over the place. I think people are fed up and ready to boil over at the first stress that hits them the wrong way. The weekly mass shootings have put people on edge-either from the thought of being a potential victim, or worrying about having gun control implemented, or just angry that “nobody seems to be doing anything about it...”

I always liked the analogy that we are like cups of coffee-if we stay 3/4 full all the time it will not take much of anything to cause us to pour over the rim and burn somebody! I think we have several things that are causing a great deal of stress in our lives, manifesting itself in hate and anger:

We are “plugged in” 24/7 with our phones, developing addictions to social media and news that cause us to give less time to our people relationships which actually nourish us

  • The news is mostly negative, offering you a big dose of fear and worry-often followed by a message from a political party that promises a solution if you vote for them
  • Even our political process is like two bullies calling each other names and blaming each other for all the wrong things in the world. Good people are leaving the process out of disgust
  • We are at a point of hate for races and religions that I have not witnessed since I was a kid. Too many people have an excuse for their own bad conduct and blame another group for the world’s problems

When the stress of the world is filling you up to explosion limits of your patience, you only have two options: Get rid of some of the stress you have in you,  or stop taking more stress into your mind. 

Jesus said that we could cast our burdens on Him and share a yoke with Him so that we have His strength helping us. There have been many times I have said to Jesus “I can’t think about this problem anymore, I am giving it to you to solve and ask that You give it back to me when You have found a resolution.”  The book of James says God loves to give us wisdom if we ask, and I find that many of our problems are caused by not knowing how to manage a situation-so I give it to God and ask for His help.

Sometimes our problems are because we are trying to relieve stress with drugs, alcohol or pornography, but the added guilt and expense of those options actually creates new problems and a big helping of shame and guilt to add to the stress and anxiety levels we already have. Giving our thoughts and feelings to God in prayer or worship is a cheaper and better way to open the flood gates to let our stress pour out of us and connect to a source of peace-why don’t we do it more often?

I think we also need to cut back on the internet and news time too. If there is a bad situation on the news, leave it for a few hours and catch up later rather than feeling bad and fearful with every 15 minute update. I have a friend who gets really angry at the debates and the political back-stabbing in the news, but it is like a drug and he must watch it and engage in it until he is so angry he cannot even speak to his wife or kids-and their relationships suffer as a result.  We need to find the bad things that are putting us on edge and take a vacation from them so we can fill ourselves with more peaceful things. The Bible says the eye pulls in what it focuses on, so we should focus on good things or we will be filled with bad things we foolishly indulge in...

I hope you will consider cutting back on the bad things that influence you, and start filling up more on the good things. Invest in your personal relationships and enjoy the time you have left with your loved ones.  Don’t be addicted to social media and keep comparing yourself as inferior to all the fun you think everyone else is having...  Draw closer to Jesus, as He is the source of peace and love and good things which the world cannot provide for you. 

November 2015

Run Your Race with Preparation

It is interesting that Paul and the author of Hebrews, in particular, analogized the pursuit of God to a race. Whether we ran cross country or not, we have probably all been in a race at some point in our lives so we can relate to their metaphor.  I have not been in a running race for a long time, but I have collected some tee shirts that make it look like I have done so… those shirts are usually on the discount rack for $5-$8, but I did not actually get to hear the roar of the crowd or share the experience of the other runners, so you get what you pay for I guess.

 Runners have to have strong minds to get over the boredom of a long run-they typically imagine the victory or set an image in their mind that inspires them to keep moving forward even when their body wants to quit. Runners prepare for a race by eating the right food, losing weight, resting, wearing the right clothes and preparing their imagination for victory and perseverance.  Here are a few verses on this subject.

Hebrews 12:1:let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us,

Philippians 3:12: Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already arrived at my goal, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me

1 Cor. 9:24:
Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but only one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may win.

What Heavenly imagination do you carry in your mind to help you overcome temptation or to keep your peace daily when the world is in turmoil (do you imagine Heaven?)?   How do you keep in shape and prepared for the eternal race you will run (prayer and reading scripture?);  What things do you intentionally give up or “throw off” in order to be at your best for your race (pornography, criticism, negativity?)?  What do you do when you are too tired to go further but you want to get the prize (pray in the spirit when the body and mind are weak)?

We are all running a race to get out of this world being as close to God as we can in our relationship, so we can have a great time with Him in eternity.  If you are not doing anything to prepare you for perseverance in this race, you need to add some intentionality to your relationship with Him so you don’t let yourself run out of gas and fall short of victory.  The cool thing is, that if you ask Him to give you more power to run the race He will give it to you!

 Galatians 6:9 says, “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”   I hope you will persevere in doing good and seeking His face!

On Saturday mornings we men gather at 7 a.m. to pray and to prophesy.  Please join us. 

7 a.m. at Hilltop park, which is about three miles north of the Hwy 56/Black Mountain Road exit.  Turn right (east) onto Oviedo Way and go up the “hill.”      9711 Oviedo Way-San Diego, CA 92129

Manage the Rat in Your Life!

I heard a story last week about a pilot in the 1950’s who was in an old plane at about 5,000 feet when he noticed that a rat was on the plane eating into the gas line.  He knew it would take 10 minutes or more to land safely, but the rat could chew through the line in that time and cause the plane to crash.  In a split second he decided to climb to a higher altitude where there was less air so the rat would suffocate-but climbing higher also put him at more risk if the rat got threw the gas line before it suffocated.  In the end, the rat suffocated and fell off the plane before it chewed through the gas supply.  Sometimes, the right decision does not seem so obvious because it may put us at more risk, and we tend to be risk-adverse people.

 Drawing closer to God in this day and age can create more risk in our minds, because other people around us are just looking for a reason to feel discriminated against and many are looking for an excuse to push back on religious people as “intolerant.”   If you are suffering persecution in your workplace or elsewhere, or you feel there is a spiritual battle going on against you, I suggest you climb higher in your relationship with God and let him deprive the persecutors of the oxygen they need to cast aspersions against you.  The power of God flows more freely to your benefit when you take the time to call on Him in prayer and worship, and to allow Him to lead you in confronting your problems.

 If you are under attack, read Psalm 91 out loud to Him, and say your name in the Psalm as the person He will rescue and save.  You will feel the power and faith rising up in you as you read the Word back to Him.  So don’t lower yourself to the level of arguing with the fools who are against you, rise higher with God and ask Him to rescue you before you run out of gas trying to do it yourself.

October 2015

Jesus said the “top commandments” were to first “love God with all your mind, soul, body and spirit” and the second was to “love your neighbor as yourself.”  (Luke 10:27). If we get this out of order it can cause all sorts of problems for us, like getting out of order on giving a gift and then wrapping it-it just doesn’t work in that order…

We need the love of God first in order to love all the maniacs out there that are His creation!  If we don’t focus enough time on the first command we will become a “people pleaser” focusing on the second one, and that can lead us to a “fear of man” by which we won’t even talk about the Gospel to people because we are afraid of their disapproval. 

We have to anchor into the first command with our time, prayer and worship so we know Him and develop the “mind of Christ.” Then we will have the wisdom and patience and love (from the Holy Spirit) to love others.

We also have to love ourselves or the second command does not work at all. God loves you, and you should too… No matter how rotten you are!  He loves you and that should encourage you.

Anchor some time into God this week and you will be obeying the primary command of our Lord.

I preached a message on this topic this month, check it out on our Sermons page on this website.

Les Meredith

September 2015

Being Obedient and Useful to God
{to my Saturday men's prayer group}

Last week, a guest came to Saturday morning prayer that we did not know. I love when that happens, because we don’t have any clues about what is going on in their life when we start to do prophetic prayer over them. At the end, the guy was in tears because we had said several things that were going on in his life and he felt like God had really spoken through us to encourage him.  It is always encouraging and edifying words from God, since the New Covenant is one of grace and forgiveness, and one of God wanting us to go into unclean areas to make them clean rather than avoiding and judging the unclean areas.

 There are so many scriptures saying we can hear from God (“My sheep will hear My voice”),  and that we are to lean on His understanding, and we can know His will.  All of that is accomplished by us learning to hear his voice and practicing listening to it.  You don’t get discernment or any type of skill without practicing…

 I will be teaching on hearing the voice of God September 18 at the Cloud Nine Worship Center in Spring Valley at 7 p.m.    In preparation for tonight, I looked at prophetic words I have received for myself and others which I keep on our ministry website ( and I was amazed at the many different ways God can use us when we learn to listen to Him and will tell others what we are hearing.  It does not take long after you commit to Him for Him to begin finding you for some person to person ministry-and it is exciting!

 We hope to see some of you on the hill Saturday morning for prophetic prayer and encouragement of the brothers.

August 2015

If your words are seeds what fruit are you growing at home?

If you find yourself getting into arguments with your family, which you frequently rationalize as “they just misunderstood what I was saying” or your wife has to go talk to the kids to “repair” the discussion you just had with them, you may need to look and listen to how you are saying things. Do your words encourage another person to figure out there is a better way and then seek to do it? Or do your words imply that what they were doing is wrong and they were dumb for doing it that way? You don’t actually have to say the word “dumb,” but if while you are “correcting them” or “enlightening” them you also roll your eyes, shake your head or frown at them, then your body language is saying “that was dumb/you were dumb” and I am disappointed with you.

God says it is difficult to tame your tongue (James 3:8), in fact “no man can do it.” It takes working with the Holy Spirit to control what comes out of your mouth. “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit” (Proverbs 18:21). This means our words are like seeds, and when they grow in the person we are speaking to those seeds can encourage them and make them shine or our words can criticize them to grow self-defeat and depression in them (and eventually hurt you too). If there is one rule on earth and in Heaven, it is that a man shall “reap what he sows” (Galatians 6:7). After your next conversation with your kids or spouse take time to ask yourself, did I just plant seeds that are going to make me happy in the future through them or will they grow a tree that they will use to hang me? If the latter, go apologize and say something encouraging to them and build better fruit to eat in the future.

Since the mouth speaks “out of the overflow of the heart,” if you are upset or feeling negative then your words will likely lean toward the negative too, or a good message will still “feel” negative to your listener. That is why sometimes we “count to ten” before speaking or just defer the conversation until we are feeling more normal and have given some perspective to what we are about to say. I had a problem with being “too intense” when I spoke to people, and if that is added to critical words it can make people feel pretty bad. I didn’t see that as a problem, so my wife pointed it out to me… I began to ask God to help my words to convey love and encouragement to others, but He said I needed to put more love and encouragement in my heart (ouch!) or my words would be hypocritical anyway. So in my morning quiet times I began asking the Holy Spirit to pour more love in my heart for people and to help me to be an encourager. Over time, it really did change my heart-so much so that now the thing I enjoy the most is praying for other people and encouraging them. I also realized that getting into disputes brings added guilt, regret and destroys relationships, so it was better to just always try to speak encouraging and loving words-I just had to find a way to say everything in a positive way rather than my lawyer default of pointing out the flaws and the gaps. It got easier over time.

Ask the Lord to help you to love more, and to encourage others more, and you will begin to plant seeds of relationship that will bear pleasant fruit for you in the long run. The alternative is planting weeds and discouragement, and watching them grow unhappiness in your life and the lives of others until it consumes you.

The upside/down Kingdom

Sometimes I am amazed to think how contrary the Kingdom of God is to our way of human thinking. I guess that is why God has to help us develop a “renewed mind” (Romans 12:2) so we stop our old “stinking thinking” and begin to think like a new creature with a Holy Spirit growing in strength inside us. We are supposed to transform our mind so we can begin to understand Heavenly things and grow Heavenly desires. 

I heard Pastor Robby Dawkins talk about the story of Moses in this light.  For example, the Pharaoh was trying to kill all Jewish children, so in God’s way of thinking He hides Moses inside Pharaoh’s house and has Pharaoh pay for Moses’ education.  In human thinking we would take the child as far away from the murderer as possible!  When Moses is “ready” to climb the corporate ladder, he murders an Egyptian in anger and is cast out, losing everything (in terms of human possessions and status).  Moses is distraught that he lost it all, and wonders the desert watching sheep poop for 40 years, and then God thinks Moses is ready to climb the ladder…  God had to wait until “Moses was the most humble man in the world” to allow Moses to take his place in history above Pharaoh.

God wants us to get in His face when we are on our knees, and says the servant will be the most rewarded in Heaven rather than those who try to be master.  I think a lot of us given the chance to be the Messiah might have come flying in the air, throwing lightning bolts and doing great miracles to show everyone who we are…  Instead, God wrapped His message in the human body of Jesus, took away the powers of Jesus so the Holy Spirit could demonstrate how He would work in all believers, and God chooses to work miracles now through His people.  God only asks that we be willing to let Him do miracles through us, and that we show everyone else Who God is.  Wouldn’t it just be easier for God to do “flyovers” like Navy jets each morning and night throughout the world to remind us Who He is (makes sense in a human way…)? 

Each Saturday we get men get together on Hilltop Park at 7 a.m. to pray for each other rather than compete with each other, and we do not envy.  We enjoy submitting to the Lord rather than trying to get Him to follow our plan.   Please join us!

July 24, 2015

Does God Oppose you?

Sometimes we feel “God is far from me” when the world is overwhelming us or seems to be against us. Emotions often contradict Scripture, and that is why we must stand on the firm foundation of God’s Word and not on “how we feel at the moment.” Since Jesus said He would never leave us, but He would be with us until the end of this age (Matt. 28:20) we have to tell our emotions that “God is not far from me and has not left me, but perhaps I have wondered away from Him."  King David sometimes felt like God was far from him, and he would ask God to search his heart and show him anything that needed to be repented so he could be led back into God’s ways (Psalm 138). If you are feeling like the world has put you in a pit and God is not responding to you, pray Psalm 138 out loud to Him and you will begin to feel His presence as you speak His Word.

However, there are times when you may be right that God is not helping you at all-in fact He may actually be opposing you.  When I think of God opposing us, I picture this big and tall football player putting a “straight arm” on a smaller player who is still running but the little guy is running in place and digging a hole in the ground with his feet because he cannot advance further due to the strength of the big guy (you may have a different picture in your mind, and you are entitled to it). The Word says God opposes the proud, but gives grace/help to the humble (James 4:6).  In fact, God even mocks “proud mockers.” (Proverbs 3:34).  Can you imagine God at an office party and He is talking about you and when He repeats what you said about your boss then He uses this mocking high voice like you do when you tell your buddies a story about what your wife said? I don’t want God to oppose me or mock me, that would really suck…

Pride is thinking you can do all things on your own and that you don’t really need to rely on God.  Psalm 10:4 says the proud are so consumed with themselves that their thoughts are far from God: “In his pride the wicked does not seek him; in all his thoughts there is no room for God.” This is not the kind of pride you get when your son or daughter scored the winning soccer goal or you got a hole-in-one, but God says pride that focuses more on you than on Him is a sin.  It is that kind of pride “that goes before destruction.”  So if you feel God is far from you, ask yourself if He may be actually opposing you because you have not sought Him in a while… If your are walking around the house spouting orders, being the “last word” in every discussion, being too busy for a quiet time with God, you may be on the pride bubble and destruction is just around your corner.

To avoid your imminent prideful destruction,  God says: “Blessed are the poor in spirit: for they will get the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 5:3). We are “poor in spirit”  when we recognize our need to abide in (stay connected closely with)  Christ, and we recognize our own spiritual bankruptcy that can only be set aside by constantly seeking His divine grace.  The Kingdom is now, so being humble now allows us to tap into Kingdom resources instead of just waiting until we die.  It is much better to be on your knees seeking God and  awaiting the divine blessing, than to be walking slowly down the path to destruction by being your own king. 

July 2015

There are a lot of negative things going on in the world right now financially, from a fighting/war perspective, and from a persecution of the church perspective.  Add to that your worry about work, your monthly bills, concerns about the future for your kids, health concerns, friends with life problems who are suffering around you…  Soon isolation and stress are the things you do best.

These past few weeks I have felt like I am “inside the box” where stress and fear and bad news just seem to pour in on you and you don’t feel like you can get out.  I wanted to just come home and be a vegetable after work, hoping the stress would simply drain out of me as I laid there watching TV; however, the guilt of just lying around soon poured into the box too…  I found that stress and fear don’t drain out very fast. In fact, if you don’t do something about them, the fear and stress become a tangible weight on your heart or stomach that you can feel is heavy there-sometimes to the point you feel like cement is hardening inside of you.

I knew I had to take action or I would become a “victim,” seeking pity for how hard my life felt (I could see that Dawnette was about out of pity points to give me anyway).  I kept up with my prayer time, and I felt God just saying “you need to change your perspective.”  I laughed at that.   I wanted Him to change my circumstances and instead He wanted me to change my perspective about my circumstances. I guess the Bible did say He promised peace AND persecution, so perhaps there is more to this perspective thing.  After all, I was not suffering physically,  changes at my job were not harming me, the Supreme Court and ISIS were not taking my house away-I was suffering primarily because of my own reaction to these negative events. 

In my prayer time I had started crying out for help and focusing more on things I lacked.  I had lost my perspective of being an adopted son, seated at the right hand of God in Christ, with all the resources of Heaven available to me by the Holy Spirit.  I was not declaring His Word into the situations like I had done in the past.  Slowly I had just become lazy in my faith, expecting blessings to fall out of the sky on me so that my  life would just be perfect… without me being responsible for my own attitude.

So, to change perspective I began to read out loud Psalms of praise and thanksgiving to God, and I could feel confidence building in me with every Word.  I stopped watching the bickering on the news channels and began to find positive articles and Christian books to read.  Jesus said the eye is the lamp of the body and what you view will fill you with light or darkness-my “to do “ list was find ways to fill myself with Heavenly things.  I reached out to encourage other people who were struggling, and as God poured into them I got some of that good residue on me.  On my way into work I declared who I was in God’s eyes, and how I wanted His presence to flow from me to help others.  It took only about a week to change perspective back to Heaven.  Prayer time became telling my problems how big my God is rather than telling God how big my problems are.

The final step was to quit laying around as a reaction to stress,  and  to get engaged with something positive to replace the negative perspective.  Last night, we sat with the kids and played board games, laughing so hard I thought I would pee out of my eyes…  That really broke off the stress of the day.  I know today that I am responsible for my perspective, and that I get the peace promised by Jesus when I pursue Him rather than dealing with the world head on from the couch. Stress does not drain well, but it can be chased out by the Holy Spirit when we pursue love and relationship and Him. 

June 2015

FUN WITH GOD-(June 3, 2015) Tonight Dawnette and I went to a church service together since we could not go on Sunday.  Afterwards, the Pastor said to pray over someone near you and ask God to give you a word about them to pray.  A friend came over to us and brought someone we had never met, and our friend asked if we could pray for this person “just whatever God brings to your minds.” 

 As I began praying that God would show this woman His love in a tangible way, I kept getting a mental image of her left leg.  I actually looked to see if there was a visible problem with her leg but did not see anything. However, since the image kept repeating I felt it was from the Lord and finally asked her “do you have pain or illness in your left leg?”

 She laughed in a bit of disbelief that I would ask such a precise question, and said “as a matter of fact I do. I had an accident and there is a pin in my left ankle and it has been hurting me quite a bit in recent days.”  We said “then God must want us to pray for healing if he is showing that to a total stranger,” and we prayed that God would take away the pain and heal her.  She twisted her foot around and took steps and exclaimed “wow, it is feeling much better, thank you.”

 Then Dawnette said, “I feel like God is telling me that He speaks to you through sounds, but I am not sure what that means.” The woman then told us she was a worship leader and loves to play and sing praise music to God. She said she feels closest to God when she is worshipping.  She volunteers at a homeless shelter and was seeking more relationship with God.

 She walked away feeling great joy, like God had just answered her prayers for healing and having had a real experience that He is still speaking to those who are willing to listen and seek Him.  I love it when God does stuff like that.

May 2015

This was my blog this week for men’s prayer


When I was young, I needed to beat people in sports (or pretty much anything else I attempted).  It was not enough to just do my best- you needed to lose or it was not satisfying to me.  As I got out of High School, I developed a better attitude of just doing my best at whatever I was supposed to do, big or small, and no one else had to lose in the process (in fact I really did not care what was happening to others).  It was not until l came into relationship with Jesus that I began to care more about helping everyone win.  Why is “maturity” usually a blessing for old people?

When Holy Spirit comes into you at salvation, you should begin to mature spiritually.  The power of God in you helps you discern what holiness really is, and you begin to long to have it in your own life.  You begin to look at yourself and others differently-better than you did before, because you are developing “the mind of Christ”  (1 Cor. 2:16) and He loves every one of His children.  But sanctification is a process, and does not happen instantly.  All the old habits and thought patterns you had before salvation are now subject to this growing awareness in your heart of a Holy Spirit in you, but those old patterns don’t automatically change-you have to intentionally want to change your old ways.  God’s grace gives you the power to make the positive changes when you ask for His help.

Even Jesus had to mature, as He “grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” (Luke 2:52).  Paul frequently told us that he had not arrived in fullness yet.  Learning to discern is  part of the maturing process,  and when you sin don’t just feel bad about it but also feel encouraged that your realization of the sin reflects growing maturity and an internal desire that you want to do better for the Lord (then repent and try to do better!)   A mature Christian encourages and helps others, recognizing that helping others succeed will not harm their own status and that our Father God has plenty of blessings to go around for everyone.

Maturity is also learning from your experiences, both good and bad.  Some of the best things I have done are because I screwed up and learned to do it the right way the next time. Some of my best memories are of those persons who did not scold and trash me for my errors, but encouraged me into success.  I think you will grow in spiritual maturity faster when you are actively encouraging others and helping them succeed! 

Each Saturday we get together on Hilltop Park to pray and ask the Lord to speak into us and help us mature. Please join us!


5-17-15  Fun with God

What is a "word of knowledge" from God?  Today, I went to a friend's church where I don't really know anyone.  When it was over, some people went down front who wanted prayer. I asked God from my seat if there was anyone near where I was setting that He wanted me to encourage or pass on a prophetic word from the Holy Spirit. Nothing happened, so I just prayed silently for healing for a bunch of people I know who are sick. Suddenly, I got a picture in my mind of a guy who had been sitting in the last row about 50 feet from me, and I felt God was telling me that this guy was going through a major career change and that there was fear in the family about meeting financial obligations if he makes the change, and God wanted me to tell this guy that God would provide for him-this change was in the will of God.

The guy was sitting closer to the exit, but he came out the other direction so that he was going to walk right by me and I stood to speak to him.  I introduced myself and made small talk, and asked him how his job was going and he said "good." (I was pussy footing around here and easing my way into the message I was supposed to give him).  I said it was great his job was going well, but that I thought I had heard from the Lord that the man was making a big career change. He put his arm on my shoulder and said "how could you know that?"  I told him the Lord had revealed this to me and asked if the change was completely outside of what he was doing and if there was some fear around finances if he changes direction.  He confirmed it was all correct, and that his wife was talking to him before church about whether they could make ends meet if he did it.

It turns out that he feels called into ministry. He wants to leave his job and take a ministry course and then go into ministry. He was very relieved to hear from a stranger that it was part of God's plan and God would give him grace on finances.  He hugged me and thanked me for being faithful to release that word to him.

A word of knowledge is when God gives you some facts about someone that you could otherwise not know, and God wants to bless them in that area. In a healing ministry, you may get a strong impression or picture that God wants to heal left leg injuries and you invite people in for prayer who have left leg injuries.  Some ministers will feel the pain rather than getting a word or picture from the Lord, and will call people for prayer based on that sudden pain (my wife gets these "feeling" types of words of knowledge, while mine come in pictures and "just knowing that you know" something about someone suddenly).  It is always a word that carries encouragement or love or hope for the other person.

As you abide in God in prayer, thanksgiving and worship, He begins to rub off on you and you begin to hear Him better, such as in words of knowledge. See First Corinthians chapters 12 and 14 about this spiritual gift, and recognize that Jesus talked to the woman at the well with a word of knowledge and had them in many other circumstances.  He is still speaking to those who intentionally listen and obey what He says.


The great thing about personal testimonies is that they give us hope that if God is working in someone’s life around us then He will also work in our life too. Last Saturday, a guy in my prayer group, John, came to Saturday prayer (all the way from OB) to give us a great testimony of how listening to God recently saved his life and helped his wife too. 

John is an athletic guy, about 6’4’’ and 280 pounds of former fighting marine, with a humble heart for God. His wife is a small woman who he knows he better listen to when she is getting prophetic words from the Lord. John recently had his medical physical and was given the “all clear.”  Shortly thereafter, she was telling John they needed to buckle down in their time with the Lord, as they had been through some successful spiritual battles at John’s workplace but she thought they were becoming a bit complacent in their spiritual lives. They worked on “renewing their minds” to see the world more with the eyes and heart of Christ and to walk out the walk of Christ.  Soon she told John she was getting a spiritual sense that something was wrong with him, so John prayed about it and returned to the doctor to follow up on the physical. Three different times John told the doctor they felt a sense from the Lord that he had something wrong with him. Finally, since a prostate exam showed slight enlargement, they did further tests and a subsequent biopsy  found prostate cancer.

John was treated for the cancer with removal of the prostate by a De Vinci robotic surgeon at the new hospital nearby.  Because God helped them find the cancer early, it will most likely be a full recovery, and John's recovery has moved very quickly (thank you Lord).  During a follow up visit with his surgeon, John's wife tagged along. The doctor praised how quickly John was recovering, and they praised God. The surgeon mentioned the robotic device, and John's wife said she had worked with the device as a nurse in the past.  The surgeon then called in the chief surgeon and they offered her a job on the spot to help them with the De Vinci. She was able to get a better job and more work at two locations because she listened to God. Now they can afford to move back into our local area since John has been successful at his job (through the help of the Lord) and Sonja has better employment. 

What a wonderful God we have, Who still intervenes in our lives for those who choose to listen and act on His promptings.  When John first began coming to Saturday morning prayer, he had struggles at work with people fighting and being political against him.  One of us got a prophecy about a man at his work, describing what the man looked like, and how John needed to tell him that if he did not change his ways the Lord was going to remove the man.  John identified the man from the description and began laying down prayer boundaries at work each day, and ultimately was able to put together a prayer group on the premises.  Eventually, the man was found to be violating certain rules and was dismissed, and John rose quickly to take a leadership position in the company.  Truly, this is an example of a man willing to listen to God and to act on what he hears.


5-8-15:    Sometimes I wish I was born back when Moses walked the earth so I could see the miracles against Egypt, or could have been a person who got to hear Jesus preach and see Him heal people.  Sadly, the times I am wishing these things is when my faith is low and I think I would have had more faith if I could have seen the awesomeness of God in person. Sometimes I wish God would just do something now like He did “back then” that everyone could see because this would boost my faith too.

The funny thing is that Moses and the “great people of faith” in the Bible were wishing they could be alive during our time to see God’s Spirit in His people and the restoration of relationship!  Moses said someone greater than he was coming from Israel that would speak the very words of God and everyone needed to listen (Deuteronomy 18:15-20)-Moses wanted to see Jesus.  Job wanted a “mediator” to help him talk with God (Job 9:1-3).  I am sure Isaiah and Jeremiah longed to see the future restoration of God’s people back to Him which God told them to prophesy about to everyone!

Hebrews 11: 13  tells us our forefathers of faith looked forward to the day that we live in!  We saw the Messiah prophesies fulfilled. We get to know Him both by the Bible and the Holy Spirit. We have witnessed the Holy Spirit in action on earth today, and for us Heaven is open for eternity! Our faith should be even greater than those like Sarah and Abraham who heard God speak only a few times.  Why don’t we rejoice that “we were born for such a time as this?”  Why does our faith dip? 

I think sometimes we believers are like “that kid” in High School that always got a new Camaro or BMW from their folks and did not appreciate it like we appreciated the clunker we paid for with our part time job or which we inherited from mom because we did not have much money.  We believers  have the Camaro now- we are not appreciating how lucky we are to have seen history unfold as prophesied, and we take for granted that we can now connect with God in a way that was not available to them in the past  so “no big deal…”  We sometimes get complacent with our faith because we are spoiled by the works Jesus did for us, and we are praying for outcomes we want from God and not for relationship with Him  (which our forefathers wanted so desperately). 

When we feel a little short on faith, or do not appreciate daily the hard work of Jesus and the Apostles, or withdraw from Him because a prayer was not answered, it is a signal that we are taking God for granted and need to just enjoy more prayer and worship and relationship with Him.  Enjoying Him is the answer to increasing our faith and is the promise to the forefathers.   I would trade a new Camaro for a deeper relationship and appreciation of Jesus any day.


Each Saturday we gather on the hill to pray for each other and enjoy our relationship with God no matter our circumstances.  We pray for people to be healed and pray for our leaders.   Please join us.

April 2015

Last week I was preparing for knee surgery on Wednesday (my torn meniscus hurt pretty bad).  We had been having some cable TV problems, and I took a day off Monday and picked up a new cable box and installed it-then I spent two hours with Time Warner on the phone because it did not work.  Strike one against “keeping my peace,” as this was not how I wanted to use a vacation day.  I asked God for patience-several times.  Time Warner said they would send someone Tuesday to the house at 3 p.m. , but if it was something I screwed up on the install they would have to bill me for the visit.  

Work has really been busy lately, and in light of taking only one day off for the surgery I asked Dawnette to meet the Time Warner guy so I could stay at work.  Dawnette would be home, and so would my oldest daughter and my son.  However, Time Warner called me at 2 p.m. and said they were at the house an hour early and nobody was there. Dawnette had gotten caught up in work, Hunter had just left for a haircut (so he could be back at 3) and my daughter was gone for who knows what.  I had to drop what I was doing at work and go home to meet the cable guy-I asked God for patience . 

When I get home there are two repair guys (one in training).  Since they were there I asked them to transfer power from one cable outlet in the bedroom  to the one that was just 10 feet away.  They set up the wire and put on a new plastic wall cover, and then the trainee stepped on the wall bracket and busted it-starting over now…  The other guy got busy on the cable box and it would not work for him either, so he stopped staring at me like I was an idiot for not being able to plug it in or something.  He had to go get another cable box from the truck, and get it set up electronically with the home office. Now I am home about an hour into this and nothing is fixed-I asked God for patience.  

They told me to open the closet where the cable runs to the non-working box. This closet is where my wife keeps all the vases and spare “stuff” she cannot part with and I had to move it out of the closet to expose the cable outlet-then came the sound of glass breaking in the closet, and blood running out of my finger (no sound)…   I asked God for patience and for healing.  My boss was waiting for me at work and an hour was gone and nobody had returned home to shepherd the cable guys. 

The trainee could not get the new cable in the bedroom to put out a signal so they went back to the outside box to “ping” it-but they could not get it to work.  Suddenly, the Trainee yanked on the cable and it simply fell out of the wall-it had never been connected by the builder or had been diverted and the box was a dummy-I asked God for patience.  They said they could split the cable from the next room where they were working on the cable box.  I told God I needed to have something positive to say and to give me peace in this situation because most of these issues were of my creation and I wanted to leave these guys on a positive note (like Jesus would). 

We talked about Indiana, because the trainee had seen my IU basketball stuff and he was from Indiana. I talked about God a little bit, as they had noticed my Wi-Fi was named “JesusLovesU2”.  I asked them if they could look at the Wi-Fi too since they were there, as it had been slow lately.  They went into the den and saw all my Christian books and worked on my two channel Wi-Fi  (“JesusLovesU2” and “JesusLovesU”).  He fixed it and everything was done in about 90 minutes. I offered them a bottle of water or soda, and asked them how much I owed them.  The leader told me I did not owe them anything-I thanked God for favor.  I knew they were supposed to charge me for turning on new outlets, so this was just a kind gesture from the cable company-I thanked God for the miracle.  

You may be wondering why I thought this was enough of a big deal to write it up for you.  Well, if you knew me seven years ago as an uptight, Type A personality guy, you would be amazed that I had this much peace, did not swear, and never said a bad word to anyone involved.  I wanted to give these guys a refreshment and to make this visit a positive experience for them.   Afterwards, I could see such a change in my heart because of my ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ that it amazed me how calm and giving I was in this situation.  I don’t think saying that out loud ruins my “humility rating” but sometimes we have to be thankful and express our thanksgiving for the “small things.”  We don’t always have testimonies of healing or prophetic words, but we have testimonies about what God is doing in our lives. Sure, there was the miracle of not getting charged by the cable company for 90 minutes of work, but the real miracle was the change in the heart of the home owner because God wants to shine His light through anyone who is willing to engage with Him. 

Come close to God, and God will come close to you.”  James 4:8

“in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:7

February 2015

How Men Should Treat Their Wives  (written to Men’s Prayer Group)

We men saw how our dad treated our mom, and this often provides the model and  “boundary lines” for how we treat our wives and others.  Even if dad was cold or angry or abusive, we can copy that style in our relationships because we have an understanding of the “rule book” that goes along with it and we are comfortable with it since we witnessed it most of our life. It is amazing how often someone can see the “wrong” relationship style, yet they still follow that play book in their own life because they don’t really have another model to follow and their thoughts and habits have developed and are difficult to overcome.  The Bible calls this cycle of “wrong” a generational curse, as the younger generation follows the wrong conduct of the generation that led them.  A generational curse is also a term used for a harassing demonic spirit that seems to follow the generations in a family and keeps them in anger, bitterness, alcoholism and other destructive behaviors.  As Christian men, we have a loving Father in Heaven that created us for relationship. He has provided His Son to free those who are captive to lies, generational curses and sinful behaviors (Luke 4:18).

Jesus said He was able to free captives of lies and generational sin, and to bring liberty to prisoners to sin because “the Holy Spirit is on Me.”  Now, because you believe in Jesus, the Holy Spirit is in you (1 Cor.3:16).  The Holy Spirit not only frees us from sinful desires and conduct, but empowers us to change our conduct and to become more loving (Romans 5:5).  The first step to break off a generational curse is to pray something like this:  

“Dear Father in Heaven, my heart has some bad things in it, and I ask you to forgive me for how I treat my wife and other people.  I pray you will wash me in the blood of Jesus and help me to love more and to become more like Jesus Christ in my heart and in my daily walk. I pray that any generational curse against me be cancelled in the name of Jesus Christ, and that any benefits due to me from prior generations which have been stolen by the enemy would flow to me now and bless me and my household. I command any evil that is in me or around me to leave me in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, that my heart and mind and my ears and eyes may be dedicated to pursuing relationship with you Father.  Help me to love others as Jesus loves us, help me to restore my marriage and other relationships on this earth according to Your Scripture and Your heart.  Dismantle any pride or lie in me that prevents me from seeing the truth of how to treat others Lord, especially those who are close to me. I pray Father that you would change me so I can love more and my destiny will be greater and memories of me will be sweet in the minds of those You help me love.” 

When we break off the generational influence, or stop living under the lie that it is ok to be abusive, rude or disrespectful to your spouse or loved one, you need to replace that model of bad conduct with a model of love from the Father.  Here are a few Scriptures demonstrating how a man should treat his wife.  Remember, God made man and woman to have relationship together and also with Him-God will give you power and resources to make this work right. But as in all promises of God, you have to go after it with a humble heart and ask for God’s help-it will not just fall from the sky on to you while you sleep:

  • Therefore, a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh (Genesis 2:24)


    Love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her, that he might sanctify her, having cleansed her by the washing of water with the word, so that he might present the church to himself in splendor, without spot or wrinkle or any such thing, that she might be holy and without blemish. In the same way husbands should love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself. For no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, just as Christ does the church (Ephesians 5:29)
  • Likewise, husbands, live with your wives in an understanding way, showing honor to the woman as the weaker vessel (i.e. like you would handle fine china rather than a heavy clay  bowl), since they are heirs with you of the grace of life, so that your prayers may not be hindered. (1 Peter 3:7).

As humans working primarily from our mind and flesh, we cannot love people like Jesus did and give honor to our wives as He commanded, unless we have God’s help to change our hearts to come in line with scriptures. We need to pray and ask God to mold our heart to love and honor and respect our wives, and other people, as Jesus wanted us to do so that “the world will know Jesus by the way His people love others.” (John 13:35). Will you pray that God will help you love others and change your heart? Can you ask God to help you build a better marriage or other relationship so that it is exciting and God-based in good things beyond what you can even imagine?  If you cannot pray for it, you cannot have it on your own power.

God is raising up a spotless bride (church) for marriage to His Son, in a glorious ceremony we get to take part in. The mystery Paul said God revealed is that this is a model of marriage by a man and woman too.  Someday God may say to you “Son, I gave you the gift of a wife to bring honor to My name, how well did you help her develop into a spotless bride and a daughter of the Kingdom?”

On Saturdays, we men join together in prayer and listen to what God might say-it is always different.  Please join us as we pray for God to fill our hearts with love for you and for all people.
Les  Meredith

January 2015

I started an email message to my men's Saturday prayer group today, but half way through God interrupted my plan in order to show me that I am always on “stand by” for doing His purposes (actually that makes relationship with Jesus really a lot of fun!).

We had a guy come over this morning to steam clean the upstairs tile.  As I was writing this email I said, “Lord, if there is any message you want me to give this guy or a way to demonstrate Your heart to him, please let me know. “  I started getting pictures of him being a leader of men in the church, and had a message “drop” into my mind about him as follows:  "This man has been through a difficult life, but he makes right decisions and checks with God before moving forward. He has a tender heart that hears from the Holy Spirit, but he has not stepped into the fullness that  God is calling him into.”  

I approached the man (probably 28 years old), he is an African American, 6 foot and 220 pounds with tattoos up and down his neck and arms.  I told him “this may sound a bit off the wall, but I often pray for people and sometimes I feel like I get words from the Lord...  Then I told him the story above as I had received it from the Lord. 

He waited a few seconds, and then said “yep, that is all true. In fact, another preacher told me the exact same things recently.  He married my sister and is from Indiana.  He then gave me details about his life which demonstrated this was an accurate prophetic word and it sparked in him a desire to talk about it more because he could sense God was reaching out to him-twice.

This guy’s name is Winston, and he lives in Oceanside.  He owns his own cleaning van for tile floors.  We talked about God for about 25 minutes, and I found he had not been to church recently. In the past, he would read the Bible a lot and he stays out of trouble, but he had fallen away from a consistent walk with the Lord. He appeared to be a hard worker, who is a single dad raising his daughter.  At the end, Dawnette and I prayed over him and invited him to our church. I assured him since this was a confirming prophetic Word that if he would get back to church then God would be active in him to make his ministry successful according to what is being spoken into him.  He said he had felt a calling to ministry, but the world has just gotten in the way with business and family. 

Now here are a few other details that make this even more fun. First, the prophetic story I tell of the first “vision” I ever got for a stranger was about three years ago with an African American massage guy also named Winston, also from Oceanside, and he was also covered with tattoos.  I was a bit scared to release the messages to both guys. Both messages concerned the Lord wanting to draw these guys back to Him.  I am also from Indiana, like the other Pastor who gave this guy a similar prophetic word a few weeks ago.  Does any of this make a difference? No, not really, the important fact is that God sent two people to reach out to a man to say “I see you and want to work through you if you will return to Me.”  

We all have the authority to continue the walk of Jesus on the earth with the Holy Spirit providing the resources (Mark 16:15; John 14:12; John 17:18; Matthew 28:20: Ephesians 2:10 and others).  We open doors for Holy Spirit to do the work in people’s hearts.  We just need to be humble and willing to do what the Lord asks, and these “fun” encounters begin. Drawing close to Jesus with a willing heart is how  you see more of the Kingdom in your life.

December 2014

Last week at men’s prayer, we had an amazing thing happen. I have put pictures below.  We arrived on the hill overlooking the church to pray at 7 a.m. Saturday, and it was rainy, windy and cold.  Only three men showed up. As we opened up in thanksgiving for the rain and thanked God for the fellowship time, the sun came out around us for maybe a mile or so.  Right near us on the right side of the park a rainbow touched the ground, coloring the bushes and the grass.  The left side of the rainbow went down the hill toward the church (only about 200 yards wide) and landed on the field next to the church, touching ground and turning the trees and grass colors. I have never seen a rainbow touch the ground. The left side turned into a double rainbow as we started taking pictures of it.   We all ran to get a picture of the rainbow and it started raining again. We prayed and thanked God for the rain and this "wink" He gave us to boost our faith.

November 2014

“Fun with God-”
  Today at church, Dawnette and I were finishing up praying before the service and a new visitor was brought over and introduced to us (we had never met).  We prayed for the service to bring in God’s presence to everyone’s lives, and I got a strong impression from the Lord to “pray for high blood sugar-it is not diabetes.”  So I prayed out loud with the visitor that in His presence today anyone with high blood sugar and any form of diabetes would be healed (I don’t know of anyone in our church with this problem).

 During worship, the visitor came over to me and said “thank you for that prayer for high blood sugar, that applies to me and I need to get healing-it is like pre-diabetes.”  I was grateful the Lord had allowed me to speak about something in her life that I could not have known unless God told me (a Word of Knowledge).  After service, she told me that normally her feet hurt a lot from standing and sometimes dancing during worship, and today they did not hurt at all. She said the Lord told her during worship that the pain in her feet is related to the blood sugar, and she needed to alter her diet to get a full healing from Him. She was very happy.

 It had been a few weeks since I had heard from the Lord for a total stranger, so I was very happy too. All glory to God, as He is still reaching out to His children who are willing to listen and obey!

September 2014


GPC blog-A lot of fear and anxiety in the world

There sure is a lot of negative news related to Ebola, the stock market, wars in multiple places, bad politics, etc..  I have to admit that the pressure of things in the world and at work these last two weeks, has been taking a toll on me.  I felt like I was “in the box-” a victim of things I had not created but had to deal with. Whenever we begin to feel like a victim or have a perspective of what we “lack” we are not effective in declaring God’s sovereignty into our situations. We can lose faith and lose trust that He is still with us, because we focus more on fear and anxiety rather than on God.  We have to get back our perspective of putting the problems “in the box,” and walking around it with God saying “how can we manage these things together in a way that brings glory to your Kingdom?”

I had a few interesting things happen that allowed me to regain my peace. First, I took to prayer and asked God to take these anxieties from me and help me to have wisdom to deal with all the issues in a way that reflected His presence in my life. I prayed in the middle of the night too (I was awake from the stress anyway…).  Then the following things happened:

  • I asked him a question about ministry for my life.  The next day three people came up to me and said the same thing to me which reflected God’s opinion on the matter. None of them knew I had asked God about it. One of them simply called me out of the blue and said “I was trying to relax today, and I just kept feeling God was telling me to tell you the following…”  I think that is why God sends people out two at a time, so we can encourage each other, and so the one under the burden can ask the other to pray for them and let them know if God responds. In this case, they did not know they were confirming for me what I had asked God about.
  • You would think a triple confirmation in one day would help me know God is still with me, but I was still feeling stress and could not pray it away.  On Wednesday a prayer warrior called me at work, during a very difficult day, and she said she had been in prayer and God showed her a picture of me sitting at work under a great deal of stress. He wanted me to know He is with me and that He loves me and wants me to succeed in my business…  I told her I really needed that word at that exact moment. I declared it over my office and thanked Him for reaching back to me.   I do not get calls like this every day or even once a week, so God was really reaching out to tell me through others because in my stress I probably could not hear Him very well.  This random call began to break the stress I was feeling.  I finally slept a bit better.
  • The next day, I went to the gym for the first time in a few days and had a sermon loaded up by Joel Osteen. It was about how we let too much negative stuff get into our ears and it creates a negative and critical heart. He said you have to “put up walls” to filter out the details of all the negative things in the world and particularly what people might say about you.  If it is something you can do something about then get the details necessary to make the change, but if it is just complaining and argument and negative news stories we need to separate ourselves from the details so we are not putting ourselves further and further down the rabbit hole of negativity and separating ourselves from God with fear. I laughed because it was the theme of the week!  It also was funny because we have been talking in this Bible study about how we must intentionally do the things Jesus told us in order to get any of the benefits He promised us. I was choosing to focus on positive things while I exercised and to focus on Him rather than the despair all around me. IT WORKS!
  • On Saturday, I went to see a guy preach at a church in town who travels the world. I needed the extra worship time with the Lord and intentionally wanted to seek Him.  The guy gets prophetic words, and during his talk he came over to me and gave me a prophetic word he felt was from the Lord (He only did that for one other person in the audience that day). The word was basically  what the person told me on Wednesday-God had confirmed a message to me again through a total stranger. I intentionally put myself in a place to focus on God and He found me again.

I guess what I am saying here is that our God wants a relationship with us. And when we put Him first He is faithful to reach out to us. When the world gets all over us and we are covered with despair, we can still reach up our hand and He will grab it to lead us and love us. If we cannot hear Him due to our own lack of focus, He will try to get messages to us in other ways so we are comforted that He is still with us and loves us.  We must keep our ears and eyes open and expect His responses.

He never promised that we would be safe and comfortable in this world, but He said that in times of persecution we could have a peace that defies human logic if we will stay focused on Him.  I made an intentional walk to be with Him rather than sitting in pity, and He rewarded it in ways that built my faith back up.  He will also do that for you.


Les Meredith

    Fun with God- On Saturday mornings, several guys from church meet to pray with each other, putting one man in the circle and then asking the Lord for encouraging words we can speak into each man before we ask that man what he would like us to pray about with him. In this way, we also learn to listen to the Lord so He can direct our prayers.  Today, as one man stepped in, I got a picture in my mind of an older man and a younger man, and I asked Holy Spirit what that meant. Suddenly, I knew this man was having to select between an older man and a younger man in a ministry he was starting to manage, and God was telling me the younger man was the choice despite the older man’s experience. So as we began prayer, I asked him if he was having to make such a choice, and at first he said “not that I know of.”  And then he said, “wait a minute, I was planning a worship night this week and asked a younger guy to plan and run it, but afterwards I was told that an older guy with more experience had typically run it before I took over. I have been feeling bad about that decision, and wondered if I had made a mistake.”  He was relieved by the Word I had received from the Lord, because it was confirmation to him that he made the right choice and should not be giving it worry or fear.  We all have the ability to hear from the Lord-that is what prayer is designed to be (interactive) but it takes practice.  God poured out His Holy Spirit for all believers to be able to hear His voice, as explained in Acts 2:16.  Jesus said His sheep would be able to hear and know His voice (John 10:27), but many of us are not hearing Him because we don’t make time to intentionally listen for it.  We need to avoid just making prayer time a wish list for God to tend to for us, and instead ask the Lord some times what He would like us to pray about and ask Him for what His will is in such matters… then listen with faith that He wants to reply.

July 2014
Thoughts about Miracles

I once thought if God did a miracle everyone would fall on their knees and give their hearts to Him. But I find now that miracles can be a double-edged sword…

Apostle John called miracles by Jesus “signs,” and set forth examples so “these (signs) are written that you may believe (in Jesus as Son of God).” John emphasized (twice) that if all the miracles Jesus performed were written down the world could not contain all the books needed to record them (John 21:25).

So why didn’t everyone believe? Some were scared of religious leaders kicking them out of synagogue if they talked about Jesus. Incredibly, when Lazarus was raised from the dead the Pharisees said “we need to kill Jesus and Lazarus.” It is hard to imagine why murder would be your first thought after a resurrection, but the Pharisee’s social standing, power over the people and their churches, and the ability to keep the Jewish religion “acceptable” under Roman rule was hanging in the balance and could be lost if people believed in Jesus (John 11:47). The Pharisees had put so many rules and ceremonies on the people that God was not a God the average person could relate to or experience. When Jesus cast out demons, half the witnesses were deceived and would argue Jesus was a demon casting out other demons rather than believe their God was interacting for the benefit of His people (Matt. 12:24).

 Jesus said it would be ok to believe in Him on the basis of miracles (John 14:11), but it would be better to believe His word on the matter-after all, a miracle will fade but He and His Word will last forever. So what is the “downside” to miracles? Well, Jesus held those who witnessed miracles to a higher standard, He said there would be worse judgment on those who did not repent after witnessing miracles (Matt. 11:10). He also said we could move in miracles and prophecy, but if we did not “know” Him then such works would be worthless for us come judgment day (Matt. 7:23). Therefore, our focus must be on building our relationship with the Lord and not just “doing the stuff.” When we have relationship with Him, the signs and wonders will follow us (Mark 16:17).

 We are experiencing a move of God in San Diego, as we see Rock church, Beach Chapel and others experiencing the Holy Spirit; however, people are already divided about it. Self- interest, fear from leaders, and hesitation to draw closer to God cause some people to simply reject a move of the Spirit-this relieves them from having to make a decision to step out with God. Others will respond by drawing closer to God and asking how they can get involved with His will. The same split happened in Acts 19, despite Paul’s new “extraordinary” miracles. Which side of the sword will you fall on?

Recent "Fun With God"  Encounters

May 2014

May 10

“Fun with God”-Miracle healing at the Rock Church yesterday was confirmed today at 7:15 a.m.  Dawnette and I were at the Rock Church for a healing conference and people had been bringing in the sick for prayer. After the first morning session a man came into the church with his head twitching and his upper body and arms flailing to the side and up and down. I saw him in the handicap chairs in the back during the next session, unable to control his body-he would sometimes stand on the stairs to the next level and grab the railing to try and get his arms and upper body to stop “fighting the air.” 

I felt God say to go pray for the man, so we went during the break and asked if we could pray. The man and his son-in-law (I later found out from a church leader was a Navy Seal) desperately wanted prayer for him.  A little over three weeks ago, weakness and trembling started in his body and then jerking and spasms, and finally he could not control his voice or his body above his waist. Doctors told him it could be MS or Huntington’s but he would need more tests.  He is a Christian construction worker, but being covered with tattoos and in a tank top I think he might have been “scary” to some people and the security guards had been standing pretty close by.

When we arrived, he had already started to recover his voice in that hour in church, and said he knew Jesus could heal him.  We prayed for about ten minutes as the arms started to “fight” in smaller and smaller circles and directions and he began to weep.  Soon he felt a warmth cover his body and he regained full use of his voice and began praising Jesus, as his son-in-law also began weeping because he knew this was a complete change.  He had driven the man for an hour to get there while they prayed and his body contorted up and down and side to side in the car.

After the prayer we video-taped the testimony because it was so dramatic. I found one of the leaders of Rock Church to offer the video of the healing and he said they had been watching it all on Church security feeds because it was a noticeable problem, and when they saw Derold later able to fully sit still through two more hours they went and got the testimony too. Today, Derold called at 7:15 a.m. to tell me he was fully healed, and his family is amazed and he has been weeping since yesterday from his touch from God.  I will put a link on my website to the testimony when it is uploaded.  Praise God!

Please step out and pray for the sick. I am nothing special, but only a guy who is doing what Jesus said to do (continue His ministry) with the Holy Spirit until He returns.

May 5th

“Fun with God”-  Sunday at church I was asking God if there was anyone He would like to send a message to through me or to have me encourage them on His behalf.  Then, I got a picture in my mind I felt was from the Lord that I was supposed to walk up to a woman in the congregation and hug her (a long hug) and tell her “It has begun,” and then she would start crying on my shoulder.   I asked God what that message meant, but He did not tell me.  I looked for the woman to tell her, but she was now talking to another lady and I had to wait. I saw her head to the back of church and headed that way to catch her.  

 I told her I felt I had a Word from the Lord, but I was supposed to hug her to deliver it, and then she hugged me and I told her the message- “It has begun” and she began crying on my shoulder!  She had to run off and do something, but said she would call me and tell me what had just happened.  Now I have the rest of the story… 

 Apparently, she had recently been on a mission trip and was overwhelmed with the love and hospitality of the culture she had visited, and she prayed and asked God how to bring that unity and love back to the States.  She felt He said to start hugging people and making them feel loved. She thought this might cross certain social boundaries, and that it raises other issues, so she had stopped during worship to tell that other lady what she felt God was asking, but said she was going to pray more about it before she just started hugging people... Then she got her first new ministry hug from me because the “ministry had begun.”  And that is why she cried on my shoulder.

God is really good, and still talking to His children who want to be His voice in this world!

April 2014


Fun with God- Each Saturday I get some groceries after men’s prayer group, and there is a black lady who works in the chips and snacks department that I occasionally see there.  A few weeks ago, I felt like the Lord said to me in a random thought “that lady has a young daughter with an illness they cannot diagnose, tell her that her daughter is going to be ok.”  I turned around but could not find her in the store, and I even waited in the parking lot a few minutes to see if she would appear, but she did not. Today I went to the store and saw the woman, and I told her that I felt the Lord had given me a word for her a few weeks ago, and so I delivered this message.  She was stunned. She told me she had an eight year old daughter who has had seizures and they don’t know why. The woman had separated from her husband and it was causing stress and she was worried about her daughter’s health. She said “boy, now I have something I am going to be thinking about all day (a word from the Lord).” THEN she told me, “it is a good thing you caught me today because I got a promotion and I am not going to be here anymore.”  God is good!

Fun with God-I went to see Bobby Connor speak at Heart of God church the other night (Bobby has been giving accurate prophetic words for over 40 years in ministry).  It was crowded and I sat in the midst of strangers. I prayed during worship and told God if there was anyone there who needed prayer or He had a word for them that I was available to help. A few moments later, while I was singing, I saw a mental picture of the woman two seats away, and she had a black dot on her upper left chest (it was like a view from the ceiling and she had a black area just above her chest but not quite to the shoulder). God has spoken to me like this before, and it indicates an injury He is willing to heal if I will pray for the person. Almost two hours later the service ended, and the woman was putting on her coat and I made my way over to her. I said, “excuse me, I have a healing ministry and sometimes I get impressions from the Lord, do you have an injury or pain in your upper left chest (I drew a circle just below my left shoulder to show her the spot). She said, “yes, that is really weird you should say that, it started about three days ago and I don’t know why, and sometimes it radiates into my neck behind my head.”  I told her the Lord would heal it since He showed it to me, and I prayed for about 30 seconds (my words did not matter at that point, I was just opening the door for the Holy Spirit to go to work).  She felt heat go into her shoulder and down her side and said “what was that?”  I explained it was the Lord working to heal her. She said the pain went away and it felt wonderful.  She was new to town and looking for a church, and wanted to know where I go to church. I told her to check out the Gathering Place in Rancho Pensasquitos where I go each Sunday. I love it when God lets me ambush strangers like that!

4-5-14:  Dawnette and I were praying for people we did not know after I preached a message on Good News.  A woman came up and I saw a picture in my mind of her standing there with big white Mickey Mouse hands. The Lord gave me the interpretation, that she helps a lot of people (with her hands) and He sees it, but she just cannot see what great works she is doing for the Kingdom.    Then I told her the picture God used to show me that message, and she got really excited. Her father was an animator with Walt Disney and drew Mickey Mouse in the past. Her mother always told her that she was just like her father, who had a kind heart. God had used a picture that meant more to her than to me, and I am glad I told her what I saw. There was more, but it was of a personal nature,  and she was more ready to receive it because of the Mickey Mouse connection. God can have a real sense of humor sometimes.

March 1, 2014

I attended a seminar by Ed Traut about prophecy, and at the end he spoke words over some of the people in attendance.  He spoke a word over a black woman about persevering during a difficult time,  and that she was tired and God wanted to refresh her. As he spoke, I saw a brief vision of a woman in her family who had Alzheimer’s and was unconscious (I thought it was her mom).   The Lord told me that this woman in the audience was worried that she did not get to say all the things that needed to be said before her relative lost her mind to sickness, and now was upset she could never speak about love to her again . God wanted to assure the woman that her unconscious relative had good and loving thoughts and memories of her, and these thoughts of her were still in the relative's mind though she was unconscious. After the service I found the woman to see if this was an accurate word from the Lord or not, and to encourage her if it was true.  It turned out to be true, and the unconscious relative was her sister (not her mom), whom she had just in the last week had transported down to a San Diego nursing home because other relatives were not keeping an eye on her care.  

February 19, 2014:

“Fun with God” I told a friend I was going to the Food and Prayer outreach tonight to pray for the sick rather than go to hear a famous Christian speaker who was in town. Right before I left she called to say she was praying for me, and God showed her a picture of me with an antique hearing device (trumpet) in my ear, and she said she felt God was saying He loves to talk to me and I would be hearing from Him. At the church we prayed for several people and then a mom, daughter and cousin walked in (the girls were 15 and 18, and mom was holding a baby). They asked for prayer for two people they knew, both teens, who had gotten cancer. As we were praying, I kept hearing the word “kidney” in my mind, but I thought these folks were too young to have kidney problems; however, I know the Lord often talks to me through a random word or picture. I asked them if any of them had kidney problems because I was hearing that word during prayer, and the mom said “no.” But the 15 year old said the cancer in her friend started in her kidney (tears began to flow from her eyes as God was revealing Himself to her). About 20 minutes later the two girls came back and said the 15 year old wanted prayer, but would not say for what.  As we began to pray, I saw a video in my mind as if she was at school being verbally abused by a few girls. I also saw that this girl had a bright light shining from her heart, and that Jesus was nearby loving her and not wanting her to become hardened from this peer problem she was facing. I told her the interpretation was how much God loved her and how I could see she had a good heart and was usually very joyful-she was crying and nodding her head in agreement that this story I was seeing was all true. Then I felt the Lord tell me to stop praying, because she had not given her full heart to Him, and His work was limited through her. I stopped and told her I felt perhaps she had not given her life to Christ, and she confirmed she had not. I asked her if she would like to invite Jesus to be her Lord and Savior right now, and she said yes.  We prayed with her, and then welcomed her to a new eternal life, with hugs and kisses and tears all around.  I always thank God when He connects like that, and there is nothing more exciting to me than to be in sync with what God wants to do for someone. He desired to be part of her life, and I got to be part of delivering that message. God has not changed, He still wants to work with anyone who will step out with a humble heart to re-present His Son to the world. 

December 6, 2013:

Fun with God” –I recently had lunch with a hospital Chaplain who asked me a lot of questions about healing prayer in my ministry. I told her the first few healings started with people feeling heat flowing through their bodies, but sometimes there is no manifestation and people still get healed. She said she would like to witness that someday, and asked if I would come with her to pray for a pati
ent who had cellulitis (severe infection and swelling).

I told the Chaplain of a previous time I took my bible group to pray for a stranger who had cellulitis in the hospital for three weeks with no relief. The patient’s teenage daughter and friend were off to the side giggling a lot as we prayed the pain would go away, the color would return, and the infection would heal. As we prayed, a great heat came into the room, and the woman felt her pain go away and color improved dramatically. Afterwards, the teenagers followed us into the hallway, with a
look of wonder and asked what happened in there-why was there so much heat? That time the patient was discharged two or three days later, and more people in my bible group became excited to go pray for others.

This time the Chaplain and I alone went and asked this new patient if we could pray for her, and not being a believer she said “if it will make
you feel better go ahead.” Her adult visitor talked a bit about the Lord with us, and this helped the patient agree to prayer, although she knew the surgeon expected the lower leg would be amputated in five hours. I held her hand and the visitor’s hand, and as we prayed I could feel the presence of the Lord like waves gently bumping me. I felt the visitor begin to shift and also started to cry. As we finished praying, the visitor walked toward the Chaplain to get a towel to wipe his eyes and said, “wow, did you feel that heat?” We left that room not knowing if the patient received healing (the leg was wrapped and not touchable), but the visitor received an encounter from God and the Chaplain got a wink from the Lord too. I saw the Chaplain a week later and found out the woman did not have her leg amputated and was able to leave the hospital a few days after prayer. God is good!

November, 6, 2013

FUN WITH GOD- I am in meetings in Charlotte but have an hour to have coffee with my cousin who has been on fire lately for the Lord. We go to Appleby's and buy some hot tea and talk about how to walk a life more like Jesus. I felt the Lord wanting me to talk to our waitress, that she was not from here but from Alabama. I asked here where she was from and she said "Texas," and had just moved here.... Looks like my own imagination was driving this encounter. But she came back later and I saw a picture of a young boy in my mind so I asked her if she had kids-she had two and they were both over 25 years old (I am not sure now that God had wanted me to talk with her). Then my cousin says she gets the feeling God just wants us to tell the waitress that we love her.

The next time the waitress comes around I have a new storyline I feel is from God as follows- I told her we are a couple of Christians talking here, and sometimes we hear from the Lord about people. I feel like He is saying your mom is sick, is that right "yes sir it is." And I said this started about two or three years back? "yes sir it did." I sense that you and your mom had a rough relationship when you were young but now you have made up and hang out together, is that right? "yes sir it is." What is your mom's name-Ruby.

I said I get the feeling Ruby was a real church goer when she was younger and prayed for you a lot, but she has fallen away from church the last few years as she has gotten sick, is that right? "Yes sir it is." Can we join hands and pray for Ruby now? I feel the Lord say Ruby's prayers protected you growing up and God wants to heal Ruby and bring her back to church again. So we joined hands in the middle of Appleby's and prayed for Ruby. My cousin is in tears and the waitress is holding them back. They hug and the waitress walks away. My cousin says, "I have never seen anything like that. Can we go do that prophetic stuff some more on other people? Unfortunately I had to go back to work, but God had touched two or three hearts and given the waitress a reason to call her mom. My cousin was encouraged to listen for God's voice to speak to someone the next time on her own. She was very excited to do this for Jesus. Praise God !

October 28, 2013

Fun With God-  I am in Texas and having dinner with the attorney from the New York encounter talking about how God is still speaking to us through Holy Spirit (see my last posting). I told him that I believed our hostess who seated us was a singer, who has sung in church before, and God wants her to join a worship team. He asked " can you really hear things like that- we only met her for a few seconds?"

We had a great dinner but he had to go to a meeting and I said I was going to stay a moment and talk to the hostess. I thought maybe I could just ask the waiter if the hostess sings and avoid embarrassment of being wrong about the whole thing, but stepping out in faith brings more opportunities for this kind of prophetic encounter so I went to the receptionist "box" by the door and asked her about singing at church. She had just moved here from New York where she had sung in a lot of competitions, but only a few times in a church. She did not really know anyone here and said if I had just asked the waiter he would not know whether she sings or not. She said two other people had come up to her recently about God reaching out to her and this was real encouraging confirmation. I told her God was wanting her to use her talent for His Kingdom and it would bless many others. She said she feels close to God and feels His presence. I asked her if she would let me video tape this encounter to show my friend to encourage him that prophetic words are real and she agreed! Now I have a video memento of a God encounter which blesses two people! Praise God.

October 10, 2013
FUN WITH GOD- I am in New York and asking God to give me an encounter as He often does when I travel on business. I had a meeting at 2 pm and saw a homeless man on the way to the hotel, he was not asking for money but was very dirty and sitting on an old suitcase. I did not have money handy and walked by. I felt the Lord tell me to put money in my shirt pocket so when I go to the night meeting I can give money away. It was a different route to the night meeting, and I am with an attorney who is very well respected and very "logic-oriented." I have shared with him some of my encounters with strangers where God gives me messages for them and he is encouraged, but he has never seen anyone get a prophetic word or seen a healing.

He tells me he went with his church to Africa since the last time I saw him, and feels he would like to do more for the church some day. I asked the Lord if I could have a word for him and I got a picture of a young african boy with one leg and a big smile. I walked with the attorney back to his hotel, and told him I felt the Lord was showing me that he saw a young african boy with one leg while on the trip, and it changed his heart in
that momment. God showed me that he wondered how that boy could have such joy and yet be in such poverty, and this was a spark to seek a future ministry in the church. The attorney was amazed, and said "you really do have a gift, because that is exactly what happened." He said they went to some orphanages in Africa and there was a boy with one leg that he kept seeing, and was amazed by
him. The attorney had taken some soccer balls and gave the boy one and it was a turning point in his heart to pursue more with God.

We talked about how to hear from God and that having God's desire for that boy was a big first step, and to ask God why He was showing that to him. I had now walked out of my way to get to my hotel, and prayed along the way for my friend to begin hearing from the Lord. Then, I saw the homeless man sitting on the suitcase where he had been the last five hours. I pulled
out money for his dinner and asked him for his story, and he spoke either an Arabic language or gibberish. I handed the money to him and blessed him in Jesus' name. Then he leaned off to the ground and began to kiss my shoe and mutter something. I felt so unworthy that he would kiss my foot, but he would not stop. I suppose it was all that he had to give me. I wept for this man's hardship and his show of affection. I felt so unworthy that I cannot describe it. With tears in my eyes I returned to my hotel and just thanked God that He works through me and lets me feel his love for others and He occasisionally lets me be a spark in peoples' lives. Praise God.



Prophetic Words We have Received During Quiet Time

June 19, 2013

Heavenly blessings are like the rains which make the crops grow in season. Sometimes a brief drought brings greater joy when the rains come as God promised all along. There are cycles to the weather and to things in the Heavenly realms.  God has not forgotten you when the season is still or times have changed. You are not made for kingdom adventures daily, but a few are called with a greater spirit who are willing to seek My face in all seasons.

Enjoy the cycles which allow harvest and rest, or you will grow weary and even grow tired of Kingdom adventures. Focus on the Lord and not the miracles and adventures-only through His grace and love do these other things become possible. My Son is pleased that you seek Him, and not merely pleased that you helped someone in His name.

You must keep your heart and mind empty of the world, and this comes by giving forgiveness to others, and  meditating on My word and the invisible things of Heaven which have greater value than earthly riches (joy, peace, love, grace, goodness).  Repent your sins that you are forgiven and the weight of guilt and shame is removed, for the devil sees guilt and shame to access your heart and mind and to launch allegations and torments against you.

Do not cloud your imagination with sinful thoughts of pride, hate or revenge, or it will not be a Holy place for My Spirit to meet with you to bring Words from Heaven. Make your mind a holy place, and I will meet you there and your thoughts will be sanctified and bring love and peace and joy to your heart. The mind is the doorway to your heart, and the gate to Heaven or hell in your life.  Dedicate your mind to focusing on my Word, and use your eyes and ears to bring the light into your soul and you will experience my Kingdom and have the mind of Christ. When you renew your mind this way you come to know My perfect will in all situations.

Don’t let busy-ness of your day push away your time with Me. Renew your spirit by singing praise, making your own songs to the Lord. Sing and pray in tongues that your spirit is not limited by your mind and soul.


My grace is sufficient to cover over sinfulness, so that you are made righteous in My sight. It is My love extended to you. It is not a license to continue sinning or to avoid repenting and turning your heart to Me.

I love you as my children, but you will be judged on your heart and your kingdom works. Claiming grace as an excuse to do nothing and to refuse stepping into your complete spiritual inheritance is an abuse of my grace.  My grace is given to empower you to become a member of the church body, walking as my Son walked on the earth.

Real grace changes you unto sanctification by the Holy Spirit, and causes you to desire to become like Jesus Christ. Your free will has separated you from Me when you use My grace as an excuse to continue sinning and being disobedient to My commands.  I will love My children who disobey me and who will not turn to Me, but they will be judged and the mercy they have rested in will leave them at judgment time for they have not extended my mercy and grace to others and shall be measured by their own man-made grace.

My grace is not license to rest in your sinful ways and escape judgment. Continue to pray for the sick and My Spirit will be with you. No prayers are wasted, though you do not always see healing immediately. Is it not My province to heal a heart before I heal a leg? Can I not draw a family to enlightenment and call them to Me before I move on the malady that has brought them together in unity?

I do not desire My children to be sick and infirm. Sin and decay in this world cause sickness, and you must teach My children they can stand against it.  My Son died to defeat sin, which is the source of sickness and death. Know Him as your savior and your healer. Trust on My Word to heal you. This must come from your heart and not your mind, for mere knowledge does not align your spirit with the vibrations of heaven.  When your spirit and soul are aligned with the Kingdom then your heart and mind will accept and expect spiritual blessings of healing to be poured out.  My word promises healing, and I love to heal my children. Find comfort in Me, and praise Me in all seasons, that you may have Kingdom peace and joy and your healing will be made available to you.

May 2013

Tonight you witnessed miracles, a tapestry of lives changed by My hand with cloth made of love, and threads created by your prayers woven by the Holy Spirit. Lives were changed by My grace and brought to me by prayers of friends and loved ones showing unity of Spirit. 

Your prayers rise like a sweet offering, an aroma of selflessness desiring breakthrough and blessings for others than yourself. When you humble yourselves before me and offer prayers in faith that I can do all things for my children then I will answer your prayers.

Speak your requests in the name of Jesus Christ and for those who are raised through Him, for He loves to intercede for His brothers and sisters on the earth who seek His face in love.

May 2013

What is greatest in man’s eyes- that he can choose eternal life with his Creator or that he owns the right to reject Me?  Is the focus merely on the free will-the power to make a choice not interfered upon by God? Is man more pleased to have the opportunity to choose Heaven than Heaven itself?

Man sometimes focuses on the wrong things, as he cannot see beyond his own self-interest and what he possesses unless he has humbled himself to Christ and then loves others.  It is the Father that enables man to love, by the Holy Spirit, and a man cannot love his brothers unless he has humbled himself and accepts the heart of a servant in Jesus Christ. Do not focus on a miracle, but on the One whose character of love and grace provided the miracle to help His beloved Children. Do not focus on the fact that demons obey those walking in Christ, but focus on the One who gave you power and authority by Holy Spirit so pain and fear and evil could be held at bay so you may enjoy life more fully in Christ.

A man who tries to control his days is using his limited mind to interfere and control the areas where faith would operate.  The heavenly realm is full of love, grace, joy, and righteousness, and if you trust in the Lord He will lead your steps to walk in the glory God intended for you to have. But if you try to control your circumstances and your future by your own hands, and without direction of the Spirit, you will fall to sin for you will lack the armor of God and the wisdom of God to avoid evil. You will succumb to sinful urges and persecutions, and you will fall short of the Glory of the Heavenly realm which Jesus opened on the earth for you now. You cannot overcome evil by your own hands or obtain the promises of the Heavenly realm with your limited mind, for the invisible things of God are so magnificent that you cannot imagine them to even hope for them. You will fall short of them because human efforts cannot attach heavenly promises.

Return to Me, says the Lord, and humbly accept my grace in salvation by My son’s name, Jesus Christ. You will be filled with My Holy Spirit to guide you into incomparable joy and riches for those who choose to walk with Me. The choice is using your free will , a gift from the Father. Use it to return to your home in Heaven and to your Father, and to have the character and Spiritual blessings of Christ Jesus. Trust in Me to lead you into love, power and destiny.

Use your choice to live small in earthly and fleshly pleasures, as they bring torment and fear of losing these things. The devil has a greater access for those who use their will to serve themselves, and their love and peace will wither since they are of their own spirit and of the flesh.

Free will is not greater than God’s grace or love, but free will is the man-sized door that will either lead him to a full life in seeking the promised inheritance or to a hindrance into misery and death at the hands of the fear of man and the attacks of the evil kingdom.

Do not worship free choice, but worship the Lord and step into a greater destiny. Come home with the true Father and learn how much deeper and higher is love and peace and joy and righteousness, both in Heaven for all eternity and on the earth for those who choose to become my sons and daughters in Christ.


You may preach more; sing my Word; teach My Word to the highest mountain top. My people will hear My voice in you. Preach the love of Jesus and who they are in Christ. Lay hands on the sick and I will be with you.


 Angels are ministering spirits from the Kingdom to assist man in the battle against dark forces . They are assigned at My will and not by the will of man. Men who are trying to command angels for their own purposes are working with themselves and not with My will, and are to be warned and stopped.

My will for your life is to love the Lord your God and love people as yourself. Take up the heart of a servant and do not quickly draw up boundaries of what you will and will not do for the poor and the sick. Do not ask “haven’t I helped enough overall?” but ask “how can I help this person?”  Great joy is available when you are part of a change in individual lives, and it can be done at low financial cost  because the change comes from the Holy Spirit in love and in the respect which is given with the financial gift or with the extra kindness you give on My behalf.



4-19-13  this is what I felt the Lord say to me in quiet time:

Suffering is not My will for your life. You must actively throw down negative thoughts or sinful desires or they will grow in you like weeds until they manifest as poisonous words or sinful conduct that tarnishes the reputation of My Son, whose life and character you have adopted and represent to the world.  Why would an unsaved man want a savior full of worry and back-biting, criticism, envy and self-interest?-but that is how many of you represent Jesus to the world. You want to represent my Son who had none of these sinful aspects. He was humble and full of love for all peoples, he spoke encouragement even to those who supported sin and worldly lusts, so they could hear and see the truth and repent to obtain a better life and eternity with Me.

My church looks like the world, with divorce, adultery and sinfulness. My people sit quietly while their laws are changed to encourage and protect all kinds of evils, and then they wonder why the darkness grows around their lives. “Where has God gone?” they ask, as sickness arises from sin and forgotten people take up arms to harm innocents. Return to love and you will change hearts to Me, and My light will replace darkness. But you must stand up and be obedient to My word in both life and action to change these times. My Spirit is in you, and will accomplish much if you will pray for My will to be done in your life and through you.

The Watchman can see the enemy coming. Are you listening? Will you stand at the gate and fight for your children and your God? If you do nothing your children will only inherit a earthly kingdom of darkness and sin-fight for them to receive the Heavenly Kingdom! You must stand on My word and walk out My commands, and change the destiny for your world to Me. One man changed the world, My Son, how much more if His sisters and brothers would stand with Holy Spirit and walk and love as Jesus Christ loved.  I will be with you always.


4-8-13  I had an image in my mind of a train with a large engine on front, and asked the Lord why I was seeing this in my mind. This is what I felt from the Lord:

A locomotive is very large and powerful, and can pull unimaginable weight. But it is made up of many parts, like the church body, and when a few of the small parts stop working the entire train must stop and cannot perform its function. The tons of metal and fuel become as if paper-weights, for they have lost the productive purpose for which they were designed.

This is like My church, a massive structure of believers designed to shine My light and My love into a dark world, each believer blessed with a gift, anointing and mission to move My Word across the earth. But when believers do nothing or they turn away from Me, the church suffers like the locomotive, and is no longer a powerful force to transform the world. The world watches with the evil one for holes in the church body to tempt believers to leave their God. Your God is the source of all good in the world and in their lives-why do you leave Me? And the devil has been successful in tempting high profile believers into sexual sin and idolatry, so the church is tainted in the eyes of the world and the eyes of My own children.

You must encourage My sons and daughters to follow Me, continue to live like Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit and to function as one body bringing My love and grace and power to earth. If My will is done on earth as it is in heaven, then your world will become dramatically changed and relationship with Jesus Christ will be restored. Then the world and the earth will no longer decay from the heart of sinful men, but will be restored. 

The church body has the power of the Holy Spirit to accomplish My will and subdue the enemy, but only small areas of the church are working together in unity of mind and Spirit to seek and accomplish My will. Satan’s army is unified in darkness and hate, and presents a strong enemy to man.  Come to Me and stand firm with your brothers and sisters in Christ. Arise and join the armies of heaven to take your inheritance by force. If you do not use your spiritual gifts and become obedient to My Word, the church cannot function-the church is weakened when My people stand and watch sin grow in their lives and in the world around them.

Each believer is part of the body in a unique way. If they sit and do nothing, they hurt other believers whose gifts would only succeed when each part is designed to work together. When one speaks tongues with mysteries revealed by Holy Spirit, how useless for the world if those who have the gift to interpret the message have turned away or have chosen to sit on the sidelines and be earthly instead.

Arise My children, and seek My face. Come to Me in obedience to My commands, and you will receive spiritual power in Jesus Christ. You will become a valuable body part in My church to restore it like the broken locomotive, so the church is capable of accomplishing amazing things for My Kingdom.

4-7-13 Today I testified at church about an amazing walk with the Lord this last week, seeing some incredible healings and receiving some accurate prophetic words for people. I received this Word that night in quiet time:

You have heard Me well today. I am speaking but the world listens to its own. Seek Me and press in to My presence!  Those who draw near to Me will not be disappointed, for they will find Me. I am not hiding, but I will not be a part-time God. Seek Me with all your heart and lay down your life before Me in humility and I will know you. I will bless you and work with you to change lives. I am a stream of Living Waters, and you do not get the ability to turn off the flow and continue to walk in My presence. Fill yourself with Me and receive the mind of Christ to walk with Me. I do not want your money but your heart. When you walk in obedience to My Word nothing is impossible for you, and you will be blessed beyond the mere riches that you count and worry about on earth. Trust Me and find that relationship is greater than the riches on earth.


April 1 Prophetic Word in my quiet time:

Those I have chosen I have known, for they sought My face. They desired to know Me and to be obedient to My word and My will for their lives.  My call on your life is not easy but it is right and true, and pure joy will result when you follow Me and not the world.  The joy from worldly things is temporary and often leaves behind guilt or shame, which darkens the soul and may create opportunities to desire more sinful things to “feel” good or confident again.

Sin is a poison that tastes sweet, and you need to know it slowly kills your soul though it seems good for a short time. Keep your eyes on Me; read My word and ask for truth. Expect to hear from Me and I will speak to you. Live from a heart of love and mercy. Praying always to walk in the gospel of peace. Love others, especially those who are not easy to love, and also pray for your heart to let go of those things which interfere with forgiveness and love so you may receive from Me fullness of joy.

A night shade darkens a room to remove light, but without light there is fear and confusion,  and there is boldness to commit sin in secret. Pulling the shade is intentional to live in darkness. Do not pull a shade over your eyes to any aspect of My word or you will invite darkness into your mind, and it will grow slowly and without perception, until your mind and heart no longer think with the mind of Christ but a mixture of flesh and Spirit which is an abomination to Me.

Obey My Word! It does not change. Your culture wants to change My Word and you must resist this slippery slope into darkness of the soul. Be the light, fill yourself with my light and you will shine like a light on a hill and no one can cover you. A light will attract the lost and needy to Me in a dark world. Be my Light on earth.

3-27-13  Someone commented to me that “it is hard to walk with God,” and I wanted to pray about that to the Lord:

Lord, you make things pretty clear and simple. Love Jesus and others, live righteously, walk in truth, do unto others...  but it seems hard to do in this world.  We humans create this frustration ourselves when we choose not to do these things You told us to do in their entirety (or not at all).  We try to keep one foot on the “boat of righteousness” and one foot on the “dock of worldly living” and we get frustrated that they are moving in the opposite directions.  We create the problems because we don’t fully commit to getting in the boat with you and then walking through the world on your terms. We try to manage our lives to keep a certain amount of sin we enjoy, but keeping at least a little righteousness so we feel good about ourselves so we can fit our idea of what a “Christian” really is. But you won’t be a part-time Lord. You don’t want lukewarm people who see the light is good but who dial it back to enjoy a little darkness too (sin and self-absorbed activity).

Why do we struggle so much to find our complete joy in you Lord? Why do we have to “train and learn” heavenly peace and joy, and we struggle to get it, when we can naturally and easily learn sinfulness and how to satisfy worldly lusts?  Help us Lord to experience a joy with you that is so overwhelming we desire it constantly and we won’t risk losing it by being sinful any more. Why must your joy so often come amidst struggle and uncertainty in us?  Help us to find certainty in surrender, and confidence in submission, and safety when we give up control to You.

We need a tangible touch from you Lord! We need to know your rest and to have spiritual senses that can see and smell Your heavenly realm like we enjoy seeing and smelling the flowers of your creation on earth. Help us to learn to trust our spiritual walk greater than our earthly walk.  Help us to love the invisible heavenly realm and to understand the fabric of this universe-made of love and grace and relationship with the Creator. Draw us near Lord that we want nothing else but You!

3-26-13  Wrapping up Ephesians and Crying out for Consistency and Clarity:

Tonight we finished up our study group on Ephesians. I was going to teach the “armor of God” in Eph. 6 by showing different kinds of evil attacks and how to defend against them; however, I kept feeling the Lord was saying to do it differently.  I felt He said Ephesians is about building new spiritual relationships, and learning to walk in the spiritual inheritance we get when we come to Christ. He said don’t focus on weapons and tactics for a few battles, but focus on being so full of the Holy Spirit in the pursuit of walking like Jesus that evil backs away from you (recall the demon in Saul would back away when David sang and played for God). There are many kinds of evil attacks, and rather than trying to anticipate certain battles and your reactions for that future time, He said to humble yourself before Him and learn to walk with the Holy Spirit, and you will be equipped and instructed how to resist every attack of the enemy as they arise.  God loves us and wants to equip us in all situations to bring His will to earth as it is in Heaven.

April 2013 Word from the Lord to give Money to someone at Church

While we were at church, Dawnette heard the Lord say give the "X "family $100. She felt it was definitely the Lord, although not in an audible voice. This family does a lot of work in foster care, and is a great Christian family, but when Dawnette told them about the Word from the Lord they asked why would they need the $100.00 as there was no urgent need they could think of. They took the money anyway, knowing that one of their daughters was wanting to go on a mission trip and maybe this was for her.  After church, the family went to the store, and their truck battery died and left them stranded. It cost them $99.87 to replace the battery, and they had the $100.00 God had sent them through Dawnette to pay for it. Praise the Lord when He steps in to help like that, as He is building trust in His people to hear Him and step out and do His work-sometimes before we can even see the need He is fulfilling.

April-Word of knowledge at Saturday Prayer

April-Word of knowledge at Saturday Prayer





One of our leaders came to Saturday prayer. I had a word for him from the Lord, “stop trying to fix everything, you are creating frustration in your ministry which is not because of Me but because you are trying so many new ministries and you want to know now which one I want you to pursue.  Continue to pursue those ministries that inspire your heart, because I put desire in your heart and you will find Me and more power when your heart is fully engaged in what you are doing.”  The man had been praying in his car on the way to our meeting “Lord why do I feel so frustrated in my walk with you? I am trying new ministries and doing a lot of things but I don’t know what you want me to focus on…”


March 30 Man leaves ICU

A paraplegic man was in the ICU several days screaming in pain, arching his back with pain and losing his consciousness apparently due to infections in his intestines and colon. I went with a hospital Chaplin to pray for him. We prayed for 45 minutes, read Psalms of healing and spoke to him about any prophetic words we received. You could see the pain was subsiding and the writhing in bed was slowing as we continued in prayer. We found out the next day that after we left, the hospital staff  commented to his sister that there had been a remarkable change to his pain and overall demeanor after prayer, so much so that they moved him out of ICU into another room. We learned that a colonoscopy could not find anything wrong and they discharged him the next day.

Healings at Food and Prayer Outreach

Dawnette and I prayed for the sick and saw several amazing results. One man came in a wheel chair, moving around slowly by moving the chair with his feet. He told us he had so much pain (nearly in tears) that he cannot walk. He had osteoarthritis in his spine, lack of cartilage in a knee and other problems in his neck and back. As we prayed for him, a feeling of heat entered his neck and began moving down his back wiping out pain. I then prayed for his knee and he said his arms and legs were tingling and almost all the pain in his body was gone. He said that he was not paraplegic, but could not stand due to pain for many years. So I told him to stand and walk to show God he had faith that these manifestations were from God and the pain relief was the first sign of getting well. He then stood up and took several steps and praised God there was no pain.  Several other people we prayed for that night also had significant pain leave their body and also felt intense heat as we prayed for them.



At community food and prayer a woman came in who wanted prayer for a cyst on her ovary. As we prayed, the Lord showed me a prophetic “video” of a man verbally abusing her. After prayer for the cyst, I told her I felt led to pray for her relationships, and asked if she was in an abusive relationship. She began to weep hard, and shook her head “yes”, and said she was dating a man who treated her very badly. We prayed for her to understand her identity in Christ and what that love should look like from others. I thanked the Lord for giving us insight into an area of her life in which she needed support and prayer.


I felt the Lord gave me this word after quiet time. I simply began writing:

The treasure laid in heaven is from daily obedience to my Word and living the character of My Son. Momentary acts for the Kingdom may bring crowns, and no act for My sake goes without reward, but to be trusted in the Kingdom with much requires trust in the way you walk daily on earth. Reflect the character of Jesus and pray to have His heart and walk among the people as Light.

I cherish the times when you face adversity and call on Me for help. We solve problems together, and our relationship is strengthened and your faith is strengthened for then you know Me and I know your heart. So rejoice in persecutions and trials when you learn quickly that you need Me and you call Me; then much joy and Kingdom blessing will be released to you. Trials are like the fire that burns off the dross on gold, and they prepare you for greater Kingdom glory when you have learned to lean on Me and let Me lead you through the fire.

My desire is that you get purified and not burned or harmed, because I made you and I love you says the Lord.

3-16-13 I did not hear anything specific from the Lord today so I wrote out praise to Him:

Lord I praise you and thank you for showing me you are active in this world and moving in my life. I have seen people miraculously and suddenly healed of disease and disfigurement after praying for them. You have shown me your sense of humor several times, like waking me repeatedly at 4:40 a.m. to respond to my question about pursuing a healing ministry (Luke 4:40). You gave me my first healing miracle with a tricky piece of medical malpractice involved when I am a malpractice lawyer (the boy’s arm needed surgery due to wide gaps in three bones and two days after prayer they took x-rays and said it was not healed, but 3 days later looking at the x-rays again and said it had been healed with a lot of unusual bone growth).

You brought to me people with spiritual gifts I did not understand, so I listened with one eye open to their marvelous tales of divine intervention. Then, after I began experiencing these same prophetic manifestations and encounters, I now testify to people who listen with one eye open and treat me with skepticism too.

Lord You give me words of knowledge about people’s lives that I could not know otherwise, and then they open up their hearts to hear Your word and readily feel Your presence. I prayed for more compassion and love in my heart and soon was crying and feeling empathy so much for people I sometimes wanted to say “okay Lord enough already; I hurt too much so turn down the empathy!”  (especially when my son’s tonsillectomy caused so much pain). But  I know I cannot represent my Lord without a heart full of love and that Jesus prayed for the sick from a heart of compassion. I was never a “hugger” in the past, but now I hug everyone and have a passion to minister to the poor and the migrant workers.

Lord, I tangibly feel your presence like electricity or thousands of ants running on me/in me. At times of worship or prayer I sometimes weep for the pain of your sacrifice for me, and feel convicted of my sin in Your presence.

You have put me in many unusual situations which I do not foresee, so that I must listen for help and for Your answer. I laugh because I know You keep things hidden from me because my nature would be to use a logical mind to create three back-up plans and avoid the risk,  and I would analyze things on an earthly basis rather than resolving the spiritual root and imparting Your love to the person. You have changed my heart from seeing people as tools for getting jobs done to seeing people as being most important, and seeking to see them as Jesus saw them with eyes of love and compassion.

I have been changed and the “old man” has been defeated along with sinful desires, lusts and covetousness. I can never doubt You are real and You are actively working in this world. I am ready to work with You Lord and I submit to You completely.

I heard You say “finish your website to share testimony of Who I am and what I am doing for those who seek Me. The times are advancing and deceitful teaching is increasing in the church to fool even the elect.  You said “if men would walk like Jesus they would not fall into deceit and over extend My Word for their pleasure. “

“Deceitful teachings encourage men to think more highly of themselves and their position; they decrease the desire to do the good works I have established for them or to encourages them to take credit for the results rather than praising Me for grace.

Men want to hear what tickles their ears and emotions, rather than what improves their lives and relationships and brings them into a wonderful spiritual destiny with their Father in Heaven.

The earth is showing decay and man only temporarily fears the calamities arising from this time. Man is decaying in sin, lustfulness, idolatry of money and power, but does not see the decay in his own eyes. How can this be so that the decay and signs of this time go unnoticed in their increasing ferocity? Was it not so also in Noah’s generation when I could not find men who would call on Me but all had become depraved in their own lusts for war and immorality?

This generation has found new deceit in science to explain all things so no God is needed, yet war and immorality are also increasing. Men do not want a God but to be their own gods. If I do not hold back the armies of Satan then men will fall suddenly and fully because without my Spirit they are not greater than the spirits in the world. If they will not submit to me they cannot resist the devil, but will fall for his tricks and schemes.

I Am the Lord and I Am good. I sent my Son to destroy the works of Satan, but man is encouraging his bad works to continue. My church must rise up with the Holy Spirit to push sin away from their families, schools, churches, neighborhoods, cities and states. Wherever a vacuum exists, without My presence, the area will fall to sin because the natural state of the earth is decay.

I Am life and restoration, and he who comes to Me will not decay with the world but will rise above in Spirit. Your spiritual life is most important, and lasts forever-but you must strengthen it and tend to it as you would a fine garden. I supply the water and fertilizer, but you supply the soil of your heart which you have tilled and made ready in love and patience. Honor Me says the Lord, for I hold your destiny in My hands and have all the blessings and power available for those who seek Me.

I Am raising up a new generation who will walk in the light, to shine amid the decay and sinfulness of this generation. You must choose a side to live for, and your choice controls your eternal destiny. Choose darkness and self-direction or choose love and eternal peace with your Father. Choose now and walk in your destiny. Choose wisely lest you lead others into decay and darkness.”

3-15-13 This came to me after my quiet time:

I will come. I will fulfill my promises. I will restore my earth. I will remove sin that holds men captive that they may worship Me and plant my Word as seed to restore the earth. All nations will come to know Jesus Christ, and will live in great harmony as has not been known since My Garden.

You were made for relationship with Me and for citizenship in Heaven, yet you are living far below that out of ignorance of my Words and comfort of living your own life even in darkness and sickness.

Risk putting away your old ways, and grab My word and leave behind sin and guilt and evil thoughts and actions. You must choose to leave these things behind to come into My presence to live your destiny with Me.

Examine your heart and the fruit you produce to determine which Kingdom you are walking toward. Time is swift and you must move toward the love and righteousness of the Lord to reach your home in Heaven. Repent and turn to Me, and you will leave the darkness that surrounds you. I am the Light and I Am good.


3-14-13  I heard this from the Lord after quiet time

Sickness is from the decay that came into the world when Adam gave his Kingdom to Satan. Even the earth is decaying and awaits My church to arise and turn back Satan and his activities on the earth. He lives but to lie, kill and destroy, and to separate man from loving his God and seeking his promised home in heaven with Me.

My Son died to destroy the works of Satan. But the destruction of Satan awaits another day, until the generations of men have seen the destruction from sin and that all sinners will be punished for sin, including the father of lies. When man is as sick of sin as he was the quail in the desert which he had cried out for from his stomach, then man will cry out for love and justice and Jesus Christ. Then the filthy darkness of sin will be suddenly transformed when all men cry out to Me from their spirit.

I eagerly await My time, says the Lord, when man tires of the filth and despair of sin and calls upon me for freedom and justice and holiness upon the earth. When they seek Me, and not their stomachs, then I will come. I will fulfill my promises; I will restore My earth. I will remove sin that holds men captive that they may worship Me and plant My word as seed to restore the earth. All nations will come to know Jesus Christ, and will live in great harmony as has not been known since My Garden.

3-12-13 These were the Words I felt from the Lord today:

Teach my Word. Sing My praises says the Lord! I Am with you. I Am the song in your heart and the word on your tongue that brings fruit and blessing into your realm.

Testify of Me to the trees! Let your heart be ever before Me. I will recharge and refill says the Lord. Try Me, test Me, I am fulfilling what I have promised.

Men who do not seek me are hidden in the dark and are afraid of light. They believe they will lose something to come in the light-but the light is freedom, joy, love, peace and power. They are deceived who want to hold onto darkness. Testify that the veil that covers their eyes may be lifted and they will come to my voice in the light.

Meditate on My Word so my Spirit builds within you. The do’s and don’ts of My Word do not root in the brain but in the heart, so that My desires become your desires and you no longer want things of the flesh and darkness that seem pleasant but are traps into increasing lies, covetousness and idolatry.

3-18-13 After the ministering in Mexico

I slept well after a day of preaching yesterday in Mexico, which is unusual as I typically toss and turn after ministering. I felt a bigger touch of the Holy Spirit yesterday than ever before while praying for the sick, and did not tire all day.

I did wake up at 4:40, which is a joke with Holy Spirit in answer to my constant questions to Him as to whether I should continue in healing ministry (Luke 4:40 is the answer).  However, there is always a huge let down after ministry when you have had Holy Spirit supercharge you and you see lives changed, and then the next day you are just you again back into the daily routine. You miss God in an instant. I wrote the following about my own thoughts on pursuing ministry:

I awoke at about 4:40 (Luke) and feel God wants me to keep preaching and praying for the sick. But I am not sure if I am equipped yet with the love and heart to fully pastor a church. The atmosphere at his church was like Gathering Place, with much joy and celebration of the Lord. I was told many churches in Mexico are formal and legalistic, and do not worship with great passion nor try to walk as Jesus walked.

I can see that being a part-time pastor would be very difficult, as you work elsewhere full time with all those work stresses, but your entire Sunday and much other time is spent helping others, running the business of the church, preparing sermons, etc. while things at home like chores, taxes and raising kids must still be attended.

This gives me pause to ask if I have that interaction and connection with God enough to preach more often. I get to see God’s work and am blessed beyond words to be part of it. However, I still feel lost most of the time about what He wants me to do next, and I don’t fell “presence” so often as to feel a secure two-way relationship. I know He is with me, but I still don’t feel as secure as a human relationship where there is face time and hugging and you hear words in a conversation. This might be a good topic to discuss with my pastors, to see if they feel differently in human vs. spiritual relationship and how to become more secure and comforted in a spiritual relationship. I want to be a partner with God in ministry, but question whether I am there yet to feel His overriding presence so He can fully lead me.

[Report on Ministry Results in Mexico]

Praise Report!  I preached two sermons Sunday at Centro Familiar Carismatico in Tijuana, and my friend Francisco Oliveros delivered a prophetic word he received before our trip.  The Holy Spirit showed up in force as we prayed for many people after each sermon. We had 3 people come to Christ Sunday. One angry young man was living on the streets and had seen several kids die, but he came to the church and said he felt peace and wanted “what it is that you people have here.” Probably 40-50% of the 60 people who came for prayer wept under the conviction of the Spirit to want to change/improve their lives for Christ and for their families.

Several people wanted help from Jesus to turn away from addictions and anger problems, and we have had success in praying for people to lose their craving for alcohol and cigarettes.  Multiple people said all of their pain went away from their bodies as we prayed for them, and they tested it out by doing knee and back bends. Several people also collapsed on the floor under the power of the Holy Spirit, crying and expressing joy of being touched by God. We received several prophetic words for people in the prayer line too, things about their lives which let them know God was there speaking into them. It was a lot of fun to work with the Lord Sunday!  Thank you Pastor Mario for having us in-what a wonderful work your church is doing in that community!

Other interesting things not published in the above Facebook post:

•          I had an in-depth prophetic word or two prior to going to Mexico which helped me decide on what to preach about. I wrote these prophetic words out after my quiet time and posted them in this blog.

•          I had been praying for me to be able to rely more on Holy Spirit for power to heal, as sometimes I get exhausted after I pray for the sick. I had heard if we try too hard to “push” a healing with our words or push out an anointing to heal we may actually be weakening our own “spiritual battery.” I wanted to use shorter prayers on this trip, so I would not feel that my praying was what was creating healing, and I wanted the Holy Spirit to refresh me while I prayed. There was a dramatic change which developed during this trip. I was not tired during the second prayer line, and incredibly the waves of the Holy Spirit were rolling over me the entire time. I would be leaning down to hear someone explain what they needed prayer for, and the Holy Spirit would roll over me and cause me to stand up and sometimes to “bob” (front to back) like I was in water.  For a few people, it felt like the Holy Spirit lifted a large and long coat off my back and over my head and threw it on the person we were praying for. They felt it too, and even the “catchers” behind them said they felt something.  I was not tired at all after two services and two prayer lines. I also usually have trouble sleeping the night after a lot of prayer, but not this time.

•          We had a couple of accurate prophetic words for people, which was funny since I did not speak their language!

•          The first sermon I preached was pretty much about healing today based on scripture and faith to walk like Jesus did. The second was more about the power of testimony (PS 106), and having faith to walk out the commissions Jesus gave us in Mark, Matthew and John ( I told a few healing stories to show the walk in faith really works). The need for an interpreter adds more time than I figured. My first sermon in Mexico was 50 minutes total and I recorded it.

•          Next time I want to take food or drink to hand out to the many beggars that confronted us in line returning to the U.S.  Francisco had some juice boxes with a granola bar and scriptures rubber-banded on it and we will need to take a lot more if we want to do this again.


3-8-13. Tomorrow I go to Tijuana to preach so I asked the Lord again what should I preach. This is what I felt the Lord say to me:

Teach that healing is in the Atonement, and tell of My character and My works. Hearts must be open to receive the Word of God like a seed, and you must teach them as if farmers how to provide the right environment for heavenly seed to grow. They control the soil of their heart and whether weeds will be allowed to grow up to choke the seeds of hope and healing and the promises of the Kingdom.

If they will point in the right direction to seek holiness, My Holy Spirit will give them great power to overcome as Jesus overcame. They who seek holiness and obedience seek My will, and My Holy Spirit will fight in the Spiritual Kingdom to make roads to walk their new path to find Me.

A humble heart that seeks the Lord Jesus and seeks to be like My Son will host the presence of the Holy Spirit like a dove that will not want to leave them. You must decide to be more like Christ or stay like the devil-there is no middle ground. He who seeks Jesus to avoid hell and  stays in his old ways has not found salvation. Jesus must be Lord of your life for you to reap the rewards of Heaven. I want you to have the rewards now so you testify of Me and prepare to bring My will to earth as it is in Heaven.

I the Lord do not hide from you, but you must train spiritual senses to hear me and to be meek that you might see my Kingdom. The Sabbath was a fast from the distractions of earthly life, so people could strengthen their spirit and come to Me to know My presence and to confess their hearts so I may know them.

You must set aside your control and let the Holy Spirit lead you to My thoughts and desires for you. The generation you live in is full of distractions and busy-ness and people have lost their ability and then their willingness to hear My voice.

You must slow down and wait for My voice and then obey My commands and your life will prosper and your faith will grow stronger so that nothing shall be impossible for you as I will be with you.



After Bible Study I tried to watch TV for a while, but kept feeling the presence of Holy Spirit (like electricity making me shudder inside) so I went into my room to pray. I cannot discern why, but I am praying that I can minister with Him. I submit to His will and in obedience to His word.

Next morning: I slept through the night, which is unusual. This morning I prayed that I could represent love, and I prayed to look like love as it is described in 1 Cor. 13 and prayed each verse about love to be in me. Then I felt the following from the Lord and wrote it down:

You will not have all the answers in ministry, for all is not disclosed to men. When you do not know, then it is not likely important to your relationship with Jesus Christ or to your salvation. You cannot go wrong by sticking with the Word and hanging on to the character and promises of God as was walked on earth by Jesus.

Give all praise and glory to Jesus Christ for what has been given you, as much is expected from you for what you have sought from Me. Do not go astray on the paths that lead to unanswerable questions or areas to which others have not been called. But keep them on the narrow path with Holy Spirit in walking out sanctification, and becoming vessels in which I may live as My temple and pour Myself into the world. Love Me above all else.


March 1, 2013 before Going to Tijuana

I told the Lord I wanted to preach about healing, but had not seen an amazing healing for several months (although He has been giving me prophetic words to assist people with emotional healing). I asked Him why I don’t see Him moving through me more often. I also asked for His will in what I should preach about. After my morning quiet time, the following thoughts came to me from the Lord:

Remind them of My Testimony to show them how generations who forget become lost. They need to keep My testimony to build faith that I will do it again for each generation that will turn to Me. Ignite their hearts for My character and  My works for My people. I will provide the fire to burn away their pride, their idols, and all that defiles them. Show them My presence that they may know Me-tell them to open their hearts to Me that I may know them.

My power to heal is plentiful, but is being planted in infertile ground because hearts are hardened against Me and they are growing weeds for the world. 

You could not handle My power every day, and you do not see every work I do through the doors you have opened. You must continue in faith to help others, and trust that I am moving in the spiritual realm to accomplish even more than you could ever imagine. No man sees every fruit from the seeds I plant with him, but I the Lord see them all and I will give account. No prayer given in love and in the character of My Son will fall to the ground-My Word does not return to Me void.

March 2013, I asked the Lord “how do I invite Holy Spirit to minister with me?”

Holy Spirit is in you and around you. To capture His attention invite Him in to hold sway over the meeting. Give Him control because He has the power and vision for accomplishing the Father’s will. Talk to HS and sing to Him in tongues. Ask Him for wisdom and revelation. Ask Him for spiritual gifts to charge your teachings.

Lord, Should I keep teaching Bible study and how long do I continue to pray for the kids who are sick and don’t seem to be getting better?

Continue to walk in faith as My Son walked on the earth, and I will empower you as your character will receive it. Bless others. Love them. Encourage and empower. Keep teaching despite the physical burden until no one is left to hear. Do not bend my Word to your culture, but bring culture back to My Word, and your world will enjoy greater peace and love.

Continue to pray for the children and I will do mighty work in them.

March 2013 I asked the Lord “How can I connect better with people?”

I asked the Lord how to make more friends:

To engage people laugh with them, welcome them, give them your full attention for all the time they need. Encourage them, bless them, offer them more than they ask for. Love them and be supportive or concerned as they bring their thoughts to share with you.  Do not simply try to offer a solution to problems or your summary of what they should think or do, as their situation is more complex than you can understand in a brief time. Support them to work it out their way.

Another time He said:

To become a friend you must connect with people at an emotional level in their joy or fee time and not just through education or performance. It takes extra time to sit with them, and you are still guarding your time and not giving it freely to others. Be in the moment with people and see connecting as being more important than the next thing you could be doing. People want to be loved, respected and to know they matter to you, and this comes from a heart of love and compassion interacting with them.

I have given you ------, but you draw away from him also. He has invited you several times and you do not go. He has changed his heart and you should try him again. This is a time to hear my voice and become friends with my Holy Spirit. A ministry is a lonely road even when busy, and I will never leave you. You must learn to cherish My presence and receive your reward and encouragement from Me. We walk together in ministry and you do not lead.

March 2013 What do you want to say to me today Lord?

The Word of God is supernatural seed that bears supernatural fruit for those whose hearts are prepared. Help them to plow the dirt in their hearts that My promises have room to grow and teach them faith that they create the environment (greenhouse) to grow deep roots and bear my fruit. Many people can eat the fruit of My well-planted trees, and see my magnificence in a life changed to bearing fruit for the Kingdom. There is fruit in your life because you asked Me to change your heart to receive Me.

You are still in training to accomplish greater things for My glory. You cannot take credit for success or failure when you co-labor with Me, but must be obedient to My Words-which brings glory to Jesus and the Father and demonstrates your love for Us.

Continue to teach and preach my Word and I will open doors for you, and you will know My doors. ..Be patient, and continue to walk with My Spirit, and encourage and love others that My light may open the right doors for your future.

Help _______ to know My name, not just my results, but my foundation and his identity. I have plans for him.

February 2013 Seeking Clarification on Healing through Christ

I told the Lord, “I heard a man preaching that Jesus only did what the Father showed Him or spoke to Him, so the preacher only prays for the sick when God speaks to Him to do so. I have always heard that the will of God is to pray for the sick always (Mark 16:15; James 5:12, etc.), and healing is the character of God. If I don’t hear you well it would seem I could miss a lot of opportunities to pray. Which teaching is correct for me? Then I felt the Lord say:

You are to pray for healing all the time, based on IS 53:5 and Mark 16:15 and James 5:13, but pray for miracle healing and manifestations when God shows what He is wanting to do in that situation.

February 2013: Unusual Salvation

I invited two women to come into the prayer room at the food and prayer event, but they declined. About 20 minutes later they came in and one sat in the chair and said she heard my voice about 20 more times inviting her to prayer after I left, until she felt compelled to come in (thank you Holy Spirit). She said she just found out she was pregnant and was afraid because she “knew too much about God, and where He came from, and about battles with angels and demons.  She “knew” the angels had created the planets to live on and there was a war in space where they shoved Jesus to earth to confine Him and some of the aliens heads blew up.” She said she learned this stuff when she was about 8 years old reading some books at the Catholic church. I did not know if she was mentally ill or if she had heard several different religions mixed together into a plot she believed as a child.  I asked her if she knew the story of Moses, and how God used a sheep herder with a stick to bring down the biggest country in the world. She knew the story, and I asked her if she wanted to know the God who had that power and who set up those events to prove He was the one true God. I told her the other “gods” being worshipped by countries around Egypt were really demons who had deceived others to worship them. Then I told her about Jesus being the son of God and how He showed us God’s love and character, and also made miracles available to believers through the Holy Spirit-did she want to know the loving God who enables His people to have power over the false gods?  She said she did and I led her through the sinner’s prayer and she wept and seemed sincere to give her life to Christ. She then said she had a tattoo that God would not like, and we laid hands on it and prayed she would not fear it and that it had no power to do anything against her.  We then talked to the other woman (her future mother in law), and she was a Christian and was going to help this one start reading the bible. We talked about the bible, and she said she might like to start with factual readings like Luke and Acts rather than the deeper book of John.

February 2013 Trying to Journal after my Quiet Time

I decided to ask the Lord “what ministry do you want me to focus on?”  This is what I heard in my heart and wrote down:

I would like you to write songs. Your prophetic flow will increase as My thoughts flow through you, and you will learn to listen closely for My heart.

With you I am well pleased. Your heart is healing by My hand. Your ability to love is increasing, and there is more to come to equip you for ministry. It is not too late to minster My Word.

My voice will come to you in new ways. Continue to disclose My Word without fear. Teach what you know and I will give you more. Your place is not yet in the world; but with Me, as your training is not yet complete.

I have deposited in you many seeds, and you must encourage each to grow. Your mission field is with the poor and not the intellectuals, because they (intellectuals) cannot be brought to God by their own will but must see Me in someone else so they desire My Word. The poor will see you as more, as you are walking in humility, and they will listen to my Word in you.

February 2013, a dramatic prophetic word to bring emotional healing

At praise night, E asked me to pray over his daughter because he believed I receive good prophetic words based on experience at the bible study.  The songs weren’t over yet, so I just asked the Lord to reveal anything to me about her and then I would go pray for her a few minutes later.  Tears began welling up in my eyes, and I got the sensation that Jesus had been shedding tears watching her getting verbally bullied at school to the point she was churning inside and doubting her value or self-worth.  When I later went to pray for her, dad said “can I tell you a few things that are going on first?” I told him I did not want to know anything unless it came out of prayer. She looked so happy that I thought the word I had about bullying could not be correct, but as I began to tell her what the Lord showed me I began to weep and she began to weep and confirmed she was getting bullied hard at school.  I then saw a video in my mind of two girls making fun of her and I said “ it looks like it is two girls doing it”, and she confirmed it was two girls-at this point dad began to cry too because he knew it was two girls and this word had to be from God. I told her that this was grieving Jesus and He was with her.  I told her how much He loves her and that these girls are persecuting Him because they sense Him inside of her. He said  to her “do not let this open a spot of bitterness or unforgiveness because then her heart would harden just like the hears of the other two girls.” She was to say “God bless them” when persecuted and walk away and leave it to God.  Afterwards, dad said he had seen the two girls bully her after he dropped her off at school, and had thought about confronting them, but did not know where the boundaries of dad/adult getting involved should begin and end.  They were greatly encouraged by the prayer.

February 2013 Prophetic word for a stranger

E’s friend came to the bible study for the first time, and seemed to have a low opinion of his salvation status with the Lord.  When it was time to pray for him, the Lord gave me a Word of Knowledge that the man had been in a major accident which damaged his brain a little. I asked him about this, and he was amazed and said he had been in an airplane accident and he suffers bi-polar and PTSD as a result. We prayed for his injury and against the brain injuries.  While he had apparently been reading books on the occult, he was very intrigued that someone might actually be hearing from God. He has continued to come to the bible study and reaffirmed his salvation publically at church on February 3rd.  This word of knowledge about his friend  also lifted E’s belief in prophecy and he began coming to Saturday morning prayer meetings to learn how to hear from God.

1-5-12 I felt like writing during quiet time today and felt the Lord say this to me:

Some travels are small but still in my favor. I open doors for you and by that know My presence. Continue to pray for the sick, and wells will be re-dug. Springs of healing will burst forth.

June 2011 I was preparing a sermon and asked the Lord to speak to me about it. I never really had journalled before, but I wrote down what I felt from the Lord:

Although there are many areas you may go, I have given you favor in your walking My will and upholding My precepts. As your faith grows favor will increase. Follow Jesus’ anointing, and help widows and orphans. The angels are over your house and the blood of Jesus is upon you.

Sit with Me, talk, sing and make songs with Me. My joy is in you and you bring joy when you obey Me. Risk will bring experience to discernment, and to access the Spiritual gifts to be used at a time of need and when My will allows.

The sermon is well, but do not feel compelled to add many jokes for I am the focus and power and not you. You need to leave room for Holy Spirit to speak and adjust.


May 2011: I am not hearing God speak much for my own self, but I am beginning to get some prophetic words for other people that seem to be pretty accurate. I was told by my pastor that sometimes writing during quiet time is a good way to connect with the Lord as He speaks to your heart. Today I felt like picking up a pen and thought the Lord was speaking the following to me:

Let Me be your teacher. Sit and wait for me. Honor me with your inquisitive style. Speak the secrets and the mysteries. Behold, you have a key to the library of David.

The character of a man is the rock that survives the storm. A man built on My Word is such a rock which will not be blown by the wind or flooded by the rain. You are my son with whom I am well pleased. I summit with You and direct you from high places. You are right to continue to seek Me, as a time will come when you are ready and I will call your name for times in the Kingdom. You will preach and teach My name and excite hearts to Me. There will be carings (??) and fledglings and you will lead them for me, and according to the instructions I give you. Do not grow weary in times of silence, for I am with you always-even to the end of the age.

The oxen pull a load of great proportion as you will when you let Me be your yoke even when problems are small enough for you to manage on your own. How I like to have fun with my people! I sent you 4:40 to tell you to keep praying for the sick and never stop. [ He was waking me up repeatedly at 4:40 until I found Luke 4:40 was an answer to a question I posed to the Lord]. Also, care for widows and orphans offering more than just prayers.

Speak My Word wherever you go and doors will open by those who seek My Name. The angels watch and report. They protect your ministry as it develops. They are not there to function in the ministry. They are not angels who interact. At the appropriate time I will send other angels to serve my people.

January 2011- Prophetic words from another Pastor. 
We went to Pastor Paul Kim’s house, a Korean man with a gentle heart and a huge spirit, who often sees miracles on his mission trips.  He said there were prayer warriors that would pray over people and we would hear about his latest missions trip too. He has a “glow” about him, as he is full of love and encouragement all the time and seems to spend 100% of his time and thought on God. The prophetess that spoke to us was Cecilia, a pastor from Ghana, and another from Africa named Elizabeth. About 5 minutes into the session Dawnette hit the floor and is “out in the Spirit,” and that has never happened to her before. I wrote down as best as I could:

Words for Les: God will lift you up. People will see God in you and give you what you need for a long life. Don’t think it is by your strength, but let the love of God dwell in you. Everything you can do God gave you the ability to do and you will never be ashamed. So many doors are open for you.  The blessings of God will fall upon you victorious this year. There is a Judas around you now who sees your gift and wants to exploit you, be careful what you say about what you are receiving from God. 

The healing of God has fallen upon you. God said trust Him. Use the Word for yourself. Speak to Him your secrets.   Pray for a heart of love, compassion, passion for God; Spirit of wisdom. We break the spirit of Argument off of you. We pray for change in your life to better serve God.

A supernatural anointing is on you. Thank God for opening up dreams and visions to you.  Spiritual fire is restoring you financially too.  You’re not going to have control of your life. God has your life.  They prayed for Les’ ears to be opened to the voice of God. God has given you the anointing. You are called, but give God time. Spend time in His presence. Many angels are around you. Wait in His presence, sometimes when you pray you get up and God is just starting to talk to you through the Holy Spirit and you miss it. You must love people when they don’t love you back. Don’t worry, but respond like Jesus would. God is with you. Get up and speak the Word of God. This is a huge anointing on you. Just Go! [It was remarkable how accurate these words were in so many ways from these complete strangers]

2010 First Prophetic word from a stranger

A pastor from Canada came to our church and was said to have a prophetic gift. I had never seen a real prophecy given, but we were able to sign up to hear him later if we wanted to, and about 15-20 people signed up. We sat around a large table and he spoke from the Bible for about 30 minutes and then asked the Lord if He had any words for the people present. I was a bit skeptical, as I am new to relationship with the Holy Spirit and trying to hear God talk to us (I know He promised in Acts that it was for all people to hear Him but it is not my background to expect to hear God).  I took notes like a transcript for all the people so I could see if the prophecies were so general and vague as to be like Horoscopes or if they were really specific to each individual. Afterwards, I went up to people and read them what he said. I was only at the church a few months, so I did not know most of them by name. The words spoken were not generic and were not repeats of the same general theme. The People said the words were very accurate to their life situations, things they were currently praying for, and also to their marital status and number of kids they had, etc.  I was a little stunned that a man had been standing three feet from me and God was beaming signals to him to relate to us. It was very cool.  This is what he said to me (which was very accurate at the time):

“Les, I sense you are at a time of training with the Lord. He is going to teach you a lot of things about walking with Him and how to hear Him. Enjoy this time, for His hand is upon you and will protect you. Read Ephesians Chapter 1 and read the prayers for Wisdom and Knowledge out loud for yourself. Do not  run ahead and try to do a lot of what you are learning at this time, don’t get ahead of God’s timing. This should be a time of fun with the Lord, and a time for learning under His protection.” [I was in fact only about 5 or 6 months into my search for “more” with God. I was only beginning to learn about spiritual gifts,  and had been wondering why my heart was so on fire all the time for God since I met Brother Joe in 2009.  I had a great desire to pray for the sick, and had just begun to volunteer at a food and prayer outreach in the prayer room, because I had no idea how to pray for the sick and wanted to learn.  Dawnette was also catching the fire for God, but she volunteered to serve food rather than pray.  Later we both began praying for the sick after we started seeing amazing h
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