Jesus' Power is Available To Those Who Love Him!
(John 14:12)
Sermons by Les Meredith
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 2018 Highlights

How to discover your Spiritual Gifts and your Metron (ministry  area of greatest influence).  Les provides practical advice at the Fallbrook AGLOW about discovering your spiritual gifting and then evaluating where you see your greatest results (people group, methodology, service type, etc.)

What is Heaven Like? The God Questions Series, Part 6.
2018. Les talks about what is revealed about Heaven in the Bible during this Sunday Service at the Gathering Place Church.

Highlights from 2017

Les talks about how the Apostle John uses the "Signs of the New Times” to explain who Jesus was and why He had come to earth. This was the Sunday Sermon at the Gathering Place Church.


Les talks about “Enhancing Your Relationship with a Supernatural God” by walking with the Holy Spirit. This is part of this series “By the Power of His Spirit,” at the Gathering Place Church.  Les gives testimonies of healing and how he became involved in healing ministry, and subsequent gifting in prophecy.

August 2017

Why are there Four Gospels?
Les takes a look at how the four Gospels each give us a unique perspective of the life and personhood/Godliness of Jesus Christ, and how the endings each give us a greater perspective on God’s plan.

July 2017

Declare your Independence from the Kingdom of England but Marvel at your Dependence on the Kingdom of God-  Les teaches at the hospital on how we glorify our independence and freedom in the worldly realm, but how God is calling us to be dependent on Him to find true freedom in our lives.  The founders of our Nation emphasized the importance of staying close to God, and now it is up to us to do it!

March 2017

Crucial Statements from the Cross- Did you know Jesus said 7 things from the Cross?  These statements recorded by the Gospels provide great insight into the person and character of God and what He wants for us.  Les takes us through the order of the seven statements and how we should apply them to our lives.

January 2017

New Beginnings! Les teaches at the hospital about how God loves to empower us to new beginnings.  When we are seeking changes which will make us more like Jesus, the power of the Holy Spirit is given to us to renew our mind away from old bad habits and help us build better relationships with deeper love.  Les gives several practical steps to break old habits and patterns and succeed at your New Year’s resolutions.


How God wants you to walk with Him- A lot of people want to know “what does God want from me?”  Les takes us step by step through several New Testament Scriptures from a “logic or left-brained” perspective to show us what God wants and how He is willing to empower us to get there.  He provides an overview of Spiritual Gifts and how the gifts of healing and prophecy have manifested in his life even in the busy-ness of raising three teenagers and working as an attorney.  This sermon was delivered at Gathering Place Church 1/15/17 and is entitled “  Enhancing your relationship with a Supernatural God“ and is found on the church website here:

October 2016

Get to Know the Holy Spirit!  Les teaches about the Holy Spirit, and our incredible need to get to know Him because He is assigned to walk with us on the Earth to help us complete the plans of God.

July 2016

What is the Father Like?  Les uses stories from the Bible to paint a picture Jesus gave us about what the Father is like. We cannot comprehend the depth of God’s desire for relationship with His children, His love and His willingness to forgive.   This was an emotional message for Les and the audience about God’s desire to love us home to Heaven.

Just do It!  The Bible is full of scriptures telling Christians to be doers of the Word and not just hearers. How do we get the faith to step out and pray for the sick or to ask God for a prophetic Word?  Les speaks on a cycle that God has established to help us “do the works.”  First is a revelation of God working in our lives today (Scriptures, prophetic Word or a testimony); then we develop hope for that revelation to come true in our lives; then we renew our mind to focus on spiritual things and not just earthly things; From hope and focusing on God we develop faith; with faith we act on what we hoped for and begin to see God at work around us; then we tell a testimony of what we have witnessed, and someone else gets a revelation from that and the cycle continues in them.

June 2016

Is America a Christian Nation?  Les talks about the founding fathers of this nation and their mission to pursue Jesus Christ (not the freedom to pursue other “gods”).   The first colonies and colleges had mission statements expressly desiring the spiritual development of men through the Holy Spirit.  However, the world has tried to cover up our early beginnings and is trying to put the name of God out of our history books…


May 2016

Celebrating Pentecost-the day Christians were blessed with “the Holy Spirit and Fire” must be remembered by the church because it is the key to the mission of all Christians. We are empowered by the Holy Spirit to spread the Kingdom of God on earth, to declare His will on earth as it is in Heaven.

(Temporary Posting on 11:11) Inquiry from the Internet

Do you keep seeing the clock each day at 11:11 (it may not be a coincidence).  Sometimes God uses numbers to lead us to the Bible for interpretation. Steve Thompson taught a message on 11:11 at a Morningstar “Prophetic Equipping” conference.  His 11:11 message begins at about the 8 minute mark at the link below:

APRIL 2016

REVIVAL!- Les preached a heart-felt sermon about revival to an Aglow meeting full of people weeping for repentance and desiring to draw closer to God. Prophetic prayer followed the sermon, and the Lord spoke encouragement to His people.  Thank you to Jan Lennington for joining us in prayer for those in attendance, and to Michelle Parra for her words about the recent stadium meeting for the Azusa Call.



March 2016

Easter 2016

There are Many Ways to Preach the Resurrection, but None Will be Adequate!  Les talks about how the resurrection is the foundation of the Christian faith-an event so amazing that mere words are not enough to fully describe it.  What may matter most though, is what it means to you.

February 2016



Why a resurrection? Many people think of the crucifixion and the resurrection only in terms of washing away our sins and getting us entry to Heaven some day; however, this “greatest story ever told” is a continuation of events in the Garden of Eden, and there are lessons about authority and keys to the Kingdom that must be told so all believers understand their destiny and their authority to tap into the Heavenly realm now. As believers, we must continue God’s plan to subdue the earth in His name, which He originally asked of Adam and Eve.

November 2015-Thanksgiving

Expressing thankfulness is important to having a relationship with God. Les says he is thankful for a prostitute and a widow that helped Jesus come to earth (an interesting thought for Thanksgiving). What have you told God you are thankful for?

October 2015

 Debating the Greatest Commandments- Four different groups tried to ask Jesus questions to embarrass Him in front of the crowd, but the last question started one of the greatest discourses on the Ten Commandments that Jesus spoke. If we love God first, with all we are, we can then love others as we love ourselves. You don’t mistreat the ones you love so you don’t need a lot of commandments telling you what bad things not to do to others if you don' have a desire to do bad things. But if we try to love people first instead of God first, it all falls apart. Why is that?

September 2015

 Overcoming Fear and Depression. Some of God’s warriors still suffered occaisional fear and depression, despite seeing His miracles all around them. Usually, fear and depression start with a lie we have believed that we begin to build thoughts of “worst case scenario” upon and our faith fails and fear takes root (faith says God will help and fear says God will not help).  Les explains some of the things we can do to fight back to overcome fear and depression, because God has given us promises to help us and a full slate of supernatural tools to throw down the things that come against us.


July 2015

Learn to Cast Fear and Anxiety out of your Life- There are teachings from the story of David and Goliath which help us see how to approach a big problem so that we have peace about it and can cast out fear and anxiety. Too many people today are consumed with fear about the future and it is costing them the ability to enjoy the present. This lesson is to equip us to kill fear and anxiety and find the peace promised by Jesus.

June 2015

Declaring Your Independence- As we celebrate July 4th we need to be aware that our forefathers drew on Christian principles to draft the Declaration of Independence, and talked about God five times in that document: God as supreme lawmaker, as creator of all men, as the source of all rights, as the world’s supreme Judge, and as our protector on whom we can rely.  Jesus first came to bring liberty and freedom to people in the spiritual realm, and we were founded as a nation by those who wanted to worship our God freely. As Christians, we have the power of the Holy Spirit to declare freedom from the things that are holding us back from becoming all the things God wants us to be.

May 2015

Pentecost Sunday Means Holy Spirit in us and for us- This year Memorial Day and Pentecost are on the same weekend, reminding us that sometimes the shedding of blood is needed to create freedom.  Pentecost Sunday marks a holy day from Jewish times which God used to bring the Holy Spirit into the hearts of believers (making us a new creation) as He promised for the New Covenant.  This Baptism of the Spirit was foretold by Jesus, and was a way for God to empower His people and help them overcome their sinful nature. “God in us” is the way we are supposed to live now, empowering the church to continue the works and purposes of Jesus, and sharing His love as enabled by the Spirit.



April 2015

Between the Crucifixion and the Ascension- Les explains the types of things Jesus was doing on the earth and in the Heavenly realm between the crucifixion and the time Jesus physically returned to Heaven to be with the Father.  This is the time between Easter and Pentecost.

March 2015



Meet the Holy Spirit-  Les talks about the character and roles of the Holy Spirit. Some people see the Trinity as “Father, Son and Holy Bible” and are not aware of the role of the Holy Spirit for their life.  Not having relationship with Holy Spirit is like having a million dollars in the bank but not knowing how to write a check.

March 2015

Meet the Holy Spirit-  Les talks about the character and roles of the Holy Spirit. Some people see the Trinity as “Father, Son and Holy Bible” and are not aware of the role of the Holy Spirit for their life.  Not having relationship with Holy Spirit is like having a million dollars in the bank but not knowing how to write a check.

March 2015- 
Meet the Holy Spirit

Les talks about how we need to know the character and roles of Holy Spirit, the third member of the Trinity. Some people think the Trinity is "Father, Son and Holy Bible," and they do not understand the love and power given to us by Holy Spirit.  Not knowing the Holy Spirit is like having a million dollars in the bank but not knowing how to write a check.

December 2014

There is Hope Year Round-Don’t Pack Jesus away with the Ornaments

Les provides Old Testament support foretelling the birth of Christ, and what that means for the world today.

November 2014

Les traces the history of Thanksgiving in the United States, and then discusses the importance of giving thanks based in Scripture. There is great power and promise in giving thanks, which was the focus of the three seasons of harvest Festivals in the Old Covenant. Two of those festivals were mere shadows ultimately fulfilled in the New Covenant by the coming of Jesus and arrival of the Holy Spirit.

September 19, 2014 AGLOW Coronado/South Bay Meeting-Testimony of Les and Dawnette

Dawnette joins Les in only the second time giving their testimony about how God has dramatically changed their lives and provided a ministry for them over the past six years. Their ministry includes healing prayer, prophetic prayer, and a Seer anointing Dawnette carries which helps them in deliverance ministry.  Their message is to encourage everyone to walk closer with the Holy Spirit as a result of loving Jesus each day, equipping you to allow His fruit to be produced in and through your life.


August 2014

The Love of God and Discernment-Even before the Apostle John died, people were making up new doctrines about Jesus that needed to be discerned and defeated. In this Epistle of First John, the Apostle lays down several foundational statements of our Christian faith so people who are hearing false teaching can be assured of their salvation and learn to discern the Truth and to discern good from evil. The Love of God is always at the front of a message from John, and plays a major role in this writing as well.

July 2014

Miracles-Most people want to see a miracle, but few would want to be in a situation when they need a miracle.  Faith suffers when we feel our situation is impossible, but it takes faith to draw Heaven’s resources. God is still providing miracles today, and several examples are included in this teaching; but when you witness a miracle you are held to a higher standard to draw closer to the Kingdom, just like it was in the time of Jesus on the earth.



June 2014
What is God Like? People have a lot of misconceptions about what God is like, and that shapes their walk with Jesus, what they think of themselves and how they treat other people.  God is full of love and extends grace to His people, because He wants us to return to relationship with Him.  Jesus came to show us and tell us what the Father was like so we would live out our destiny with Him. Les explains three important parables which Jesus created to explain the secret things of Heavenly relationship with God.  (June 22, 2014)



 How Does Healing Prayer Work?-Les provides instruction on a three-step healing prayer model, in a night dedicated to learning how to pray for the sick and start a healing ministry. Examples of hearing from the Lord and seeing people healed are featured. San Diego is in a time of revival, with several churches reporting the presence of God more in their services. Les also talks about how disagreements can arise when revival starts, similar to what happened to Paul in Acts 19 (despite “extraordinary miracles”)-and people need to learn to discern for themselves and ask God about His plans rather than letting other people decide for them what is “good” and  what is not.  Several healings and relief from pain were reported from the healing "exercise" at the end of the session, and also from prayer after the event. San Diego Evening Aglow June 2014.

April 2014

Looking for and Finding Good News  (Aglow Meeting)

Les talks about the physical and mental burden of living in a culture which loves negative news stories and scary movies. Fear and anxiety are killing us, and we need to take action steps to cut back on these burdens.  He provides some positive statistics about the world and about the Kingdom of Heaven. God has been giving Good News from the beginning, and scripture tells us how to dump negativity and find joy and peace of the Kingdom now.  Amazing stories of God working through us are told throughout this presentation at the North County Aglow International meeting (4-5-14)

The Tomb is Empty, the Body is Gone-What did We Learn?

Les preaches on what the empty tomb means to believers today. Why did Jesus say “it” was finished?  Did God Forsake Him on the cross? What did it look like for the disciples who loved Jesus, and what do we take away to apply to our lives and difficult times today?

March 2014


How to Begin a Healing Prayer Ministry  (Aglow Meeting)


You will laugh, cry, and learn how to draw closer to God in this teaching, preparing you to pray for others. Les tells the story of how he discovered God has more in store for us than just sitting in church each week.  He shares how he and Dawnette began seeing healings and miracles, and how God began to speak to them about prayer encounters with people.  You will learn from this teaching how to give healing prayer and how to begin to hear the voice of God in your life.   Fallbrook AGLOW International, 3-22-14


Why the Gospel is “Good News”  (Short Version)


At a long term care center, Les teaches patients why the Gospel is good news for those who are suffering in sickness, persecution or living in sin.  When Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount it was a radical teaching that helped the “underdogs” see that eternity would be theirs and it angered the rich and religious elite.


February 2014

Changing Seasons from the Old Covenant to the New Covenant-Les explains why the early Jewish people were under the “Law” of the Old Covenant, and the significant differences blessing us today under grace in the New Covenant created through Jesus Christ. Les explains why we needed a second Covenant.  Today, we have the power through the Holy Spirit to accomplish what God wants in the New Covenant, a power which was lacking in the Old Covenant. That lack of power in the Old Covenant demonstrated to mankind that we are sinners in need of a Savior, and cannot achieve righteousness by our own hands. The Old Covenant pointed to the need for Jesus!

How the Holy Spirit Moves in Churches and People
-This Sermon is from Randy Clark, an internationally known Pastor/Evangelist with an anointing which often provides miracles of healing when he preaches. He was a Baptist Pastor for many years, not believing God was moving on earth in His people, and he had no expectation of seeing healing or other manifestations of the Holy Spirit. This recording tells how Randy came to Christ, and later came to understand that Spiritual Gifts are still in operation as he saw them develop in several churches and in numerous people, including people who were scared to have “more of God.”  He explains at the end why he believes some people get Spiritual Gifts who we might think “are not holy enough” and why others who live righteously may not work in such Gifts.

January 2014

The Power of Your Testimony-Les teaches how your testimony is important to God, and He will put Holy Spirit power on your words when you tell other people about your relationship with Jesus. You don’t need to be a "Bible scholar" or even a good public speaker to tell others about how you have been changed through Christ.  A testimony provides hope to someone else that maybe they can have what you have found with Christ. Personal testimony is just as critical today as it was before mass communication was invented.

December, 22 2013
King Herod was the First Grinch who tried to destroy Christmas- Les talks about how people have been trying to change Christmas or take out Jesus as the “reason for the season” since the very beginning, but God carefully planned Christmas and the effects are everlasting.

October 2013

 Hearing the Voice of God (Coronado/South Bay Aglow). Les teaches on how it is God’s desire for us to hear Him speak through the Holy Spirit, as stated in Scripture. Prophecy comes in different levels and in different ways. Like radio waves moving through the air, we need to learn to tune in God’s voice by intentionally listening.   Les was joined by Francisco Oliveros, Cynthia Morales, and Dawnette Meredith to provide prophetic prayer after the meeting. October 18, 2013.


Spiritual Gifts Seminar (Session 3-Healing Prayer). This is a practical lesson about healing prayer, including a live example at the end.  Many of the common topics addressed in 2-3 day long seminars are addressed to give you a firm foundation in Scripture about healing prayer, and to give you faith that anyone saved in Christ can pray for healing and see results.  Sometimes the results may be turbo-charged by the Holy Spirit as part of the Spiritual gift of healings.  An outline for the session is attached below.  October 20, 2013.    GiftsofHealings-3Final2.docx
19.2 KB

Spiritual Gifts Seminar (Session 2-Prophecy). Les explores what Scripture says about our normal walk with Holy Spirit which is expected to bring forth prophecy to guide us and to encourage others.  We also discuss what Spiritual Gifts are available to “turbo charge” a prophetic word.  Les explains how anyone can begin to hear from the Lord, and provides examples of prophetic encounters in his life.  October 6, 2013. A handout was provided.
20.1 KB


Spiritual Gifts Seminar (first of 3 sessions). In session 1 Les provides an overview of the three basic sets of Spiritual Gifts in the Bible. He makes a distinction between walking in power daily with the Holy Spirit as part of being a New Covenant Christian, and how the Holy Spirit also apportions Spiritual Gifts to turbo- charge efforts to advance the Kingdom by the body of Christ.  A handout identifying the various gifts was provided.  October 2013 at Gathering Place Church
4 KB

September 2013

“Finding God’s Will for your Life” requires action in your relationship with God. Les spoke this message at a long term care home where many listeners had serious medical conditions or disabilities.  The message is clear- people need to have hope in their lives, and most want to know God’s will for their lives.  Sometimes we ask “what is God’s will for me” but we ask for the wrong reason or for a much smaller purpose than what God has prepared for us. God has a big plan for Heaven and earth, and we can find out how to join His plan and to understand His will (Romans 12:2).

August 2013

Living Above Fear-Les explains how we develop fear-filled thoughts and how God wants us to combat fear so we don’t suffer under the weight of negative imaginations.  (August 2013)

July 2013

“What God wants for you and how the devil talks you out of it.”  The Father wanted eternal relationship with us, and to make us specially blessed to show the world who He is. The devil tries to make us unsure of who we are, and to doubt what we think God is saying so we will fall along the wayside and not come into our destiny.  This sermon looks at what God said He wanted  for us in Scripture, and how we can obtain it. [July 28, 2013]

 Understanding our identity in Christ and how to use faith to access the heavenly realm are keys for us to reach our destiny of walking like Jesus on the Earth (July 19, 2013 Coronado/South Bay AGLOW-Les Meredith, with Dawnette Meredith, Cecilia Afosah and Jan Lenington).

June 2013 (Posted July 1)

Les discusses spiritual weapons found in Philippians which help us obtain the supernatural peace of God that protects our minds and our hearts and allows us to access the powerful Grace God offers us.

May 2013

Pentecost was the great transition to our spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit has come to dwell in people and He has empowered us to change everything!

 Seder Celebration and the significance of the resurrection. March 2013

 Co-partner with the Lord to pray "His will to earth as it is in Heaven."  He sent people in the Bible to pray for  other people.  We all need to step out and walk in faith to do the things God has commanded us to do.   Just Do It! (James 1:22)-April 2013

Spiritual Gifts and how to develop your Gifts to work with the Holy Spirit to help others.  The Holy Spirit comes for your benefit at Salvation but for the benefit of others when you are Baptized in the Spirit (2011):

A Healing Sermon in Mexico in March 2013 (with translation to Spanish by Pastor Mario):

 Christmas Sermon 2012- A bit of history around the Christmas holiday, and a look at the “greatest story ever told”  from the perspectives of Matthew and Luke.

The Joy and Humor of God-Les talks about some of the ways we know God has a sense of humor (2012):

 "Jesus Before the Beginning."  The birth, ministry and death of Jesus was foretold in many Old Testament Scriptures.  John said Jesus was "in the beginning." This Sermon looks at many of the prophecies which talked about Jesus before He was even born.  (2012)

"Declaring your Independence."  This is a July 4th Sermon about our founding fathers, religion in the "old days" and how we need to declare our independence from things that hold us back from enjoying all that God promises us. (2011)

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