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August 2014

Question:  I keep hearing more and more about people being raised from the dead and there are websites and speakers dedicated to this subject-what is this all about? Y.M. from the Internet

Answer: Of course, there are several examples of people who died in the Bible being brought back to life by prayer or declaration over them by a believer in God (examples include Elijah, Elisha, Jesus, Paul and Peter). We are hearing lots of stories the past few years of people "coming back to life" after prayer, and this has resulted in several major ministries starting to teach on the subject. This is not about the resurrection of Jesus or the resurrection before final judgment of the world-it is more about someone dying in a car accident or by disease and a believer in Christ prays over them shortly thereafter and they come back to life and are healed of whatever killed them.  As believers, we have received a basic commission from Jesus to pray for healing and for raising the dead:

Matthew 10:7-8 (KJV)
And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand. Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give. (similarly stated in Mark 16:15)"

Several short statements I would like to make on this subject:

The power to raise the dead is by the Holy Spirit and according to God's will (not the power or will of the believer, although they are expressing faith for God to raise the person if it is God's will to do so).

That people die in this world outside of God's perfect will, because there is free will He allows in the world which may cause an accident or disease or other tragedy  which may take a life before its time.

This relates to people who have recently died and is not about going to the cemetery to raise people dead for a long time.

The bottom line is that you are praying for a person to be healed and/revived, and it is a miracle when it happens.  I am attaching a teaching below by Global Awakening ministries on this subject.

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July 2014

1. [JULY 2014] Question on healing prayer:  I recently went to a healing conference lasting multiple days, but I still don’t feel like I learned how to pray for people and how it all works. Can you explain it to me in simple terms?  K.L.

Answer:  Let me address your questions with a summary, but I will provide teaching sermon links and attachments below to help you further study on this issue of healing PRYAER MINISTRY.

In any healing seminar, I think it is important to address the following items, but depending on the time available you will probably not get to all of these:

1.  Biblical support showing God wants us to be His hands today to “bring His will to earth as it is in Heaven” (Mark 16:15 and various other commissions demonstrated Jesus  passed His authority to all believers to go forth and be His church on the earth doing the commands He taught during His ministry).  The Father gave us the “gift” of the Holy Spirit to empower ministry of the church body (you and me) until Jesus returns.  Healing prayer is stepping out in that destiny.

2. Biblical support showing God is good all the time and wants the best for His children, but the devil is bad and wants to lead us away from God and inflict lies, death and destruction on us. God does not give us sickness, but some people look at the rewards and curses of the Old Covenant and think we are still “deserving” sickness when we sin; however, we are under the New Covenant through Jesus and He demonstrated the character of the Father for us (at no time did He say “I cannot heal you because the Father wants you to be sick…).  A great deal of the ministry of Jesus was healing people and setting them free, and we are to become like Him.

3.  Healing verses from the Bible so we have a firm basis in Scripture that praying for the sick to be healed is completely in the Character of Christ and the Father. It has  been His will since before the Father introduced Himself to Israel as “Jehovah Raphe” (The Lord who heals you) and marched them out of Egypt without any sickness or infirmity.

4.  Testimonies of healings and miracles which build faith in you to step out of your comfort zone and pray for the sick, even if you find it embarrassing or feel inadequate-it is the Holy Spirit working through you so you don’t get credit for a healing and you don’t take blame for lack of healing.  Since it is not really “about you,” that should take some of the performance anxiety out of it for you.  Your “job” is to love the person and show them the compassion of Jesus-praying for them again if there is no visible healing the first time. Testimonials for teaching should also include stories of people who went a long time without their healing and/or through many prayer warriors before they got healed so that we know not to give up if we are not seeing healing results immediately.

5.  Examples of how to approach people about healing prayer, and simple things to say if they are healed or not healed, and how to talk about Jesus so they understand this is really about connecting them with God.

6.  A brief discussion about how faith works in healing prayer (you need a little mustard seed!), and how to declare your healing over yourself afterwards when you may not have others to help you pray to be healed.  A healing can be “lost” through unbelief, so understanding how to pray and declare healing after a prayer session is important.

7.  How to address a demonic influence discovered as part of ministering in healing. A person confident in their authority in Christ will typically be able to simply tell a demon to leave in the name of Jesus and it will go. A few demons may take more effort, so it is good to understand some of the rules of the road about addressing the demonic which may be encountered from time to time (see my other posting below about deliverance

I find that some teachers spend more time telling their testimonies than teaching the audience “how to actually do it,” and people leave feeling they still are not sure how to pray for their neighbor or a relative “without screwing it up.”  Be of good cheer, you really cannot screw it up if you pray from a heart of love, asking Jesus to heal or declaring healing in His name.  Don't be a "gunslinger" trying to rid this victim of symptoms, but from a heart of love try to help connect this child of God to their Father to experience His presence in a real way.

 I am attaching some handouts here that will help you find much of the information cited above to help you get started in healing ministry.

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There are also three lessons on my Sermons page which are teachings on these healing issues which you can listen to free by clicking below on the links:

    Aglow meeting June  2014 (practical three step model for healing prayer):

     March 2014 “how to start a healing ministry:”

     Healing prayer in-depth from a perspective of Spiritual Gifts:

     A good starter book to read on healing is “Authority to Heal” by Ken Blue, who began healing prayer and teaching it under John Wimber. I am logic oriented, so I liked this older book because Ken tried to figure it out so it could be taught at university.  His mentor (John Wimber) also wrote a very good book, "Power to Heal."  A more current book by two great leaders in this healing ministry area is “The Essential Guide to Healing“ by Randy Clark and Bill Johnson.

    Please, just step out and pray for people, and you will eventually see healings that make you want to never quit praying. An old adage in healing ministry is that you should pray for 200 people before you allow yourself to quit, and by that time you will see so many people healed that you will have greater faith and you won’t quit. Over time, you will also draw closer to God and likely begin hearing words of knowledge or prophetic words from Holy Spirit to guide your ministry.



     2.  Question:  Can you explain a bit about spiritual warfare and deliverance ministry (getting rid of demons)? Can Christians be “possessed?”  L.B.

    Answer: Thank you for your inquiry, as this is a somewhat misunderstood yet important ministry for the body of Christ.  Most people are not comfortable talking about it because they are afraid. To avoid feeling scared, some may ridicule the topic in hope they can feel comfortable the devil is really a cartoon character in a red suit and holding a trident and cannot harm them.  But to ignore the devil and the existence of angels and demons is to say the Bible is not true, and when you don’t know what Truth is then you will easily fall to temptation and deception.   There are not a lot of ministries touring the country to give seminars on this topic (you can find them, however, if you look with effort), but there are many good books and speakers on-line, and I have identified some below.

     Spiritual warfare is an everyday reality, because the devil roams the earth looking for someone to devour-to deceive, accuse, shame and tempt them away from God (1 Peter 5:8).  Evil started in the Heavenly realms with the rebellion by the devil, who deceived 1/3 of the angels to oppose God, and ended up on earth dragging humans into the historic battle.  Demons stir up trouble and want to deceive humans into falling away from God (Rev. 12.9; Gen. 3). Our daily spiritual battle is keeping our heart and mind focused on God while the world, people, and, occasionally, demons, tempt us into self-focus, self-indulgence, sexual immorality, pride, and generally turning our hearts away from Godliness. 

    Some people think of spiritual warfare as yelling into the air at demons named in the Bible or demons they presume are behind every act of evil in the world, and their mission is to “take ground” wherever they go.  This would be an extreme warfare lifestyle, not recommended unless the Holy Spirit has clearly given you this assignment.  Instead, most believers should have their focus more on God and bringing His love, character and will “to earth as it is in Heaven” so that their “warfare” is a God-focused pull on getting more of Heaven into a situation rather than turning focus on evil and telling it what to do.  The Bible tells us to focus our eyes on good things so our body is filled with light, and to guard our mind and heart against evil thoughts because the battle ground is typically fought internally. If we let evil thoughts grow in our mind, eventually they may get into our heart and cause us to sin (James 1:14), and Jesus was specific that it is what comes out of our hearts that defiles us or makes us unclean (Matt. 15:18). 

    Thus, our primary spiritual warfare posture is to put less of our mind on the world and the demonic, and focus more on staying close to God in love, prayer, worship, thanksgiving, praise and reading/listening to His Word to protect ourselves so that we may bring more of Jesus’ power and authority to earth. If we humble ourselves to God (acknowledge Him as the source of our strength, power and desire) and resist the devil, God promises the devil will flee from us (James 4:7). When evil spirits direct an attack against us, we can use the armor God gives us to “stand firm” (Ephesians 6:10), which includes His Word, faith, salvation, the Holy Spirit, righteous living, and prayer.

    Deliverance ministry is about setting people free from the influence of the demonic realm on their life, which can manifest in ways such as sickness, evil thoughts/actions, addictions, unforgiveness/bitterness, “haunted houses” and in other ways such as compulsive behaviors demonstrating the opposite of what God wants for  us.  Of course, not everyone who is sick or who has bad thoughts is being influenced by a demon, many of our own problems are from pride, envy, anger, fear and reacting to lies we have believed (e.g., you believe God does not really love you or forgive you so you rebel against Him); however, it does happen that people who cannot seem to stop bad behaviors on their own, cannot find peace, or cannot get healing by their own prayers should consider having prayer by someone with skill in this ministry. We have an active healing prayer ministry, and we probably see only 2-3% of the people who come for prayer are actually suffering a demonic influence.

     Deliverance is often called “freedom” ministry, because you are setting people free from negative behaviors, actions, and thoughts which they don’t seem to be able to get rid of on their own (despite prayer time and repeatedly “giving it to God”). Most ministries don’t call anyone “possessed” because that implies you have no free will but are completely under control of the demon.  A Christian with the Holy Spirit will probably never be so completely under control of a demon as to be called possessed, although non-believers who have dabbled in the occult or welcomed demons in their life in other ways may have very serious “infestations” or “harassments” by demons (the term generally is “demonized”).

    Finding Help.  It can be difficult to find someone specializing in deliverance ministry, but if you ask around to find “inner healing ministries,” “Sozo ministries,” and “Freedom ministries” you will likely get the name of someone skilled in this area.  An intercessory prayer warrior or Pastor from a Charismatic/Pentecostal church will often be able to help in this area or have a referral to someone they know.  There are many good books to help you understand the demonic realm and the ministry of deliverance, and I can recommend the following:

    • Deliverance from Evil Spirits by Frances MacNutt
    • When Pigs Move In by Don Dickerman
    • They Shall Expel Demons by Derek Prince
    • Freedom Prayers by Mark Virkler
    • The Gospel of Mark (many demonic encounters to learn from in the source of Truth)

    Detecting demons.  Identifying whether a person is under demonic influence is often done by a skilled minister using questions and observations, as a demon may manifest with obvious signs. A person suffering symptoms may notice evil thoughts and strange behaviors adverse to God or a loved one (thoughts often arise during prayer or worship time and around believers in Christ because the demon does not want to be there). A person with the Spiritual Gift of “discerning of spirits” (often called a “seer”) can actually see the demon or detect it in some other physical way (e.g., smell of sulfur, feelings of hate, feeling the same symptoms, etc.).  My wife has the seer anointing, and it is great in our healing ministry because she can see them or detect them in other ways allowing us to more quickly know how to react to the situation. Unfortunately, I cannot see them (not so far) but can rely on other signs of their influence and have delivered quite a few people from them-this should encourage you that you can help people in this area simply because you are a believer in Christ and have the Holy Spirit in you.  The Holy Spirit in you is greater than any other spirit in this world (1 John 4:4), so if you have faith in your authority in Christ you can tell a demon to “leave and not come back” in the name of Jesus Christ (Mark 9:25), and this will typically be all that is required (sometimes it takes a little more effort).

    Casting them out. Try to picture demons as cockroaches looking for smelly stuff (sin) to roll around in, but when light (of God) is shining on them they want to flee and hide.  Demons are typically present because they have been invited in by repeated sin, trauma/fear, or dabbling in New Age or occult (anything by which a person tries to get and use supernatural knowledge or power for their own purposes and desires). Most demons do not speak to you, but when they do they mix truth with lies to get you into conversation and get you to pay more attention to them, but that is a dead-end road and you should simply tell them to get out and not try to interact with them. 

    Your focus in deliverance is from a heart of love to free this child of God from an evil influence which is ruining their life, and not to have extended discussion or combat against the demon.  When you encounter a demon you tell them to leave-whether you tell them to “leave and never come back to this person/family,” or tell them to “go to the pit of Hell and not return,” or you tell them to “go to the feet of Jesus for His judgment” seems to be personal preference and the result seems to be the same from the ministries I have spoken with.  I think telling them to “go and not return in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth” is my preferred method, and is based in scripture more so than the others.

    I cannot fully explain here everything about demons and the rules they seem to follow, but have provided a few documents below with some more background. However, a few things are worth mentioning specifically:

    • You do not have the power on your own to manage a demon (a spiritual being), but do have the power of the Holy Spirit in you and the authority given by Jesus to tell a demon to leave a person or home.  Don’t try to get the demon to do other things or converse with it-they thrive on attention and emotion. Tell it calmly to leave, do not yell and scream (remember the emotion thing and that a real human victim is involved here too), pray for and with the person who needs deliverance, worship God, and read from scriptures while telling all evil to leave.  Some people want to know the demon’s name to cast it out by name (typically the name is the same as its function-for example, hate or lust), and this may be more helpful when a demon does not leave easily; however, if you have a demon refusing to leave over time, seek help from deliverance ministers with experience in this area.  It is good for one person to lead the deliverance session so multiple people talking is not creating confusion of authority and chaotic atmosphere in the room.  Sometimes demons come out causing the person to choke, vomit or dry heave, so be prepared to potentially clean up a mess. You can tell the demon to leave without making the person sick and without harming the person, and this works quite often. 
    • A person who has a demon cast off of them needs to turn to Christ (if a non-believer) and fill themselves with things of the Heavenly realm (salvation, prayer, thanksgiving, worship, reading scripture, and going to church) or the demon can return and bring other more evil ones back with it (Matt. 12:43).  The person also needs to know their authority in Christ is to tell any future attack to leave them in the name of Jesus so they are empowered to push away any subsequent spiritual attacks. When the demonic influence has been long term, or is of an occult spirit or related to satan worship, there may need to be multiple deliverance sessions. Therefore, empowering the person to draw closer to God and to repel evil is very important for the long term).


    • Treat the person with love.  They may be embarrassed by the sin that led up to this point, or they may be a victim of someone else’s sin (don’t accuse them), or  they may suffer in other ways from their behaviors-reassure them that this is not unusual and other people need this kind of help as well. We are all in a spiritual battle field, no different than when Jesus walked the earth except that He has established His position above all demons and we share authority in His name.  Lead them through a repentance prayer, renounce any other religions or occult practices by name, and pledge their lives to Christ. Have them repeat a few prayers to “close the doors” officially and to ensure they can say the name of Jesus Christ without any problems (e.g., without any more demonic activity blocking their ears or their tongues). 
    • The prayer team needs to be in right relationship with God so they don’t have open doors for the evil they are confronting to gain access. Typically, one person should rebuke the evil, so there is a clear authority rather than a room of people “binding and casting.”  The prayer team members must communicate with each other regarding any changes in their thoughts or their bodies, which may reflect evil is coming against them (never stay silent and try to “work it out on your on”).   
    • Pray a “cleansing prayer” after any deliverance session or healing session to ask God to wash you in the blood of Jesus so that you don’t take any evil or sickness home with you. I have seen spirits of infirmity (causing sickness in a person) “transfer” onto a prayer team member and they begin to manifest the same symptoms. This has always been quickly remedied with a cleansing prayer (see an example below).


    Conclusion:  Warfare against spiritual influences is a reality for believers and non-believers. The world has an increasing appetite for supernatural entertainment (including those focused on torture and murder), fortune telling, talking to the dead, astrology/horoscopes, and even devil worship.  The Bible addresses all of these issues and exposes the “wiles (tricks) of the devil,” so believers in Christ will not be caught off guard but can bring Heavenly resources to combat evil as Jesus did.  Key weapons of love, salvation, forgiveness, Scripture, prayer, and thanksgiving are available to all believers who will stand in faith that they are equipped by God to succeed in spiritual warfare.

    Free resources.  The following resources will help you to better understand these issues: (CLICK ON THE LINK PROVIDED]

    Setting the Captives Free: Deliverance from Demons

    Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda, 6/22/2014;

                 Multiple Resources from Don Dickerman:

                 Derek Prince YouTube Videos:


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            3. [QUESTON MAY 2013 on "Praying the Psalms"] You mentioned that you sometimes pray the Psalms when you feel "dry" in prayer and to express your heart in new ways to God. Do you have copies of what you put together that you could share?

         I put together a booklet which contains sections of the Psalms grouped together so you can pray for an hour straight if you want to and it would all be praise or thanksgiving.  I learned this from a teaching by Wesley Campbell about "praying the Psalms."  In this booklet below, you can choose from several sections, including "Seeking God;" "Deliver Me;" "Personal Thanksgiving;" General Thanksgiving to God;" and "Praise to God."  I believe that using the Spirit-inspired Word to shape your prayers will lift you up in times when you are feeling down and it will build up your prayer life remarkably.  The Bible says:   

    So shall my word be that goes forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.”  Isaiah 55:11

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