These are resources to enjoy after you are firmly grounded in Scripture to help you mature in your supernatural walk with our supernatural God:

Hearing God/Prophesy

"You All May Prophesy," by Steve Thompson (a small but comprehensive manual to the prophetic)

"How to Hear God's Voice," by Mark and Patti Virkler at Destiny Image Ministries (many of Mark's "how to" courses are available in MP3 on-line free from various churches in which he has taught his courses)

"Basic Training for the Prophetic Ministry," by Kris Vallotton, Bethel Church Redding CA (I recommend any book or training or MP3 by Kris-he is seriously funny and gifted in the prophetic)

"Approaching the Heart of Prophecy," by Graham Cooke

"Basic Training for Prophetic Activation," by Dan McCollam of Mission Vacaville (a workbook). I also recommend any MP3 from Dan you can find on the prophetic and on Worship (he is funny and extremely gifted).


"Authority to Heal", by Ken Blue

"Power Healing," by John Wimber

"How to Have a Healing Ministry (Without Making Your Church Sick!)," by C. Peter Wagner

"Healing the Sick," by T.L. Osborn

"John G. Lake (His LIfe, His Sermons, His Boldness of Faith)," by Kenneth Copeland Publications

Learning to walk with Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts

"Experiencing the Spirit," by Robert Heidler of Glory of Zion Outreach Center

"Surprised by the Power of the Spirit," by Jack Deere of Well Spring Ministries

"Ministry Team Training Manual," by Randy Clark of Global Awakening (or just about any other book by Randy Clark)

"The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mnd," by Pastor Bill Johnson of Bethel Church, Redding CA (I recommend anything written by Bill Johnson and the weekly free sermon at

"FireStarters Course,"  by Kevin Dedmon of Bethel Church, Redding California (also check out his training workbook "T.N.T. or Treasure Hunters N' Training)

"Good Morning Holy Spirit," by Pastor Benny Hinn (and his book "Welcome Holy Spirit")

"The School of the Seers," by Jonathan Welton

"They Speak with Other Tongues," by John Sherrill


"Prayer, Does it Make a Difference?," by Philip Yancey

"Intercessory Prayer," by Dutch Sheets

"Needless Casualities of War," by John Paul Jackson and Streams Publications

"Praying the Bible (The Pathway to Spirituality)," by Wesley and Stacey Campbell

"Why Pray?," by B.J. Willhite

Help for Getting out from under Your "Stuff"

"Biblical Foundations of Freedom (Destorying Satan's Lies with God's Truth)," by Art Mathias of Wellspring Ministries

"Become a Better You," by Joel Osteen

"The Purpose Driven Life," by Pastor Rick Warren

Inspirational and Amazing Stories

"God's Generals," (Volume of the Revivalists and Volume of "Why They Succeeded and Why Some Failed"), by Roberts Liardon

"Expect a Miracle, Life Story of Oral Roberts," by Oral Roberts

"Blue Like Jazz," by Donald MIller

"Daughter of Destiny," (the authorized biography of Kathryn Kuhlman) by Jamie Buckingham

"Supernatural, The Life of William Branham," by Owen Jorgensen (Books 1 through 6)

"The Father's Blessing," (The Toronto Revival) by John Arnott

"Compelled by Love," by Heidi Baker and Shara Pradhan

Understanding the Angelic

"Open My Eyes Lord," by Gary Oates and Robert Paul Lamb

"Entertaining Angels (Engaging the Unseen Realm)," by Randy Clark, et. al. of Global Awakening

Spiritual Warfare and Fighting Evil

"Deliverance from Evil Spirits (a Practical Manual)," by Francis MacNutt

"The Handbook for Spiritual Warfare," by Dr. Ed Murphy

"When Pigs Move In," by Don Dickerman

"They Shall Expel Demons," by Derek Prince

Apologetics and Teaching of Scripture

"The Case for Christ," by Lee Strobel

"The Collected Works of Billy Graham (Angels; How to be Born Again; The Holy Spirit)," by Billy Graham

"Letters from a Skeptic (a Son wrestles with His Father's Questions about Christianity)," by Dr. Gregory A. Boyd and Edward K. Boyd

Daily Devotional or Daily Reader

"Smith Wigglesworth Devotional," by Whitaker House

"Health Food, a daily guide to spiritual nourishment for the soul (focus on healing)," by Kenneth E. Hagin

On-line Free Resources to encourage Your Walk with Christ (many years of video and audio resources from "It's Supernatural" to help your walk and also many messianic Jewish resources) (free sermon of the week and largest store of resources for spiritual gifts, supernatural walk and scriptural teaching) or  (many free sermons with deep scriptural teaching and also discussions of spiritual gifts and healing) (Jack Deere provides both scriptural and supernatural topics) (Ryan Wyatt) (the Mission Vacaville with Dan MacCollam and Graham Cooke) (Kris Vollotton on prophetic walk and other topics) (biblical teaching by Messianic Jew, Dr. Michael Brown)

Jesus' Power is Available To Those Who Love Him!
(John 14:12)

Study Resources

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