Jesus' Power is Available To Those Who Love Him!
(John 14:12)
Testimonials from our Ministry
We have provided below some of the testimonies of healings, miracles, prophetic words, and the amazing presence of God in our own ministry.  As a former policeman and a lawyer, I am careful about investigating outcomes and searching for evidence which I can report that will stand out even to non-believers. We are totally convinced that Jesus Christ is still moving in the world today and changing lives in miraculous ways-we have seen it many times and these facts cannot be denied.

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Healing Testimonies-JesusPowerToday Ministry



I was at a Community Care and Prayer event and a woman came into the prayer room, unable to raise her hand above her head due to an injury and having been in a cast for two months.  I prayed for her and felt the Lord move through my arm for healing but she only raised her hand about an inch higher.

I told her that Jesus occasionally prayed twice for healing, such as for the blind man who got prayer and then only saw "men like trees." After a second prayer, the man got his vision back.  I prayed for her again and I think her faith was a little higher since she saw improvement and we spoke the Word of God about her healing.  After this prayer, she raised her hand about to her forehead, but it was still very bent.  I asked if we could pray again and she eagerly agreed.

I declared the healing power of God over her and spoke from Mark 16:18 and she exclaimed as she raised her hand straight above her head with no bend at all!  She praised God for the miracle, and I thanked Him that I can be a part of His ministry.


A woman came to our church for prayer from Mexico. She had been dizzy on a 9 out of 10 scale.  We prayed for her, and after the second prayer it went down to a "6" and after a third prayer it went to "0" and she was fine.  As we prayed, I felt the Lord say she had suffered a great shock in her life within the last three weeks that He wanted us to pray about.  However, before I could say anything, she and her family and their interpreter had walked halfway out of the church.

Our Pastor called to her and said "Les has a Word for you from God" (no pressure there).  They all turned around and came back and I was feeling a little pressured since I was hoping to talk only to her.   As soon as I said the Word about the last three weeks, the interpreter said "oh my gosh, her mom just died two weeks ago and it has been really hard for her."   She then began to cry and we comforted her with prayer and she cried for another 10 minutes and you could see a great burden had lifted. She hugged us and was grateful we had called her back to give her a prophetic Word.


I was in the prayer room at a Care and Prayer event when a woman brought in her 8 year old daughter suffering from a migraine over 48 hours. The girl had never had a migraine that long, and she could not sleep nor go to school.  As Dawnette and I prayed for her she said, "oh my gosh mom, somebody just lifted that migraine out of my head-it went to the ceiling." The migraine was completely gone and mom began to cry as she had never seen anything like that before.  They both left very happy and got some food from the charity event.

The next month she and her daughter were handing out food to others. She stopped me and said "I just want you to know, that after that migraine left my daughter last month, I asked her if it really left or maybe she was just being nice to you.  She said "mom it completely left-it was like someone grabbed it and pulled it off of my head." So the mom said "then we are going back to that church where God is moving and we will help out next month."


“Fun with God” I was commenting to a prayer partner at a recent food and prayer charity outreach that I had not seen a good healing from prayer recently. He said, “haven’t you talked to Lisa yet tonight?” I went to find Lisa, a volunteer in the outreach, and she ran up to me and hugged me and lifted me up off the ground.  “Did you see that?” she said, “the hernia is gone!”  The prior month I had prayed for her after she spent a night in the emergency room in severe pain and with a noticeable lump on her abdomen-it was a hernia.  They loaded her up with pain medicines, and she looked really bad when I prayed for her the next day- I had to hold her arm to help her get up and down in the chair for the prayer. Now she was smiling ear to ear. “I don’t need surgery or nothing, it disappeared completely the morning after you prayed.”  I thanked the Lord for His goodness and power, and praised how He still meets us in our needs.  It was a shot of faith for my prayer life too,  as it had been a few weeks since I had seen the dramatic collision of the Heavenly realm into someone’s life, bringing them freedom from sickness.   


A woman came to hear Dawnette and I speak at an Aglow meeting in Coronado, suffering from a large knot in her back that had been giving her pain for a few weeks. As I prayed, I could see in my mind a hot poker (rod) sticking into her back, and I asked her if she felt anything. She said there was an incredible heat piercing into her back, like a hot stick. Then she screamed and said it was gone. She moved it around and there was no more pain and she could not feel the knot.  Hugs all around in the name of Jesus!


Veteran lays down cane as leg healed by telephone prayer 

My daughter Brittney met a veteran who had an injured patella tendon and was suffering with significant pain, a locked knee, and he had been using a cane for over a month to walk just a few steps at a time. She told him about our prayer ministry and he agreed to have prayer over the telephone. He said he was in significant pain, and would only walk a few steps with the cane.  We talked about how Jesus healed to show the power of God, and His love, and that He has not changed. I explained how healing prayer works and then prayed for about five minutes. He immediately felt tingling in his leg, and said the pain was almost gone as I finished praying. He began taking steps without the cane. 

The following are the text messages from him which immediately followed over the next hour, and also the results he reported the next day:

(An hour later)  It’s a little weak, but I can fully bend my knee on its own!!! Thank You!!!!!  This is crazy amazing!!!!! When I got off the phone, I walked back to the study where [my roommate] was at his computer. I walked in like nothing. He was amazed!!!  My whole head is tingling!!! 

(The next day):  Hi Les, What a blessing you are to me! I walked 4 blocks each way to go to lunch today-without a cane. That’s 8 blocks total. I haven’t walked even 8 feet in the last month without a cane. After we spoke last night, I started slowly walking around the house without the cane. Slowly, but surely! Amazing! Just before we spoke last night, I had ice on my leg/knee for a considerable amount of time. I think that’s why I didn’t feel the warmth at first. Within an hour after we spoke, my knee heated up…so hot… it was on fire. My other knee was cool though!! And it also felt like water was running inside my thigh. I could start bending my knee! I took a warm bath to help relax everything and I could actually stretch my legs and bend my knee. Amazing! When I woke up, both of my claves/thighs/ankles were very sore-not pain, but sore-like I had walked up a mountain for days. I think because of so much muscle atrophy in a month. My leg/knee are weak, and a little shaky and slow, but I can actually walk! It’s truly a miracle! I also visited your website and read everything. Thank you!!Praise Jesus!!

February - I just received testimony from a woman healed of Cancer by prayer the night before surgery (I prayed for her). Every month I pray at a food and prayer outreach for anyone desiring prayer. Last month, a woman in her 60’s came in to collect food, and she stopped in the prayer room on the way out. She is well known to the volunteers.  She had been diagnosed with cancer on an internal organ, and was having surgery the next morning and wanted prayer. Another man and I prayed for her for about 15-20 minutes, and she said she felt peaceful about it and left.  We prayed for healing, as well as for peace and a good outcome.  Last night, she came back to the event and said that she was operated on, and the surgeon could not find the cancer. He kept her on the table three hours while they ran scopes and scans and blood tests to find the cancer, but it was no longer there. After the surgery, the surgeon met with her, and she explained she had gone for prayer the night before and she believed that was the reason for the Cancer disappearing. He was also a Christian, and told her she had been part of a miracle, because the multiple tests before the surgery would not all have been wrong. This is the second time I have witnessed a Cancer patient being found during surgery to be Cancer free, and the surgery was right after we prayed for them. A third time the woman had tumors showing on multiple scans in her breasts but when she had prayer she went to the surgeon and the pre-surgery scan showed everything was gone. He showed her both the “before” and “after” scans and mammograms, but the tumors had not been confirmed as cancer (so that one is just a “tumor healing”).  I believe Jesus has not changed, and still wants to help people just like when He was here, but He has left it for us “to pray His will to earth as it is in Heaven.”  We merely open the door for the Holy Spirit to work when we pray for others from a compassionate heart. If we want to see more people healed by prayer, we have to pray for more people!

* 2013  Dawnette and I went to Community food and prayer at the Connection church.  The first person we prayed for was a man in a wheelchair named Michael. He was in so much pain he was nearly in tears. He had osteoporosis in his spine and no cartilage in his knee and used a wheel chair to get around for over nine years.  I prayed for him and began to feel the Holy Spirit moving over my arms like a wave. After the second prayer, I asked if he was sensing anything as we prayed, and he said heat had suddenly started from his neck and was moving down his spine after the second prayer.  We prayed again and he said now his legs were tingling.  The heat and tingling continued throughout his body, and he reported all his pain was gone. He was so overwhelmed.  He said that he can occasionally stand up but it hurts too much to do so.  So what did I do? I told him to stand up and show the Lord he had faith to walk out this healing.  He stood and raised his hands to thank God-he took several steps and said his pain was gone. 

* This woman had numerous lumps deep in both breasts as diagnosed by mammogram and by contrast MRI, and was sent to the oncologist who said it could be cancer and very possibly she needed a double mastectomy. He scheduled an urgent surgical consult, because she had never had lumps before and her mom and sister had recently had cancer surgery in  their breasts. She then had prayer with us at church, and a week or so later went to the surgeon and the lumps were gone completely, and they were not visible on mammogram nor by wand ultrasound. However, since the surgeon could not test a lump, he could not determine if it had been cancer or not (he could not explain how the lumps vanished when comparing the films).  Therefore, I can only call this the "disappearing of many unknown lumps."

* We had a woman who came for prayer due to large lymph node swelling and her doctors thought she had cancer after multiple scans. She was very worried she would die leaving two young children. We prayed with her multiple times, and the second or third time I felt God say she was not going to have cancer but that she was worrying herself into sickness. I chuckled with her and told her that she had to give as much "imagination time" to God healing her or doing a miraculous work as she did worrying about death. I then went home and prayed that I had received a good word from the Lord because I just laughed at a woman who may have cancer (I would need to find another church if she really had cancer). We prayed for her about five times total, and twice I told her that she did not have cancer. When the doctors took out her lymph nodes for a biopsy they had the scans above her head showing problems, but they could find nothing! They said "we don't know how to explain this" and she said I know how to explain this-it was through Prayer and a move of God. The doctor later called her and asked permission to use her case for study and teaching.

* Teenage boy with broken arm with wide gaps was supposed to have surgery but was suddenly healed after we prayed. He felt "hot water" run into his arm as we prayed.  The X-ray technician took another x-ray a few days later and reported he was not healed to the parents. The mom took him back to see the surgeon a few days later for a second opinion in light of the prayer manifestation, and he said it was actually healed on the x-rays and the technician missed it due to the sudden new growth looking like a gap or shadow. They apologized and  took the cast off immediately.

* Woman who could not talk due to Spasmodic Dysphonia (diagnosed by three specialists) was healed of non-curable voice dysfunction. As we prayed, Dawnette got a prophetic word that the woman's voice could be restored when she sang to the Lord (weird since she could only talk like a frog). As she left church she sang in her car and her voice has been restored over 10 months now.

* Woman could not talk after thyroid surgery came to Food and Prayer outreach with friends. I prayed for her and felt confident God would heal her. I told her the story of the Spasmodic Dysphonia healing to help lift her faith. She said she felt a slight pain or lump in her throat as I was praying, so I prayed again to remove any pain. I asked her to praise God and thank Jesus as she left, but she could barely give a rough whisper heard only if you got close to her mouth to listen. She came back to the prayer room about 20 minutes later, talking and laughing normally. Her friends stared at her like she was a space alien, because sound was coming out of her as if nothing had ever happened! Her testimony encouraged the faith of the next two people who were waiting for prayer.

* (Had to pray multiple times in one sitting) Woman in severe pain with Carpel Tunnel having no finger movement and a large lump on her wrist came for prayer at food and prayer outreach. Pastor Mark and I prayed three times, with different levels of pain relief occurring each time. We then asked her to shake her hand, which causes pain for people with CT. She did not want to do so, but did it to show Jesus she believed in the healing. The lump, pain and lack of movement disappeared completely and she was completely healed. (My first witnessed miracle)

Prophetic Words for Healing

* Neighbor with many years of pain and in need of bunion surgery was prayed for at my Connect Group. As I ended prayer, I saw a vision of clapping behind her head-(a first for me). She also was in pain from dental surgery which restricted her head movement. After I clapped, she tried to turn to yell at me, but realized suddenly she had no pain anywhere, and had full motion in her neck. She did not need to wear orthotic shoes after that which helped relieve pain, and has not needed the surgery despite a year passing by.

* Healing of man with leg short by 4 inches due to shattering leg and hip in car accident. God told me to pray for him and that he hears voices. I prayed for several things, but after he confirmed he hears voices I just knew God would heal him. The leg grew out and significant pain went away immediately and he could touch his heel to the ground for the first time in five years and began walking immediately.  Within a month he had stopped smoking, re-established a relationship with his parents, and was preaching to other homeless people about this miracle healing of his short leg.

* At a food and prayer outreach in 2010 we were praying for a man with restricted arm movement and pain. He could not speak English. Someone prayed a short prayer and then another person would pray and we would go around a circle. After the first 30 seconds of prayer it was my time and God told me he was already healed and to test the arm. I stopped the praying and the interpreter asked him if he felt any different. He cried and said God had put heat on his arm.  He could not raise it half way when we started and suddenly he was able to do so w/out pain and recovered complete movement right there.

 * I told Dawnette I had prophetic thoughts that we were going to see a leg "grow out" today, where someone has one leg shorter than the other and their back is usually in pain. This is often due to restricted movement by muscular problem or bones out of alignment. The leg appears to grow after prayer right before your eyes (this may sound funny but it is a common healing). Dawnette and I did two hours for our church in a booth at the Rancho Penn street fair. I was hoping for a glorious exposure to "street evangelism" with the Holy Spirit healing people right on the spot, but that did not happen.  I prayed and asked God why I had a vision for such a healing and nothing happened. Later that night I went with Brittney and her friend to Christian City church.  Afterwards, her friend said she wondered if she could get healing for a lifelong spine problem and back problem that causes her a lot of pain. We prayed and the second time she felt pain relief and a lot of heat, she even said she felt shifting in her back and the pain in her lower left back  moved to the top (not the typical location). So we prayed again and she felt total pain relief and cried with joy for 10 minutes. She also said her hip felt like it shifted, and maybe that would help her lifelong problem of one leg being shorter than the other! We told her about how we expected to see a leg grow out today and we tried to measure it two ways and they seemed even after prayer! She felt great when she went home, but the next morning still had some pain in the back (we will keep praying). Brittney felt so much joy that she was testifying at school and two Jewish friends wanted to talk about God with us and get healing prayer!

 * My teenage daughter brought a friend to us who was getting advice from a palm reader or spiritualist in Los Angeles, and he was amazed by some of the things they said about past lives and reincarnation. I told him about the demonic power being real in these spiritualists and we talked for an hour about God and the power of Jesus to heal today. He had a sore back (8 out of 10 on the pain scale), and I told him that Jesus would probably like to minister to him since he  was searching so hard for the right answers. Dawnette and I (along with Brittney) prayed for his back to heal and the pain to go away, and immediately it did. He stood for five or ten minutes twisting and stretching to see if he could make his back hurt, but he could not. About three months later he called to say we had totally changed his life around. He stopped messing with the supernatural, came to Christ and was dating a Christian girl.  His back was completely normal after that.

Gift of Faith

* After I prayed a blessing on a visiting Pastor, my hands felt like they were inflated by sand. I knew the next person I prayed for would be healed (gift of faith). I prayed for a woman with a deaf ear and it opened and she could hear for the first time in many years. We tested her hearing from several distances and she cried with joy.

* One night at food and prayer 15 people came for prayer and it seemed all got healed so our faith to keep praying substantially increased. That night three women with canes laid them down, and one gave it to Pastor on Sunday after years of 10-level pain from arthritis completely disappeared during prayer.  A demon or spirit of infirmity also jumped from a person unsaved to one of the prayer warriors, and we prayed it off from him and led the unsaved man to Christ.

Demonic Influence
We had prayed together as a team before we saw clients, and felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. The first few people we prayed for felt heat or tingling and their severe pain went away. Then a lady came in who was a volunteer who carries a lot of the ministry on her shoulders (not from our church). She had no cartilage in either knee and had recently developed pain in her neck and shoulders at 7 or worse on the 10 point scale. I wanted to pray for a miracle in her knees, since we had been seeing Holy Spirit moving well that night.

I prayed from behind her with hand on neck and she reported great relief of pain. Then as someone else was praying I moved in front and put my hands on her knees and prayed for the miracle. Afterwards, she said the pain in her neck seemed to have moved down her back. She thought maybe it was just her shoulders relaxing so the muscles lowered and it had moved the pain, but I have seen Spirits of Infirmity move around a body as we pray until we call it by name and tell it to get out. I prayed against the spirit, and then one intercessor said she felt the client was in a spiritual battle and we told her how to rebuke the devil and claim her healing. She felt great relief of pain and walked out smiling.

After the woman left, our interpreter  said he suddenly felt pain in both knees. I told him this could be a Word of Knowledge and explained that concept to him (he is new to all of this). Then I noticed Dawnette was laying by the alter on her back with knees raised up. I asked what was going on and she said her knees and shoulders suddenly both were hurting. I recognized this was a spiritual attack and gathered the team and led them in a cleansing prayer, and explained the importance of always doing cleansing prayer (we usually just do it at the end). The relief in both of them was immediate.

I also talked about how important it is for team members to communicate any changes in thoughts or body so we can determine if there is a spiritual attack or influence that could impact any member of the team (like this one). I told them no one should ever go off by themselves to "figure it out" as we need to take care of it as a team. Dawnette later told me she had seen in her mind while praying for this woman an image of large bugs (like crawdads) crawling on the woman's knees and body. I reminded Dawnette that we need to communicate these things, as I had not discerned the cause but could address it more specifically through her gift if she will speak up more at the time we are praying rather than telling me afterwards. She did recognize the spiritual attack on her, and went to the alter to pray by herself for it to go away, and agreed later that we should be doing that together. She also understood that I would have wrongly taught the interpreter about Word of Knowledge when it was actually an attack, but when she spoke up about her symptoms God gave us the wisdom to put 2 and 2 together for the benefit of everyone involved.

All in all, a great teaching moment the Lord gave us wisdom for, and we saw how cleansing prayer is not just a process or "good idea" but a necessity for anyone who is coming into spiritual battle. I have heard great stories from Jack Deere and Bob Jones about getting a spiritual attack during ministry, and now I have a story of my own...

* I prayed one night at The Food and Prayer outreach for a woman with a sore shoulder. We knew her from church, but she attended off and on. The momment I put my hand on her she screamed in surprise because the pain ran across her shoulders and down into her hip. We figured we were dealing with a spirit of infirmity. We commanded it to leave in Jesus' name and it did. All pain was gone.

* Older woman who was abused as a child and had a poor self image said she was going to fast for a period to love herself more. I offered to pray for her and put my hands on her shoulder. I prayed for God to pour His love into her and show her how much He loved her. She was an intercessor and good person with abuse in her past. Suddenly, she fell forward and I felt something shoot through to my heart, into my groin and then out of me and there was a sound of some kind. She fell to the ground weeping, and then told me my face was glowing. When she got up she felt much better and could feel how much God loved her so that she should love herself  more too.

* One of the first times we encountered a demon we thought it was just a human stronghold of a Christian woman who did not want to forgive her brother and sister in law, and they had not spoken in a few years. However, Dawnette was so overcome with the feeling of nausea, as if watching someone torture a child, that we later felt it was a demonic influence. The other intercessor also felt a darkness as we prayed.  Although we did not see any instant result after we prayed, the next day the woman felt freed. She wrote a letter to her brother asking for reconciliation and forgiveness, prayed to God for forgiveness, and had the relatives in for a week's vacation before the month was over. It was an amazing turn around for them.

By Telephone

* We prayed for my 60 year old aunt after she fractured a Vertebra in her back and was in so much pain she was scheduled for surgery in two days to inject glue and pull the pieces off her nerve. During our call her pain went from 9 to about two and it stayed down so that she has never had surgery. Jesus healed several people at a distance, so there is no reason telephone or Skype prayer should not work just as well.

* (First test to see if  prayer by phone would work)A man who had good results with healing prayer in the past was in the hospital 3 weeks and then discharged. He got a sinus infection and was in bed two weeks when I heard about it and offered to pray for him. While on the phone I asked if we could test to see if phone prayer works. He said he could not move his head nor breathe through his nose and had significant sinus headache. He put his hand on His forehead as I prayed on the phone. He yelled immediately that he could feel heat shooting into his forehead. Then he could breathe through his nose. Ten minutes later he called and was walking around his house for the first time in four weeks and was just praising and thanking the Lord.

* Once we were calling a stranger for healing prayer by phone. Dawnette got the impression of a grey bat (demon) on her left shoulder and asked her specifically if she had pain on her left shoulder the past few days. The woman was very surprised and said she had and wondered how we could know that. We were praying for her voice to be restored from Spasmodic Dysphonia over the past 10 years or so (she was a Hollywood actress who had heard we had seen her disease healed before). She felt better but not completely healed when we hung up. About 10 minutes later she called me to laugh and say the Spasmodic Dysphonia Society of America friended her on FaceBook just after we hung up. This was the collision of good and evil we see play out frequently. The Facebook event could have occurred any time over the past five years, but it happened the moment we were giving her faith for healing of that condition.

Healed During Worship

* My friend Kevin was healed of a discolored and painful foot during worship without any prayers for healing or laying of hands

* Bill Johnson at Bethel church reports many people are healed during worship and during testimony of other healings. Testimony creates the glory of the Lord in the atmosphere and anyone who has faith that they also should be able to get healed can grab that anointing.

Unexplainable Manifestations

* At Food and Prayer, an elderly woman had pulled a muscle in her bicep and said the pain was a 6 level. As we prayed she said she felt intense heat in the area. Afterwards she asked to feel my hands, and said "I don't understand how they can be cold when I am feeling such intense heat." 30 minutes later she said to an elder that "the prayer people" had prayed for her and the heat of God's healing was still warming her arm. She definitely was feeling better in mind and spirit.  Heat is a common manifestation when we see healing.

* I took my Connect Group to the hospital where a friend of a friend had been in several weeks with severe leg infections and cellulites (swelling and discoloration in the lower legs). We had been studying the supernatural, and as I was preparing to teach on the demonic a whistle started following me around and I did not know the source so I would pray and praise every time I heard it. It occurred in my car and at intercessory prayer so that others heard it, but we could not pin down what it was. As we praised to worship from my phone MP3 in the hospital room we all heard the whistle and then the MP3 shut off. The room got hot, and even the unbelieving teenagers sitting on a couch nearby felt the heat-wave and wanted to talk about it afterwards. We turned the MP3 back on and commanded the pain to go away and it did from her legs immediately (she said it was like it ran out of her legs through the bottom of her feet). The swelling visibly went down and the color got more pink after an hour with her, and she was discharged a few days later after a month in the hospital. After we had a class on walking in spiritual armor, the whistle went away and has not been heard of again.

Persevering and Just being available to be God's hands

* A man visited my church hoping to be able to learn about the Holy Spirit. But he did not really have an interest in supernatural healing and things "like that." A few weeks later I had an email conversation with him, and he was very sick. I offered to pray for him, but he told me others had prayed for him already and there was no reason to believe my prayer would help any more than their prayers had helped, and God would help him on God's timing. I sent an email prayer to him and left it alone. About a year later he came to  my connect group, still having one skeptical eye on the supernatural "stuff." One night when his neck would not move and he was in severe pain he allowed us to pray over him. He was instantly able to move his neck, the pain was less than 2 out of 10 and he was amazed. A few weeks later I got a call from him about fear and anxiety that had plagued him all his life. He was having a very bad week. I went through a checklist of questions I was going to teach about at a healing conference a few days later, and told him I felt it was likely a spiritual influence.  The next day at church I saw him getting prayer from others, and joined in the prayer. As I was praying for any spirit of fear or anxiety to come out of him a huge wave of the Holy Spirit came over my arms (like pushing open a glass door) and I opened my eyes and said to him "boy I bet you felt that just now" and he was weeping greatly. He had felt it and so had my wife standing nearby. I asked her later what she saw, and she said the spirit of fear left him. I followed up with him about how to walk in the days ahead in praising and thanking God and rebuking any fearful or anxious thoughts in the name of Jesus. He reported a new and great peace several days later, as well as a stronger sense of identity to walk in relationship and in spiritual confidence to keep fear and anxiety away from him. We had come a full circle in a year to help him get his knowledge "about" God from his head to his heart to know God personally and actually feel His touch.


* September 2013- Fun with God- I got to the NV airport 2 hours early today and saw a flight I might get but it was 20 gates away. I stopped at another gate "randomly" where the agent was not busy and asked her to check the other flight for me. I felt The Lord saying "Wisconsin " to me so I asked her if she was from Wisconsin and she said she was. I told her I sometimes hear from The Lord particularly for people who have been calling out to him. She said she had been having issues and no one in her family was a Christian to talk to. She had hurt her back but I was hearing in my mind "fibromyalgia" and I asked her if she had that too and she confirmed it. Then I saw a picture of a college aged man in my mind and asked if she had a son that age who was having trouble. She said yes and a divorce had left her watching his kids. We were interrupted by another passenger so I prayed for healing with the gate agent then stood off to the side and asked The Lord if there was more. I felt the name Ryan and David but it was faint. I told her this encounter was just a wink from God so she knows He sees her and hears her prayers and she was uplifted . Before I left I asked about the two names and she nearly cried as she walked around the desk to hug me. Ryan was her grandson she watches and David was her son's middle name. She knew this was a divine encouragement moment and we praised The Lord together. God is fun like that.

*I was praying for people at food and prayer and two women came and were praying with another prayer leader when I joined them and sat behind them (I could not see their faces).  They wanted to praise God and that was about it so the time was over when I sat down. However, God showed me for one woman that she had a teenage girl who was having a difficult time and she confirmed her high school daughter was having anxiety issues so we prayed for her. Then I felt the Lord say the other woman had a sick mother she was very concerned about. The woman did not speak English so the interpreter asked her and she said her mother had a very bad heart condition and they had put her on a plane to Mexico that afternoon and were afraid she might die before she got there-so we prayed for her mom.  They were ready to leave now when the Lord showed me the Mexican woman had a teenage son who was hanging with the wrong crowd and it was worrying her. When the interpreter asked her that she began to weep and confirm she was concerned for her son-so we prayed for him. They were ready to leave when I felt the Spanish woman was not asking for prayer for an injury she had, and the interpreter confirmed that word-so we prayed for her neck... God is funny sometimes. I am in a season of hearing from the Lord when people come up to pray for one thing and He shows me we should be praying for another.

* I was preparing a bible study on the Holy Spirit and gifts while on an airplane. A woman two rows behind me had a neck brace on and I felt the Lord say I should pray for her. As we got our luggage from the overhead, I walked back next to her and offered to pray for her. She accepted my offer and said she was a Christian and believed in prayer. She felt a lot of heat and relief and thanked me. As we got off the plane she asked if I could talk with her a moment. She said she had been having migraines, toothaches, and stiff neck after an accident and due to stress of a pending lawsuit she had come to town for. She wished the lawsuit would go away and it was on touchy issues I cannot disclose here. I prayed again and she felt her mouth pain and neck pain go away and took off her neck brace. I prayed for the God of justice, Jehovah Mishpot, to help her in this lawsuit and to bind injustice and loose truth and justice over it. I got a call the next day that the judge had dismissed the lawsuit when the other person came into the courtroom. She was feeling a million bucks and wanted to meet for lunch with Dawnette and me. It turned out she was famous and so was her husband, and through them we got to pray for some other people too.

* Recently I flew to NC . I asked God to give me a prophetic word for anyone on the plane and I would deliver it in obedience. A young African American man sat next to me and I prayed the request again. Then I felt the Lord put the following message into my spirit: The young man's name is Keith; his mother prays for him a lot and God hears her voice; he is looking to relocate to a better place and better life; and he recently came out of a very bad situation. After he took a three hour nap, I asked him if his name was Keith. He told me that it was Quise (Keese) (close enough for me!). The prophetic word shocked him for accuracy, and led to an hour discussion about God and his faith. Keese was looking to move to San Diego from New York (he commutes daily from Jersey). His mother prays for him a lot, and on mother's day he was going to see her and got "t-boned" at an intersection and his car was totaled and he said it was a miracle he was alive. He was going to Skype the interview in San Diego, but now realized God wanted him to be in that seat next to me to get an encouraging Word from the Lord. I prayed for the pain in his shoulder and neck just as we were landing.  Praise the Lord! I never would have expected to hear God like that had I not learned how to hear prophetic words in the Saturday morning men's prayer ministry...

If you have faith for the Living God, you can be the next testimony of His grace on this page to inspire others to believe.

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