Jesus' Power is Available To Those Who Love Him!
(John 14:12)

Uplifting Miracles

    The following are MP3 testimonies from Pastors who are taking the power of Jesus Christ into the streets and churches around the world and experiencing miracles, signs and wonders. Some of these will make you laugh until you double over, but all will lift your spirit to see how great our God is and how He is still moving through people today to change lives.    

     Jesus told us to preach the good news,  heal the sick, cast out demons (Matthew 10:8) and He gave us the Holy Spirit to accomplish these great works (John 14:12).  Everyone who believes in Jesus can do these things (Mark 16:12: John 14:12). Enjoy these examples of the greatness of God and rejoice and give thanks for He is good! 


Calls and Anointing’s (New March 2014)

The following testimonies are from well-known pastors and evangelists about the call they received from God to pursue ministry or specific mission. While a “call” might seem like something we all want, and that it would make life easier to know what God wants, sometimes God speaks more clearly because things are going to get real rough for you and He wants you to know for certain what you heard and to not start doubting that you heard it…


David Wagner founded Father's Heart Ministries in 2001 “to help believers discover their identity in Christ and the destiny and purpose of God for their lives.” He speaks prophetic words with great accuracy and travels around the world. His gifting preceded his calling and left him wondering what was wrong with him, resulting in depression and suicide attempts.

10.1 MB

Reinhard Bonnke established Christ for all Nations, and has filled more stadiums than Billy Graham around the world.  His evangelism crusades are often accompanied by great miracles, such as the blind receiving sight, lame people walking and Muslims converting to Christ. 

6.5 MB

John Paul Jackson founded Streams Ministries International to equip and train prophetic voices and evangelize the lost.  He had prophetic abilities he used in the business world until an amazing encounter on a radio call-in show demonstrated he was supposed to be serving the Lord.

7.0 MB

Mario Murillo was a young Pastor when he got a call from the Lord to take a crusade to the streets of San Franscisco, with no budget and an apparent lack of local support. God kept providing miracles and opening doors which allowed for an edge-of-your-seat evangelistic crusade.

13.0 MB

Dan McCollam of Mission Church Vacaville uses his musical and worship gifts to the Nations to help others discover their unique sounds for worshipping God. He walks also with a prophetic gift, and so when he heard from God to take some random music supplies to the Fiji islands he did not know what a radicle trip God had planned for him and the islanders.

4.1 MB

Bobby Connor of Eagles View Ministries (Texas) was poor and was lied to about God at an early age. He was saved by a praying church while he had a shotgun aimed at his head miles away. Now he travels the world with an amazing prophetic ministry.
5.7 MB

Joshua Mills did not want to participate in a Pentecostal church service, but God knocked him to the floor and then over the next few weeks taught him enough piano to become a worship leader. Signs and wonders are a feature of his ministry with New Wine International.


Jon Welton was a Christian most of his life, but one day he received the gift of discerning of spirits and began immediately seeing in the spirit realm until it scared him enough to stay inside. The Holy Spirit trained him in this gift, and now John teaches on the "Seer anointing" and is a bible Scholar with a world wide ministry.

Hindu Priest wants to disrupt a Christian service and he is changed forever  (New May 2014)

A Pastor explains how he was a Hindu Priest in India, worshipped as a god, when he takes a Muslim mute girl to a Christian service to disrupt it and to say bad things about Jesus. The girl is healed, and he gives his life to Christ forever, but it costs him everything.

Stories of Heaven and Hell and Power-Over-Evil Situations (New March 2014)

Kris Vallotton (Bethel Church, Redding CA) speaks at a college campus known for groups involved in witchcraft and New Age, resulting in a power encounter causing kids to fall on the floor and come to Jesus (this is very funny too).

19.3 MB

The Prophet Bob Jones (recently deceased) died as a young man and had an encounter with Jesus, where matters about Heaven and hell were revealed. Bob was “sent back” and lived a very long time providing accurate prophetic words to ministries all over the world.

 2Bob Jones Vision of Hell.mp3

Dean Braxton tells Sid Roth about dying and going to Heaven, being resuscitated, and being sent back to earth to minister about Heaven.



  Bobby Conner tells Sid Roth how he prayed for a girl whose face grew back (birth defect) as witnessed on the stadium replay screens

   Joe Simpson prays for burn victim near death in hospital as skin and eyelids grow back in front of scared nurses

  Healing of paraplegic in streets of Africa leads to evangelism and near riot-Bethel Healing Team

  New Age star hurt after quitting, but miraculously healed by God (from Sid Roth episode)


  Bill Johnson learns how to get lost things back (give me my knife back)

  Bill Johnson talks about how miracles began breaking out at Bethel Church in Redding, CA


Randy Clark tells how a Glory Cloud changed the hearts of witch doctors and mockers at a large outdoor rally in Africa


  Baptist pastor and wife don't believe in Tongues
                                 until they begin to speak in them! (Robert Heidler)

   John Arnot tells Sid Roth about a Canadian
                                      Pastor  speaking  Japanese (unknowingly) when praying 
                                       in Tongues

  Dan Mc Collam teaches on Discerning of Spirits

  Randy Clark talks about Words of Knowledge

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